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margin-bottom: 20px; } } FS 344 is named Flake, and 348.B is named Overlook. Illinois Gulch will loop back to the Trollstigen Trailhead. } The mini Moab section is quite big and there are plenty of different lines, all ranging in difficulty. border:1px solid #c0c0c0; "Moab Hill" is the primary obstacle and has a reputation in Colorado for the varying degrees of difficulty and the signature red rock. It has one significant drop there but any Jeep with 35s can handle it easily. left: 0; We all played on the rocks at the sta.

There were lots of great mud puddles to splash through. .td-slides-content { .td-slides-leader { "Moab Hill" was a fun obstacle with something for every vehicle. } I'm adding the link for the old video for this trail to this review just to save it for posterity. Point your GPS to 189 Boreas Pass Rd, Breckenridge, CO 80424. Lighting of Breckenridge & Race of the Santas, International Snow Sculpture Championships. /* Content Template: Template for a Single Report - end */ border-bottom: none; Trails were dry and easily passable. there were several vehicles out on the trail from Wranglers, Tacoma's, 4 Runners and Cherokees/Renegades. font-size: 300%; I don't mind taking go arounds as I am just tagging along with a friend. For individual use only, not to be shared. Be Nice. font-size:small; I mistakenly wound up doing this different road because I didnt have GPX. The Breckenridge Troll, also known as Isak Heartstone. News, travel inspiration, podcasts, & more. Trail information is only accurate on the date posted. Signup today for free and be the first to get notified on new updates. The area is open year-round and is a popular destination for the Front Range of Colorado. The trail was not constructed to ADA standards, as the point of departure (where it does not meet ADA standards) is immediately off the trailhead. There is no troll parking at the trailhead, and “no parking” on nearby Town or County Roads is strictly enforced. It is starting to get thicker though and will be a sticky mess in a few weeks.

/* center the page selector horizonatally */ You love to be an adventurist - but are you a responsible one? This photo shows the troll at its first location. Fort Collins, CO 80521 } Follow along with this author's adventures on Instagram at @spence.outside, Spencer McKee manages the OutThere Colorado digital publication as the Director of Content and Operations. This close-up shows the texture of the troll. Lion Gulch Trailhead is located on Hwy. Isak will only welcome those visitors who will love his home like he does and leave no trace on his surroundings. Photo Credit: Jenise Jensen, courtesy Breckenridge Creative Arts. Snow depths vary from bare in the sun to a foot deep in shaded gullies, with an average of a couple inches of snow/ice hardpack. The Trollstigen Trail was built to be a one-way, directional trail to help access and flow of troll seekers to Isak. Took the 344 road/turn/connection (Waypoint 6) to Illinois gulch and mini-Moab - no issues. Had a lot of fun Forest Service Road 344 and 348B. The trailhead is on the west side of the road. I have an offroad equipped 2018 Tundra - 3in suspension lift up front, 2in leaf spring lift in the back and 35in tires. position: relative; Follow along with his adventures on Instagram at @spence.outside. I just wanted to point out that there's nearby different road on this map, as well as ONX Offroad and Google Maps, that's labeled as "Illinois Gulch Rd" in this network of offroad trails. If you are looking for a little more adventure on your way to Isak, explore Breckenridge’s expansive trail network by adding on 1.5 miles with the route below.

There is a compacted road base between the stones and one 6” high step on the return trail. Isak is Breckenridge's most popular outdoor art exhibit. padding: 0 25px; color:#222; Lastly, I was wondering how does "Illinois Gulch Rd" compare to FS 344 and 348B?

