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(We see Superman flying to Strykers to see if Luthor has escaped). Injustice Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The comic opens with Superman in jail just where the first Injustice game ends. Prison Guard: We've been keeping a close eye on him, Superman, just like you said.

Mazahs: Ahem. Regime Tempest: It's an honor to meet you.

(Once the logo disappears, it shows another wording "ELSEWHERE".

Unfortunately for Deadshot though, Superman was wearing his Kryptonite proof suit and managed to beat the assassin), Superman: My condolences to Zoe, Floyd. Aquaman consolidated his power and created the One Atlantean Regime. Pencilers (to the soldiers) Take him!!! Aquaman gives it to their flunkies. ), (Both fought evenly matched. Aquaman: Bruce often times forgets he can't do everything himself. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He takes the child back to his mother, who thanks him both in English and Arabic, as do many other people who see him. (Back to the alternate universe, Superman goes to the Fortress of Solitude where he meets the alternate Superboy, who is actually Damian Wayne in disguise, since Conner Kent died in Atlantis incident.) Anyway. (Knowing that his cousin is still in trouble, Superman sets off to the Watchtower), (Back in Gotham, Bane grabs Hawkman's wings, but Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) manages to form chains around his body, and sends him to Catwoman, who knocks Bane down to the ground. By: Cra5hoveride2. We could use your help by now. (Meanwhile in the Justice League Watchtower, The Joker, Parasite and Doomsday fight against Wonder Woman, Starfire, Captain Atom and Supergirl. Superboy (Insurgency Robin): The world claimed for strong leadership. Superman: So, this is an alternate earth, I suppose. Superman: This is complete subjugation!!!

Injustice Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Superman: No matter if I am in another dimension. Consumed by the grief, Arthur killed him. Your four specifically. Insurgency Ocean Master: They're with the insurgency as we speak.

Unshaven and with The Joker's blood still on his arm, Superman sits in the Fortress of Solitude as countless news reports and television stations playback details of the nuclear bomb that was detonated in Metropolis, along with a clip of Commissioner Gordon being questioned over Superman's involvement in The Joker's death. If you see any missing information, please add it. Have to make sure Joker didn't bust him out. Injustice: Gods Among Us features a fully featured and fleshed out story mode that details the events of the prime DC universe characters being transported to the alternate earth, where the main events of the story occur.

He's in our side.

So did all who joined him to neutralize the criminal element. Regime Siren: Now I'm going. General Zod?

Ruling Metropolis wasn't enough?

You brought us here!!!

He is the main antagonist of Injustice: Gods Among Us, and the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic series, the secondary antagonist ofInjustice 2 and a minor character in the Injustice 2 comic series. I'm fine. Supergirl:(on commlink) He'll keep.

Then he proceeds to fight his counterpart.).

He then walked to Deadshot, grabbed the assault rifle and snatched it out of his hands, lightly shoved him away, then gently set the assault rifle down so as to not accidentally set it off and then pushed it away with his foot). Superboy (Insurgency Robin): It's not a surprise that you know about this, Superman. ), (Unfortunately for him, various kryptonian soldiers surrounded him. Arthur flushed out most of his critical.

Superman: You mean some members of the Justice League?

Insurgency Kevin: There's a weapon which can neutralize Aquaman. About this other Mera, I want her alive. Begin!!!

It all goes down in Injustice: Year Five (Chapters 23-24); Superman is on the hunt for the dark knight -- the primary leader of the resistance against Kal-El's regime. In another area, Guy Gardner is battling former Green Lantern member, Sinestro, and later gives him the chase, but manages to escape when Guy stops to avoid falling into Sinestro's trap.

Wonder Woman appears, who asks Superman if he wishes to speak to the world.

Rated T for Teen (12+) (Superman vs Ocean Master (Insurgency)! Insurgency Robin: Yes. It all started when Adam Taurus tricked Aquaman into killing his wife Mera and their unborn child. Regime Aquaman: I know. They touch down in Gared, whereupon Superman rips the President's shirt off in front of the people he was "supposed to protect." Most of the Justice League joined him out of fear, while there are those who believe he was right and lost perspective. Government officials, activists, reporters.

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Injustice 2 has 12 Chapters of Story Mode. (We then cut to the halls of Strykers Island Prison, where Clark is being guided to Luthor's cell by a guard). Superboy (Insurgency Robin): But I can tell you about what happened during these five years.

I'll take you to them.

The Joker: Come on, Princess.You are running tonight's entertainment.

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