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Slammed at full speeds into this mountain valley, decimating the forest there from the impact, while still kicked on and shot up by Black Widow. Thats right. He snorts it like cocaine. Yeah I think that convinced me. RELATED: 5 Injustice Moments We Wish Were Canon (& 5 We Glad Aren’t). While I agree with DSS winning, let's not forget he wasn't lifting Exitar alone. You decide! Why? Show me the best strength and speed feats. Bats nearly pops the pill, too, but Superman is just too fast, pressing Bats over his head and breading him over his knee. Not to sure since injustice Superman isn't even Canon but I read a few injustice comics but I'm not sure what are ultimate Thor feats? This is not a fight, PC supes has often been shown with feats that far surpass injustice superman (mainly because he's been around longer) and Kingdom Come Superman is leagues ahead of PC Supes. Batman, who has just synthesized a pill replicating Superman’s powers, rushes to ingest the drug before Kal-El executes an attack. He attempted to bring world peace, but in the process became a ruthless tyrant willing to kill anybody to keep the peace. Thor's hammer blows lightning wrecked him. Superman doesnt have any knowledge on thanos . Unless IJ Supes has the yellow lantern ring.. THe fact still remains you cant use Game feats as comic feats. That's 7 megatons. That is insane tech and abilities over us 3rd dimensional beings. RELATED: Superman: The 5 Best Versions Of The Man Of Steel (& 5 Worst). If you think someone's saying something that just isn't true, go ahead and stick to the facts to point out why. He is willing to murder his teammates for mentioning his deceased wife (Main Universe does not possess this weakness). If Ultraman has Kryptonite in his system, Injustice Superman is going to feel it.

Nor could my attitude ever allow me to be one lol. Isnt Injustice Superman the same as normal Pre 52 Superman, just another Universe? Going to another spot in the environment to catch your breath for a moment or two or for a tactical advantage is not a tactical retreat. Not really familiar with either in great detail. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend.

And he could be talking about ten 700 kiloton bombs. Press J to jump to the feed. It's leaving the fight with the intention of not returning to the battle in the immediate future. I feel like I wanna say Supes is faster based off the parademon feat, but I'm open to Thor arguments. Even with loki's super high durability and power set. Your argument is illogical to the point of crazy talk lol. After telling Superman it’s because he fears what the Kryptonian could become if left unchecked, Martian Manhunter attempts to give Kal-El a flashback of Lois Lane and happier times. Superman should win especialy with his speed advantage. The post immediately goes viral, scoring over three million likes and retweets globally. After realizing the truth, Superman captures the Joker and punches a hole through the middle of his chest, killing him instantly. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. CBR would be remiss to bring up Superman's misdeeds and not mention the murder that started it all: the killing of the Joker. I F""cking love this version. It definitely looks like Ultimate Thor would beat Injustice Superman. Due to yellow ring power we all know Tp isnt going to work . 0. This is key here. NEXT: Injustice Universe: 10 Coolest Fights, Ranked. Just how brutal does the last son of Krypton get? At least Planet level, Intelligence: Possibly Extraordinary Genius (He has been shown to use advanced technology much ahead of humanity's with relative ease, and was able to dictate the entire Earth and remain uncontested for 5 years), Weaknesses: He has become extremely violent and ruthless.

© 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. 6 years ago. Moves so fast that he destroys a Mach 10 Speedster on the Molecule level with speed alone. A one-stop shop for all things video games. So you chose the Sentry.

Why would he feel it?

Instead of Batman pulling the normal Justice League over, he pulls the heroes of Kingdom come. You forgot to mention that he did it with the help of Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and Green Lantern. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. . What are the feats of Injustice Superman ? Sometimes concise posts can be way more effective than a flood of paragraphs.

Injustice: Gods Among Us has shown fans a much darker side of Superman we didn't know existed. Hyperion tanks special made Nukes called Daisy Cutters. In the comic book Injustice Superman got shot with a kryptonite bullet and it didn't kill him. Injustice Superman is one of the most dangerous characters in all comics, he’s a Superman who was broken, one that lost sight of the ideal he stood for. Injustice Superman: Vs Agent Orange: Fight in space, Larfleeze wants Clarks ring and cape really badly. I was debating for him on another thread, but at the end of the day, all he really did was fly then into the sun so far; however he still gets no respect next to New-52 Superman... what a shame.

Thor not really fighting back takes a sustain beating from a angry 30,000+ toner Colossus.

Unfortunately, however, the two proved impotent against the man of steel, resulting in Ganthet being driven into Mogo’s surface and then cast together into the blazing furnace of the sun. How you choosing sides with out knowing the other sides feats ?

I think Raven was making her sleep. He'd still lose. So what happens when he messes with Thor's head? He was on the verge of dying before a yellow Lantern ring found and saved him. In his rage, he killed the Joker. Assuming Superman Injustice Composite is in-character, he'd just try to facetank the Kienzan in a "Show of power" only to get sliced in two. He bust back up to the surface ready to go. Clark is his douchy … Next we have hyperion causing a Germany size explosion on the north pole, creating a 9.0 earthquake. Doomsday's finishing move is punching someone through the Earth till he reaches the other side. He a bitch, evil Wonder Woman cheated on him with Evil Bats & more Evil Lex.

If you voted Clark who was taken out by a 8 Megaton Nuke, your wrong. @blackestnight93: It is most probably inaccurate since the statement was made by an unclear source. That is the Thor we are arguing here. It's the Superman from the video game but I don't know his feats at all. Superman poses a bio-electric aura which makes him practically invulnerable to insanely strong energy forces. friggin awesome :). And while it might be hotly debated as to whether or not a canonical Shazam could have withstood Clark Kent’s heat vision at any range, the crime is still no less heinous. yes.... and then some, even if we ignore the fact that just about everyone in injustice seems nerfed except superman, and take those feats at face value, KC supes is ridiculous, he might even be able to OHKO, he's ohko'd dc's hercules so I doubt that IJ supes stands a chance. Nothing is more notorious than Superman's massive heel turn in the video game series Injustice: Gods Among Us produced by NetherRealms Studios and published by Warner Bros. in 2013. Looking to raise Gotham and completely level Metropolis, Shazam stands up to Supes hoping to dissuade the Kryptonian's lust for carnage. But i never liked the boyscouts like Shazam and of course Superman himself. There's no need at all to drop insults just because you disagree with someone. However, instead of killing the leader of Earth's resistance, Superman finds a more sinister use for old Bats. Dudes a powerhouse, has absorbed a lot more solar radiation, can one shot people like DC Hercules stand up to Gog. Yeah that guy trying his hardest to blitz Thor 3 times is reacted to, and tagged by Thor. Some feats in his weaker super suit when Thor was depowered.

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