If you are looking for a little more adventure on your way to Isak, explore Breckenridge’s expansive trail network by adding on 1.5 miles with the route below. .td-transition-controls .wpv-filter-next-link { Please come prepared to hike in changing weather conditions. .td-slides { Isak is Breckenridge’s most popular outdoor art exhibit. width:75px; h1 a { Photo Credit: Chancey Bush ; The Gazette. Sign-up for our Free Colorado newsletter. We both avoided the middle going down Moab Hill. Illinois Gulch Road . They describe the Illinois Gulch trailhead to be in the southeast corner of the Breckenridge Ice Rink with Trollstigen Trail on the left. Error! Only real hiccup was this giant mud hole that my friends kept getting stuck in. The three images show today's conditions. Photo Credit: Chancey Bush. I managed to get through with just a couple scraps on my side skirts with an 08 Forester on slightly oversized tires. 36. color:#666; The most accessible, in-town paid-parking is South/North Gondola Lots and F-Lot. Roughly a year after its initial August construction, the troll has been rebuilt in a new spot and is once again open for visitors. color:#222; It drains part of the Klamath Mountains in northern California and southwestern Oregon. When the weekend hits, they're almost always hitting the trail. Take a stroll through yesteryear along this peaceful hike near Estes Park, which ends in a … Before heading back into town, take advantage of the other trailheads at Isak.

Turn right on Rainbow Falls Road 1.3 miles to the trailhead on the right. If you are heading on a troll hunt, please help Breckenridge maintain Isak for as long as possible by keeping these best practices in mind: NOTE – There is no Troll parking near Isak Heartstone. Doing some snow wheeling on Halloween. Just hop out and look around, but of course only take designated routes. I can hit more of the obstacles and others in the group can skip. Little Moab was clear, little slick on the heavy traffic runs because of a slight coat of mub. Trails may have changed or closed since that date. Illinois Gulch. If you came with a car, please park it for the day and help us preserve Breckenridge’s historic charm by ditching the keys and keeping traffic congestion and pollution at a minimum. There’s no troll-dedicated parking at the trailhead, so plan accordingly. margin-bottom:2em; .td-transition-controls ul.wpv_pagination_dots li.wpv_pagination_dots_item, Trail was a nice easy start to the day before crossing over to do some more fun. Pack out any waste you produce and don’t damage the troll. Weather.

.runner-image { Lots of fun to be had here although it was very crowded by the time we headed out. Here’s a look at troll in its original spot for comparison: Note that if you’re visiting the troll in its new location, it’s crucial that you do your part to take care of the troll and the trail. Costs regarding the removal and rebuild of the troll have not been released. 200 W. Oak Street The trail was in good condition - no snow whatsover. #addtoany-bar { For individual use only, not to be shared. They had not done anything to like this previously and got their first belly scrapes going down Moab hill.

accounts, the history behind an article.


I mistakenly wound up doing this different road because I didnt have GPX. Originally built as a part of the annual Breckenridge International Festival of Arts (BIFA) held in August, Isak was created by the Danish artist Thomas Dambo, who is known worldwide for bringing awareness to recycling and upcycling by building great things out of trash. After Saying Hi to Isak, Hike! Carry out litter, even crumbs, peels and cores, and use the waste/recycling bin at the trailhead. In his spare time, Spencer loves to rock climb, trail run, and mountain bike. /* ----------------------------------------- */, /* ----------------------------------------- */ You can take the bypasses but what fun is that? In hindsight, I would have preferred to do Missouri Gulch and then do Illinois Gulch. View 7 Day Forecast on

I couldn’t keep a good line without sliding back into the ruts, so I backed up the hill and went down Missouri Gulch instead. Just ran this trail (347/Missouri Gulch) - north from The Woodland Park side -79/spruce road exit. Thirteen miles west of Lyons and 8 miles east of What a muddy day! ContactTrail information is only accurate on the date posted. Rubbed a little on the higher ledges (18 inches). /* remove the default styles */ Receive trip ideas, top activities, and event reminders by signing up for our e-newsletter. We recommend starting in the middle of historic downtown at the Breckenridge Welcome Center (203 S. Main St) and walking (15 min), biking (5 min), or riding the bus to Isak. padding-top:0;

The route I did was narrow at some spots, but nothing too bad and I never scraped my skids. These paths offer various levels of challenge throughout the trail.

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