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Who gave him that power but Jesus, the Word who was in the beginning with God, and lighteth every man that cometh into the world?3. )God not solitaryJ.

GREAT GOD (Titus 2:3).IV. Once this orb was a bright mirror which reflected God's image, but sin darkened it, and it is dim. Has any other received such appellations.2.
The supreme contrast. One of them, who argued against it, said, "If it were true, it certainly would have been expressed in more clear, unequivocal terms." He was with Him. The beasts have been on the earth as long as man, and yet they can no more speak than they could when they were created.

AS THE GREAT DISTINCTION BETWEEN ETERNITY AND TIME.II. Scripture quoted by permission. They were strict monotheists, as were Christ and the apostles. They were idolaters, and Christ's design and that of His apostles was to deliver them from idolatry. Others may be forgotten, but one such memory cannot fade. Ought not the knowledge of all this(1)make us better and wiser;(2)make us reverence the Bible;(3)reverence all good books?Except a living man, there is nothing more wonderful than a book, a message from a human soul thousands of miles away which can amuse, terrify, comfort, teach us. The language of the Scriptures must be taken in its obvious signification, just as the Jews took John 10:30; John 15:13. When Abraham's family branches out into twelve tribes, Judah is selected as the tribe in which the promise should run (Genesis 49:8, 10).

MIGHTY GOD (Isaiah 9:6).VI. Cynddylan Jones, D. D.)The origin of the term "Logos," or WordT. In the Book of Revelation, God is not the Lamb, and the Lamb is not God, speaking; words you say (Rom. "Was God" teaches consubstantiality. It is important to note that it was “Christian teachers” who attached the idea of a “divine person” to the word logos. By Christ the Word God has spoken to man in all ages. So God was never without His Son.(Arrowsmith.
Read full chapter. But can we conceive it possible that after any lapse of time we should express our reverence and love by saying that our friend was superhuman? The former is a metaphysical conception; the latter an object of religious contemplation.4. )On booksCharles Kingsley, M. A.1. "Well," said the other, "admitting that you believe it, were authorized to teach it, and allowed to use your own language, how would you express the doctrine to make it clear and indubitable?" In these the transition from an impersonal to a personal Sophia is an accomplished fact (Wisdom of Sirach, Sirach 1:1, 4; 24:3, 9; Wisdom of Solomon, Wisdom 7:25, 26, 22); and the Chaldee Targumists substitute for Elohim and Jehovah Memra da Yeya, a personal being who served as the permanent agent or representative of God, and who was identified with the Shekinah and the Messiah.3. It was predicted that He should utterly abolish idols, and has He not done so?5. The circumstance that had spread widely amongst the Hellenistic Jews only make it probable that John was acquainted with Philo, but cannot be regarded as establishing it.II. The beasts have been on the earth as long as man, and yet they can no more speak than they could when they were created. THE LOGOS OF PHILO IS ESSENTIALLY DIFFERENT FROM THAT OF JOHN.1. New International Version (NIV), Upgrade to Bible Gateway Plus, and access, Ge 1:1; Jn 8:58; 17:5, 24; 1Jn 1:1; Rev 1:8, S Jn 5:26; 6:57; 11:25; 14:6; Ac 3:15; Heb 7:16; 1Jn 1:1, 2; 5:20; Rev 1:18, Dt 14:1; S Ro 8:14; 8:16, 21; Eph 5:1; 1Jn 3:1, 2, Jn 3:6; Tit 3:5; Jas 1:18; 1Pe 1:23; 1Jn 3:9; 4:7; 5:1, 4, Gal 4:4; Php 2:7, 8; 1Ti 3:16; Heb 2:14; 1Jn 1:1, 2; 4:2, NIV, Story of Jesus: Experience the Life of Jesus as One Seamless Story, NIV, Biblical Theology Study Bible, Comfort Print: Follow God’s Redemptive Plan as It Unfolds throughout Scripture, NIV, Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible, Red Letter Edition: Bringing to Life the Ancient World of Scripture, NIV, The Story: The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People, NIV, Beautiful Word Bible Journal, Acts, Comfort Print. )Christ the true GodTwo gentlemen were once disputing on the Divinity of Christ. WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE TERM LOGOS, THE GOSPEL CONTAINS NOT A TRACE OF PHILONISM, which is remarkable if John began its composition under the influence of that celebrated master. This deification of Jesus by St. John would have been consistent neither with his reverence for God nor his loyalty to his merely human teacher. Pentecost. (1) In Genesis 1. creation is attributed to so many separate voices or spoken words of Elohim. )The Divinity of Christ revealed in the Gospel of JohnDr. "And the Word was God.".

It is God's ordinance. The acute intellects may be, but the profound intellects, which see far and deep, are not. In the Hebrew Scriptures we have the germs of the doctrine. )The term Word applicable to ChristG. I. Christ is called JEHOVAH (John 12:37; cf. This intense love the Son cherishes towards the Father. In time the Word was made flesh. 2. THE LOGOS OF PHILO IS ESSENTIALLY DIFFERENT FROM THAT OF JOHN.1. Compare these appellations with the state of the Pagan world. And since then He has given to all wise and holy poets, philosophers, and preachers the power to speak and write the wonderful truths they have thought out.4. Cumming, D. D.What is a word? Cynddylan Jones, D. D.)The origin of the term "Logos," or WordT. We would, therefore, have to say that this means that the logos belongs to the same sphere as God; without being identified with God, the logos has the same kind of life and being as God. 3, p. 238.

(Charles Kingsley, M.

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