how to make an electric car

The choice is entirely yours, but look for some car which has manual transmission and is roomy enough, as the batteries take up a lot of space. This is a BIG task - I also made an electric car fro my collage degree and it took me almost a year of very long hours and hard work  to do  - make sure you can finish the task. That's the nutshell overview of our project there are many alternatives to our design some exotic some very simple. But, when it comes to other automakers like BMW, Chevrolet, and, of course, Tesla — and others — they will replace the pack if it falls below a set capacity percentage while under warranty, which is usually 60-70 percent.

You also have no drivetrain loss. AC induction motors are another type of electric motor uses in some vehicles.

Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. A light car (2000-3000 lbs. Most of the components are solid-state electronics with no moving parts. Ready to find out all of the commonly asked questions on how to build an electric car? 10 months ago, Where could I find a battery large enough to power a 250lb "golf cart" which includes my weight. That said, people have a lot of questions that they wanted to be answered before they consider even buying one. This will give good control without wasting energy, Energy recovery on braking (KERS system). Engineers are able to get a better weight balance in the car too, by placing batteries front and rear giving better drivability. You must do some in depth research there is a LOT of information on the web, this is only a starting place.

on Step 4. Kia does one better and covers the battery packs in its electric cars for 10 years/100,000 miles, whichever comes first. A BLDC motor, in particular, comes with low maintenance — a primary thing that electric car owners are concerned about. 10 Best Barcode Scanner App for Android in 2020. As a teacher of design  I am worried that you don't have enough grasp of the essential issues to complete the task.

The other accessories like car lights need to be rewired to the new battery set. About: Retired technology teacher - 2 kids, I have an Hons deg in Design and Technology - 28 years as Computer systems engineer Trained as Electronics engineer in the Royal Air Force, Design and 3D Print Your Own Phone Case (in Fusion 360). Once you finish the stage testing, you are ready for the test drive. The electric car itself should last you a lifetime. Electric motor, battery, and a converter are the main components of an electric car.In this electric car DIY post, we discuss how to develop an electric car yourself. All that we needed is the requirements of connections and your suggestions.. Sir iam goin to participate in e baja ,electrical drive train,so how should i srtart with ,and give a effecient ,doing my research as well,but if you through some light it would be helpful, Reply Well There are some serious issues here. In a gas-powered vehicle, power has to move from the engine to the transmission and then to each of the drive wheels to accelerate. The ideal donor car has a good body and interior, sound transmission, but a dead engine. This is how we did it. Although this system is very simple it is enough and reliable. The gasoline engine will be replaced by a controller driven electric motor and powered by rechargeable batteries. If you manage to pull all these things off, then your car is at least ready for testing. Companies like General Motors and Tesla are going to keep those numbers under wraps, as they do not need to give competitors that sort of information. Here's Everything You Need to Know to Get Started! The amount of voltage you decide to have, will tell you how many batteries you will require. 6. 9. If the car has air conditioning, you must mount another motor for working its compressor. If there are rules follow them. 5. A Brushless DC motor (BLDC) is one of the most commonly electric motors used in electric cars, because of all the benefits that they offer. Price may vary according to the quality of the individual parts you buy. Sorry I took a long time to reply. Another company, Electro Automotive, provides kits to convert Volkswagen Rabbits and Porsche 914s. How Can We Detox Our Cars From Their Oil Addiction? Please people who are interested read the whole instructable AND follow the links for further information/ Please research what others are doing. Are Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars a Realistic Option Compared to Battery Electric Vehicles? As well as more economical motoring, an electric conversion will usually improve the acceleration and potential top speed of the classic cars. There is a lot that goes into it, and of course, so many questions that surround these new vehicles. There’s no specific date on when an electric car’s battery is going to die, but you won’t have to worry about it for a long time. The parts are certainly available, though. How much your electric bill goes up depends on electricity rates at the time of charging. It claims to get people interested in classics that might previously have been put off by trying to maintain an old Internal Combustion engine (ICE). 6789 Quail Hill Pkwy, Suite 211 Irvine CA 92603. The gears are keyed to the shaft. Test every part of assembly, individually. Safety is paramount in any racing sport so full 4 point seat harness was fitted and a full face crash helmet worn at all times when racing. This article will give you an introduction to building such cars, by carrying out a 'transplant' operation on a gas powered car. They are almost noise free compared to other cars. In an electric car, when you step on the accelerator, potentiometers attached to them deliver proportional electric signals to the controller. hi im building a go kart that has 100 amps and a 24 volt motor how many mph will that go?? Let’s start looking at basic costs for all this to happen. The engine of an electric car has a virtually infinite lifespan — the components will probably outlast the chassis. 2 per car one each side just in front of the rear wheels. His synopsis is that yes, it is, but there is only so much power that each component can handle. Time is running out to take advantage of electric car grant scheme, Thunderbird 2 — more fun than a Ferrari or Lamborghini, The electric car that let drivers go green more than 100 years ago, New electric and plug-in hybrid car registrations accelerate, Flood damage insurance — everything you need to know, The Fuelling Around podcast: Steve Jones gets revved up over cars, Driving rules you may not be aware you’re breaking. At best you will probably get about 30 or 40 MPH on the flat for about 2 hours from 2 car batteries - so a range of about 60 miles. You can expect your converted vehicle to have a range of 60-80 miles, a top speed of 50-90 MPH, and good acceleration capabilities. on Introduction, 6 years ago

And for vehicles that wouldn’t have been VED-exempt, there’s savings there, too. 8. At Adrian Flux, we often see classic car policies for cars that do around 5,000 miles per annum.

As you can see, building an electric car is a pretty complicated process. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website.

We built this car to enter a series of national races here in the Uk - Details can be found at There’s so much less travel time when the motors are sitting right on wheels. Finding and Buying A Used Electric Vehicle.

getting a good finish however has proved difficult and we will look at a thin fiber glass alternative. Building your own electric car is an excellent lesson in automotive mechanics and electrical science. A suitable material and construction for a VERY light weight body/chassis. That doesn’t necessarily include information on the cost of all the software that goes into it. But is there a way to try and calculate the cost of these conversions?

But these used electric cars are certainly limited in their availability, especially if you don't live on the West Coast. Couple the electric motor with the transmission by fabricating a custom plate that fits the bell housing and allows the two pieces to perfectly align. Connect the accelerator pedals to controller with a potentiometer in the middle, as a connection link.

Even if you’re not a fan of home-made charging stations, the team behind the Open EVSE have proven that it is possible to make an affordable electric car charging station. In short, it is the switch that turns the car ‘on’ or ‘off’. Actual dimensions aren't important - You need to fit the driver in. The only real expense is the batteries, which will need to … Electric cars are a fantastic mechanical innovation, but people aren’t used to them or comfortable with them yet. Ours was designed to suite an endurance race so speed was offset against battery life. An electric motor converts electric energy stored in the battery to mechanical energy and propel the vehicle. Where do the motors, batteries etc. Essential Tips for Maintaining a Car You Rarely Use, Safe Driving Tips Every Car Owner Should Know. Then begins the transplant operation of the gasoline car.

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