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In 1995, PolyGram purchased the company for $156 million.
[3], For years, United Artists was a studio associated with some of the biggest and best pictures, including Raging Bull, Annie Hall, and Apocalypse Now. This service started on Friday, 17 February 1956, the third ITA franchisee to go on air, and was extended until Monday, 29 July 1968. In 1983, ITC produced and released the animated series Thunderbirds 2086 , which was not an original British series based on the Gerry Anderson Thunderbirds. There was also a scandal involving Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, so the film has earned a level of infamy for its problematic production. AP Films or APF, later becoming Century 21 Productions, was a British independent film production company of the 1950s until the early 1970s. Intertainment successfully proved that Franchise Pictures had effectively stolen the inflated amount due to its prior agreement to fund most of the film. In November 1988 ITC Entertainment was bought by its management. Defunct film and television ... ITC Entertainment‎ (4 C, 9 P) R Rainbow Collective films‎ (5 P) This all meant that Grade had lost his easy access to ITV, and easy money to fund ITC's big-budget productions. Capra’s signature film wasn’t cheap, as it cost Liberty Films around $3.2 million ($42.7 million) to produce. The Original Zoot Ending Shot with ITC logo from Season 3. The Incorporated Television Company, or ITC (or in later years, ITC Entertainment) was one of Britain's finest film and television production companies, creating tons of long-running hits shows, including most of Gerry Anderson's "Supermarionation" projects and much of Jim Henson's output in the 1970s and early 80s. ATV Time Clock for International broadcast of The Muppet Show episode 19.

This service started on Saturday, 24 September 1955, the second ITA franchise to go on air, and was extended until Sunday, 28 July 1968. A substantial portion of the company's shows air on NBC, making the company its de facto television production division. The start of filming of the first series coincided with a world-wide economic recession (caused by a quadrupling of the oil price by OPEC in response to the Yom Kippur war), and political instability in the UK. In the early 1980s, Francis Ford Coppola decided to try something new when he co-wrote and directed a musical called One From the Heart. He remains famous for his futuristic television programmes, especially his 1960s productions filmed with "Supermarionation". In 1962, ITC acquired AP Films, run by Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson, and funded first Stingray (1964), the first children's series in colour, followed by the hour-long Thunderbirds. [11]. Bruce Gyngell was deputy managing director. In 1976, ITC had one of its biggest hits, The Muppet Show (1976-1981), sold via syndication (based on a deal with CBS owned and operated stations). ITC also created several mini-series, most notably Jesus of Nazareth. In turn, Shout!’s video distribution rights in North America to a majority of the ITC Entertainment library were assumed from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The only exception was The Muppets, who were acquired by Disney in 2004. Over the next few years, ITC would make bank by creating unusual for-the-time shows (nowadays classified as "cult TV"), including The Saint with a young Roger Moore (which earned ITC around $350 million, and inspired a profusion of similar shows such as Department S), and Danger Man and The Prisoner, both with Patrick McGoohan in the lead (with a long-running theory that both characters were in fact the same man). As a distribution company, ITC was also the worldwide distributor for ATV's 1967 one-off The Benny Hill Show special, but not the Thames Television series that followed. Starting from 1971, networks were subject to new regulations. The company also was notable for its variety-shows, two of which included Sunday Night at the London Palladium (featuring Bruce Forsyth) and The Julie Andrews Hour (starring Julie Andrews). The ITC series shared a common formula. The studio found itself embroiled in legal issues over claims it had fraudulently padded the movie’s budget by $31 million ($46.8 million). The movie had a plethora of problems, requiring the rebuilding of sets, the reshooting of scenes, the replacement of actors, and everything else that can go wrong on a film set. Of Muppets & Men: The Making of the Muppet Show, Jim's Red Book -- 1/17/1982 -- Meet with Robert Holmes A Court, Universal Pictures to Market Films from AFD, There were however a few exceptions: The Adventures of Robin Hood and the other swashbuckling adventure series of the late 1950s and early 1960s were released on DVD by Network, as was Strange Report. In 1966, the companies were reorganised with a parent company, the Associated Television Corporation (ATC), which in 1978 was renamed the Associated Communications Corporation (ACC). Amounts in parenthesis are adjusted for inflation to 2020. The film is infamous for being one of the worst movies ever made. Dennis Spooner was an English television writer and script editor, known primarily for his programmes about fictional spies and his work in children's television in the 1960s. The name was chosen to reflect the Siemens interest Polydor Records and the Philips interest Phonogram Records. Lane Fabian Jones is a multiplatform content company with offices in the UK and United States.
ITC's president Abe Mandell wanted an American producer to take Sylvia Anderson's vacant slot, and he would give them the freedom to make any changes they wanted. 1970s. [16] In early January 1999, Carlton Communications bought the ITC television and film library from PolyGram/Seagram for £91 million, which reunited the programme library of ATV and Central Television and doubled the stock of its library division Carlton International, by giving it a total of 15,000 hours of programming. The Legend of the Lone Ranger, a Darker and Edgier reboot of The Lone Ranger that flopped at the box office. Originally released in 1999. Availability: Rare. The studio effectively died in 1985, when Ladd took over United Artists. 1979 saw ITC partner with fellow British entertainment company EMI (who had, ironically, acquired the library of ATV's one-time rival ABC, shortly after ABC became part of Thames Television) to create a new company called Associated Film Distribution (or simply AFD). There were several reasons that ITC was shifting away from TV towards film. Paramount pulled distribution of the movie, and Coppola was in a financial nightmare. [12] Coppola suffered a decade of financial problems over the film, and while he did manage to save Zoetrope, it cost him… a lot. Other films produced by ITC include The Boys from Brazil, The Return of the Pink Panther, The Last Unicorn, and a number of Jim Henson Company productions: The Dark Crystal and the first two Muppet films, The Muppet Movie and The Great Muppet Caper. United Artists was unable to recover its costs, and it filed for bankruptcy. The Times (London, England), Friday, 19 August 1988; pg. In 1973, ITC pitched the series to the US networks. Grade also bought the Classic chain of cinemas in the UK. Carolco Pictures was once best known for creating hits, including Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Basic Instinct, but these days, it’s remembered for something else. The film had a massive budget for the time, costing $40 million ($126 million) to produce. Seagram's sold the ITC library to infamous ITV company Carlton (who replaced Thames in 1993 after a restructuring of the ITV system brought upon by Margaret Thatcher; they proceeded to buy Central — the former ATV— in 1994 and Westcountry in 1996) in 1999, reuniting the ATV and ITC libraries, and has stayed with the company even as it merged with Granada into one unified ITV company in 2004. The Persuaders ran on ABC. In 1975 ACC created Associated General Films to release films in the US, but the company ended in 1977. Although most of the ITC series were produced in Britain, ITC often worked with Television Programs of America (TPA) and several series were filmed in America. This is a list of films produced and/or released by American film studio TriStar Pictures. Many of the drama shows from the 1960s and 1970s have since been released by Network as limited edition box sets. It handles production and distribution of programmes broadcast on the ITV network and third-party broadcasters, and is based in 12 countries across 60 production labels, with local production offices in the UK, US, Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Israel, France, and Scandinavia. New Line Cinema was certainly familiar with gambling on a film, as it put everything on the line to make Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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