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Following her article on British furniture manufacturer Ercol in our print issue 06, author Lesley Jackson gives her insights into why Ercol furniture design has stood the test of time. The second one, the Ercol 450 Love Seat (1960), has 19 spindles, so it’s easy to tell them apart. The company, which was founded in 1920 by Lucian Ercolani, has long been a stalwart of the furniture industry and its designs can be seen in all walks of life – the Ercol factory even produced tent pegs for the army during the war! I recommend eBay for anyone who wants to buy or sell Ercol. As WWI broke out, Ercolani met another legend who was the son of a businessman in the area. As a buyer you will get the widest choice and the best prices. Our objective was to remove the original damaged finish down to the bare wood and re-lacquer it, bringing it back to showroom condition as required by the client. Moo Limited. Preloved for

legs, spindles or arms. The reissues are manufactured to a very high standard, often using the same distinctive combination of wood (beech and elm).

The polishing is matched to the original unless otherwise specified. Prolonged exposure to sunlight causes timber to loose its colour, and you should try to keep wooden furniture away from areas where it is exposed to direct rays. We are often asked to repair Ercol dining chairs and tables which have begun to move and creak. Having sat on these chairs during my formative years, I was thrilled to be invited to delve into Ercol’s history and explore the Windsor Range in detail. Frederick Parker later founded Parker Knoll, one of the most enduring 20th century furniture businesses. Given the significance of this company from a design point of view – or simply as a mass-market phenomenon – it seems astonishing that hitherto there were no publications on this firm. Some pieces from the Windsor range have been in continuous production, with only slight modifications, since the 1950s. Some have clear, light finishes, others are darker and more traditional. This book was simply crying out to be written! Get The Look at Home Using the Preloved Time Machine! We work using original materials as closely as possible and in this instance we wanted to achieve a long durable finish with ease of maintenance. Ercol pieces have different finishes depending on which type of timber it’s made from. and selling advice, Safe second
And how she came to write her book, Ercol: Furniture in the Making, published in November 2013.

Typically, however, when we think of Ercol, we think of the elegant style that  around in the  1960’s; chairs with spindles on their backs and outward sloping chair legs. When looking for your Preloved Ercol piece, make sure to check for its Ercol markings. This is no different with Ercol furniture, and your Preloved Ercol piece may have adopted a different colour from its original over time. advertising, Upcycling Ercol furniture is as stylish today as it was when it was first created in 1920 by Lucian Ercolani. We cannot search for an empty value, please enter a search term.

In 1944, the company was commissioned to make 100,000 well-made chairs at low cost; thus, Ercol furniture was introduced into many homes around Britain. In 1944, Ercol was contracted by the government Board of Trade to produce 100,000 low-cost Windsor chairs – chairs with a bentwood frame and an arched back supporting delicate spindles. Cookies help us deliver our services. Preloved and the heart device is a registered trademark of If your second hand Ercol piece has suffered damage, it’s usually possible to restore it back to its original splendour. With so many different manufacturers, wood types and styles, it’s good to know what’s available before purchasing. | Sitemap | Privacy / Cookie Policy | Contact Us.

constitutes acceptance of the Preloved, Navigate to the page search keywords input, Display the next step by step overlay image, Display the previous step by step overlay image, Turn Your Hobby into a Genuine Work from Home Job. Sometimes, sellers list furniture as Ercol, even when it isn’t. Each section will be labelled, so that it can be put back together exactly as it was. Many “Ercol style” chairs have oval or squared off sticks. They also used a method called steam-bending to transform the wood into stunning, well-constructed furniture. All photographs are copyright © Martin Bird Photography or © Ståle Eriksen Architectural Photographer, unless otherwise stated. However, one thing we have noticed since we started trading is that our customers can get confused about which Ercol items they are trying to source. Copyright 1997 – 2018 Moo Limited.

Individual parts can be replaced, using either original Ercol parts (if still available), or we can manufacture these ourselves. The wood selected was English elm– a wood previously thought impossible to bend because it distorted. It’s because Ercol furniture is so robust and well engineered that there are so many vintage pieces still in circulation today. One of the most striking things about Ercol, and the main reason why there are still many pieces around today, is the excellent quality and high manufacturing standard of each piece. ERCOL FURNITURE LIMITED - Free company information from Companies House including registered office address, filing history, accounts, annual return, officers, charges, business activity The young apprentice soon found work with a towering figure in British furniture history who was operating in High Wycome. Companies House Companies House does not verify the accuracy of the information filed (link opens a new window) Sign in / Register . High Wycome was British furniture Mecca. Get inspiration, new arrivals and the latest offers to your inbox, View and download the latest ercol catalogues. How did you come to write your book on Ercol furniture? And how she came to write her book, Ercol: Furniture in the Making, published in November 2013. The old glue on each individual joint will be cleaned off before the sections are dry fitted, then re-glued with the appropriate glue. ercol timeline ercol was founded in 1920 by a young Italian, Lucian Ercolani, whose simple goal was to make furniture that was well designed and made in a good working environment by craftsmen who really took pride in their jobs. We will not keep your details on file unless you become a customer. Early Ercol furniture was chunky, with intricate carvings, and made of figured oak.

My parents bought two 392 stacking Ercol chairs in the 1960s, which I ‘repatriated’ about 15 years ago and now adorn my home. All Rights Reserved. Bodleian Libraries Chair is Isokon Plus’s most recent collaboration with designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. Preloved, The Joy of Second Hand, Preloved People and The Second Hander are trademarks However,  some collections use different types of wood (ash, oak, walnut etc. Although Ercol is quintessentially English, there are close parallels to leading Danish firms, particularly in their mutual respect for – and mastery over – wood. In the past this was locally source but today, for practical reasons, most of Ercol’s timber is imported from abroad. The complete strip and rebuild has restored the structural integrity of the chairs and rejuvenated the table. We are always happy to receive images to discuss options available. If you would like to see an example of our close relationship with Ercol, please read this article on our restoring Ercol furniture project for the Sir Ralph Perring Centre.
With the exceptions of chairs with a solid seat, virtually every Ercol chair from this period that you come across will be webbed (some very early chairs (1953 – 1955) used tension springs). By visiting the Ercol catalogue archive you will fin which finish your item has for replication during the restoration process. ), so do not be deterred if your Preloved Ercol piece is made from a type of wood that you don’t immediately associate with their furniture. Ludovic Potts is a member of BAFRA having displayed and proven a high level of skill and knowledge. This was the first of two Love Seats produced by Ercol. Choosing second hand furniture can often be a daunting task. By Amy Lockley. Until relatively recently Ercol had a list of preferred agents for Ercol furniture restoration (of which we were proud to be one), who were required to demonstrate their knowledge, expertise and skill to the company before becoming accredited to undertake restoration and repair work. Changes in temperature can cause wood to shrink or expand. Some chairs may have broken components e.g. The final finish brings out the original colour of the wood, which glows with a delightful sheen. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. On arrival at our workshop we photograph the item before removing the original polish down to the bare wood, as well as removing any surface stains and scratches and staining where appropriate.

Chairs from the Ercol Windsor range have stick backs.

A comprehensive list of these marks can be found in the book ‘Ercol Furniture in the Making‘ by Lesley Jackson.”. MidCentury Magazine.

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