how to paint a watermelon slice

If you don't have this, Branta is fine.

I was trying to keep it under the 15 minutes. Tape downs.

Last but not least, I'm also going to be using a hair dryer for this class just to get the class going and to make the drying process much faster when I'm going to layer on the paint. I'll add a pdf for you as well. However I would always recommend to watch the class prior to painting along, so you know what to expect to come next. This just a little bit more. So I decided to take some off the road off just to create some contrast. 1 - 15 Minute Watermelon Watercolor Supplies: hi there, and welcome to our 15 minute watercolor miniseries. So I have my permanent rose in my two paints, and I'm gonna go with a very dark shade. Then add the seeds. Next is sepia and for the sepia I used from my whole mindset, and that's going to be for the seeds for the stick. I want to use a thick but also liquid consistency. Then I'm going to start to bump up the contrast to add the deeper red against the lighter reds from the previous lier. With that said, let's begin I use some yellow okra, and I also added crimson linked to the yellow Joker to layer on top and also sepia and then to bring the whole painting together. If coloring with paintsyou can fully color the seeds brown, wait f… For this, I'm going to do a much simpler approach to the realistic three D painting this is just going to be two d just like what I doodled before and the colors that I'm going to be using our queen red, permanent green and sepia. If you do give this a try and decide to share it on Instagram, tag me, I never begin painting without exactly knowing how the object looks like, therefore look at how a slice of watermelon looks like. I usually use the site, Step 5: Add concentrated areas of red paint. When we add water to this. 11. Just use your like yellows, blue shade and a red, and you'll be ableto lighten those up. They also have 300 coal press paper, which is even thicker. I'm going to be using my whole bind watercolors, but you can use anything you have on hand. You can use a clean, dry brush to absorb what paint, but if the surface is slightly drying, you can reactivate the paint with a slightly depth brushed and take it off with a clean, dry brush And I'm just going to blend us in here trying to leave some white space around the seeds. This is a two dimensional drawing off the watermelon.

This class is the first of a new 15 minute Siri's that I'm working out for you will be a series of short 15 minute projects. I mixed some not feel red with a little bit of Crimson Lake too deep in the red, and I'm going to use this red to paint the shadows off the flesh near the seeds. 8. Today's project is going to be a watermelon slice. On top of that, I am also going to use wide Wash that I've squeezed out of the tomb for highlights. Don't forget to post your projects. Happy painting everyone! I like to use red for the top off the painting. So let's go ahead and add some water on top of that and just fill the blend. And at this point, because the surface is mirror what? We have a nice white belly again. I still don't want the surface toe look to. Next I load my brush with the color hooker screen, which is a really nice deep green color, and I'm going to paint something like a dashed line where not the whole line is connected to suggest that not the whole skin will be dyed green but their parts off the light green showing through.

And now we're gonna add just a few final details. I want to start with a like consistency in case I don't like the placing, so I can just put more color on top of it or take off the sepia and using the same mixture . I signed it with my crimson pencil, but I just just a few more.

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