isaac married rebecca at 3

Mustafa made a post recently that Rebecca was a 3 year old when Issac married her.

A few storks observe him from the gutter with sloppy indifference: they are heavy from picking at carrion. [25] Jewish Communities in Exotic Places By Ken Blady Page 69 Isaac married rebekah who was 3 years old..The following scriptural facts are used to establish Rebekah’s age at her marriage to Isaac. 354). Tony - Antonakis Maritis October 17, 2020 Leave a comment This is NOT true, a clear read of the account of Abraham’s servant and Rebecca depicts Rebecca as a young woman not a child. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.


Mustafa made a post recently that Rebecca was a 3 year old when Issac married her. To understand these statements, we must remember that in the InterTestamental and early rabbinic age, pre-puberty marriage was generally permitted.

‘Ah, says the owner, ‘they probably neglected to separate. In India, child marriage was condemned by law until 1929, although around 80 per cent of the population was still practicing it.” [8], 10. Home » Posts tagged 'Isaac married Rebecca', October 11, 2013 8:01 pm / Leave a comment, The article Below was Originally Posted from this website – Link: There is a thrill of expectation. ‘See how it is – one rule for us and another for Betuel. See also Yebamoth 57b, 60b; Abodah Zarah 37a. Two further facts are necessary inferences from the above four facts, 5.

This can be clearly seen in the video I made two weeks ago when a Dawah preacher in Nigeria tried to deny that the Hadith narration existed and caused a real discomfort within the Muslim Ummah, you can watch there video here. [9]Mary De Young The sexual victimization of children page 103 Since Isaac was 40 when he married Rebekah, Rebekah would be 3 when the marriage took place (because 40-37=3).. What we can gather from this analysis is that, Abraham was 100 yrs old when Isaac was born and sarah was 90, isaac was 37 when his mother died, isaac was 40 when he married rebekah but to say that rebekah is 3 years old when they married is out of context and inconsiderate.

Anything else is herecy. The Bible does not talk specifically about their relationship, and the descendants of Ishmael and those of Isaac have historically been enemies; animosity remains to this day. Reply. What makes the commoners incredulous, casts a cloud on the brother.

Look – I am not abrupt for nothing. Tony is the author of the Behind The Faith Series And he made his camels to kneel down without the city by a well of water at the time of the evening, even the time that women go out to draw water. Commentary edited by Jacob Neusner page 83 They kept it in their cave for three days, and not a nibble would it take of the feed they gave it. She was also then 127 years old when these others were born, is not it? Who is the woman at the well in the Bible? Zeʼev Wîlhelm Falq: So in other words no matter what the age of the girl, once the parents gave the go ahead, the girl had to choose the husband, she had no choice in the matter: The jealous God of Abraham would not allow people to claim that she bore children on account of a wicked brother’s blessing.
The physical factor related only to the consummation of the marriage. God promised to be with Isaac and bless him and give the land to Isaac’s descendants. But why nobody can give the age of Rebecca? The mourning period began the next day. “flow”) is a state of ritual impurity arising from abnormal seminal discharge from the male sexual organ” (see Ruth Lamdan: [10] The Changing Faces of Jesus By Geza Vermes Then I got ill and my hair fell down. ‘What’s become of the nursemaid?

You see gifting young girls we happen upon is not the way menfolk behave. Rebekah’s three years correspond to the three colors of the rainbow.

[If] one of all those who are forbidden in the Torah to have intercourse with her, he is put to death on her account, but she is free of responsibility. Gn 24:17 And the servant ran to meet her, and said, Let me, I pray thee, drink a little water of thy pitcher. T. J. Wray:

Sahih al-Bukhari Vol. A girl aged twelve and a half was already considered an adult in all respects.” [23], 25. Rebecca, after her epic feats at the well, sits with composure. Laban, blessed with wiles beyond his years, had foreseen the problem – explaining what made him add poison to his father’s food. Old Abraham, I’m told, gives his household free rein. In Luke 11:28, what is The Word of The Most High? They say prophet Mohammad married Aisha who was 9 .they never say jews laws allowed marriage with 3 year old .in talmud and other jewish scriptures rape of 3 year old took place.

“Look at my little one squirming in her seat – eh, Rebecca? [4], 6. Tohorot through Uqsin.’ The Jewish oral Torah i.e.

This caused great rivalry within the family and led to Jacob, the younger son, receiving the inheritance and his father’s blessing that should have gone to Esau, the older son, after Isaac and Esau were deceived by Rebekah and Jacob. Since the economic survival of the household depended on the production of able-bodied children, women married immediately after puberty and were pregnant or nursing for a relatively large portion of their life.” [20], 22. [8]Parenting for a Peaceful World By Robin Grille From the time when nephew Lot and Abraham farmed together, he had learnt to muzzle on the move, to stop their animals grazing on land own by others. [26] Sephardi and Middle Eastern Jewries: History and Culture in the Modern Era edited by Harvey E. Goldberg page 267 “The curse of the wicked is a blessing.”. Occasionally, the bridegroom was far older than the bride.” [26], 28. [23] A Separate People: Jewish Women in Palestine, Syria, and Egypt in the sixteenth Century By Rûth Lamdān page 47 She was 3. This is NOT true, a clear read of the account of Abraham’s servant and Rebecca depicts Rebecca as a young woman not a child.

The jewelry became a woman’s property.

Philip J. Gossip of a caravan, of gold and precious trinkets, swept through Charan faster than a plague. Actually as you will read further, you would come to realise that the Mishnah gave approval for a Man to have intercourse to a betrothed girl, anytime after the age of three years old. Rebecca saved her son Jacob’s life by again deceiving Isaac. on Is it true in the Bible that Isaac married Rebecca at 3 years old? The most famous tradition, cited by Rashi, is that she was 3 at the time, and they waited for 10 years before trying to have children.

Girls could in fact already be given marriage long before actual physical maturity, perhaps even as young as five years old (cf. Genesis 23:1) - the daughter of Bethuel the Syrian of Padan-aram, … 5. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. [12] Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament, Volume 8 edited by G. Johannes Botterweck, Helmer Ringgren, Heinz-Josef Fabry [1997] page 144 – 145 I need my daughter.’, The boy gets up in no hurry.

‘Eliezer is my head servant.

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