is wickenburg open for business

“I just want to work and earn my own money. I am not. Other “retailers big and small” are allowed “to reopen with precautions.” It’s not fair, especially to the small restaurants that cater heavily to tourists in a small rural town. Deb Thompson, Horseshoe Cafe’s owner knows one of the the officers well, and regards him as a friend, but still won’t close. They will have to arrest me.” She refuses to “accept government assistance to support her business and employees.”, She doesn’t want a socialist handout, she’s an American. You have entered an incorrect email address! However, we have to uphold what’s there.”. Police Lt. Kenny Lutkiewicz said both establishments that will be reported based on officers’ observations Saturday were on Friday presented copies of Gov. She notes that she and other local business owners “were willing to ‘bite the bullet’ and comply with dine-in closures when it was only expected to be a short-term situation.” Now that it’s dragging on for more than a month it’s getting harder to justify.
I don’t believe in depending on other people to help me out. Nohl Rosen and his group, Patriots of Wickenburg, coordinated the reopening of a “string of additional businesses.” Along with Rosen’s computer repair shop, Lydia’s La Canasta restaurant was open but the police didn’t pay them a visit. Wickenburg is fully open for business whether Ducey likes it or not. Town council member Kristy Bedoian notes she’s being careful. I’m old school.” She’s expecting to be hauled away in cuffs at any moment but will keep serving customers until she is. Posterity is important.”, It’s not about putting money ahead of safety. However, we have to uphold what’s there.”. She’s offended by the heavy handed tactics of the Governor’s office. Her customers are solidly behind her. She wishes “the governor had taken a more nuanced approach with his orders that considered the variation in circumstances in communities across Arizona.” Wickenburg has more cows than people. Nobody was arrested or issued a citation Saturday, Lutkiewicz told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. Vote Conservative! “Our goal is to educate,” Lutkiewicz said. (Jack Howell via AP), Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. Deb was planning to open at 6 a.m. for breakfast Friday, but around 5:30 a.m. some people “jumped the gun and started taking seats.” Throwing social-distance guidelines to the wind, “Thompson exchanged hugs and kisses with regular customers who told her they were excited to be able to sit inside and enjoy a meal again.”, 74-year-old Daniel Beaulieu, drove nearly 60 miles from Peoria specifically “to support Thompson’s decision to re-open her cafe.” He generally cruises through Wickenburg on his motorcycle “about once a week.” He was “very happy” to be there but isn’t about to twist anyone’s arm. These governors know what they’re doing and they didn’t close the big box stores. We are not going to do that. “We’re Americans, for one thing, and we don’t like the government telling us what to do. Morning Weather Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | KYMA EEO Reports | KECY EEO Reports |FCC Public Files | Jobs/Internships |, Daily News Updates

I believe you would call him a Rino. “Nobody likes a bad virus, nobody likes a bad flu, nobody likes death period,” Bedoian acknowledges, “but sometimes that’s life.” To her, “what we do for the future and for our children and our grandchildren, that’s more important. This is for your Governor — ,,!,, ,,!,. KYMA/CBS 13/KECY is an equal opportunity employer. When is he going to be sued. Anyone who is “fearful” should not go out. “We’re Americans, for one thing, and we don’t like the government telling us what to do. DUCEY IS JUST TRYING TO PROVE THAT HE IS JUST LIKE THE ” BIG GUY’S HERE IN WASHINGTON , WITH ALL HIS NEWS APPERENCE’S AND MOST ESPECIALLY DICTATING TO THE MEDICAL FOLKS THAT THE MALARIA DRUG THAT HAS AND IS WORKING ALL OVER THE WORLD CANT BE USED HERE AS IT ” DOESN’T WORK “! Doug Ducey’s executive order, entered two downtown restaurants that opened for breakfast on Friday and told the managers … “Everybody was well mannered ... but there was no social distancing,” Howell said.
There’s a showdown brewing between the law and hard core conservative patriots in the “West’s most Western Town.” …

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