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“The magic bike path (75th and Pflumm) winds lazily through water and trees. By Allen Pierleoni - And closer to home, they’re available at all area Hen House Markets, most Hy-Vees and Price Choppers, and many specialty retail outlets. The sauce really is outstanding — dark, thick and in-your-face bold with flavors deeper than, uh, a hundred-foot well. Complete Calendar Here The sauce takes pork to the next level and is just as good on brisket, burgers and veggies too. 567: { }


He put some in a jar and shared it with the boys. Hopkins provided Rufus Teague with 12 different beers for testing recipes.   The company sought to extend its market reach and raise the brand profile in Kansas City.   }); Originally it started as a printed newsletter to let avid barbecuers keep track of upcoming events and results from past events. The novel packaging opens like a beer can and includes a replaceable cap. nav: false, Real-time updates and all local stories you want right in the palm of your hand. His story follows the blueprint of many in the barbecue world. “It’s fun and unique.”. “ (His portrait) is a couple … The combination results in a … loop: true, Like his product recipes, he said, “that’s my little secret.”.

But the primary catalyst behind the growing popularity of the Rufus Teague products has been word of mouth. K.C. “After some intense testing, I am confident we have created the best sugar-free BBQ sauces available.”.

“The collaboration with Boulevard pushed this project over the top, and we have been blown away by the response.”. And following his recent participation as one of 2,400 exhibitors at the Fancy Food Show in Washington, D.C., he is expecting some new international deals. I feel like I’m in fairy tale land!”. jQuery(this).removeClass("hover"); Echo & Rig Steakhouse to open soon in Sacramento, Jewish food fair to offer a preview – and bite – of new Sacramento deli, Beloved tri-tip restaurant fires up ‘Express BBQ’ for hungry I-5 travelers, This wildly popular Sacramento cantina is looking to expand, Enormous ‘upscale Americana’ restaurant opens in Carmichael’s Milagro Centre. Just as barbecue season continues (does it ever really end?

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Instead of cracking open a cold one on game day, two Kansas City food and beverage icons want you to crack open some barbecue sauce.Boulevard Brewing Co. and Rufus Teague have teamed up to create the ultimate must-have for Kansas City Chiefs fans just in time for the home opener next Sunday at Arrowhead.Can-O-Que uses Boulevard’s flagship Unfiltered Wheat beer to craft a premium BBQ sauce made exclusively for the 2019 season. McCone, who has kept his day job in video editing, said he didn’t really intend to get into the barbecue sauce business. ... Good sauce makes bad barbeque good, and good barbeque gooder.”. Gold we wanted to take one of those other flavor profiles and ‘Kansas City-it-up’ a bit by adding some sweet to balance out the mustard. Who’s cooking at the 2018 Tower Bridge Dinner? Check your local retailer for availability. After all, where would the good ol’ boys in, say, 1890s to 1930s Kansas lay hands on anchovy paste or tamarind? Now, McCone’s Rufus Teague brand sauces and rubs are selling at outlets across the United States and in several foreign countries. Said John McCone, CEO and Founder of Rufus Teague. EVENTSComplete Calendar Here Combining our beloved Unfiltered Wheat beer and Rufus Teague’s renowned Kansas City barbecue sauce is a match made in food heaven.”. }, I think Rufus Teague is really some white guy from Kansas named John McCone, but John-John is not really sharing that secret, so I’m happy to suspend my belief and buy (literally) into the myth of a lone cook on some wagon Gold compliments all barbecue, but is especially delicious on pulled pork and chicken. Minnesota BBQ And in 2002, they talked him into forming a team to enter a barbecue competition. Gold has a rich, deep mustard flavor balanced by sweetness and smoke.

While unable to unearth anything about the old timer who adorns these sauce bottles, the sauce that lays inside is a product of someone quite real, John McCone from Shawnee, Kansas.

Mustard. We wanted the sauce to keep its flavor profile.”. 3-6, 2021:  NBBQA 2021 Conference, Louisville, KY. We got in touch with Kyle and found a kindred spirit.”, “I love barbecue. “It keeps getting bigger,” McCone said. While based in the Kansas City area, the Rufus Teague brand isn’t tied to a local barbecue restaurant. “Our sauces are Kansas City-based sauces,” McCone said.

“We wanted to bring something unique and amazing to the game-day experience. The limited-edition Can-O-Que will begin appearing in Kansas City groceries and specialty stores, such as Made in Kansas City, in time for the Kansas City Chiefs’ first home game on Sept. 22. Contents of this site are © Copyright 2020 Shawnee Dispatch. Join Facebook to connect with John McCone and others you may know. Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items.

“With K.C.

} It was specifically crafted with Unfiltered Wheat exclusively for this product, making it a one-of-a-kind barbecue sauce.”. Gold” expands Rufus Teague’s award-winning line of premium quality, all-natural barbecue sauces. autoplayTimeout: 3000, Commenting has been disabled for this item.

0: { autoplay: true, “The taste adds to the overall flavor. We’re a lover of Boulevard and we’re both craft brands. Over the next few years, he got good at barbecuing and started preparing lunches for his co-workers. Rufus Teague’s new K.C. The Can-O-Que infuses Rufus Teague’s top-quality sauce with the lively, citrus flavor of Unfiltered Wheat.

California BBQ For more information visit: www.

“It took a lot of testing, but we are thrilled to be the first to develop an absolutely delicious barbecue sauce that lives in a beer can," said John McCone, founder of Rufus Teague. Rufus Teague’s sauces and rubs have sure come a long way. Some nutritious, delicious options for dining out with kids. Line of craft sauces expanded to now include a Kansas City take on a Carolina favorite.

“They have nine regions, and I think we’re in seven of them now,” he said.

Families across the country are turning to leaner meal ingredients and utilizing sauces to amplify flavor without adding calories. “They’re thick, rich, smoky, molassesy — just good.”. responsive: { “Rufus Teague was not an actual person, (the concept) is a little something we came up with,” said founder John McCone. responsive: { Featuring a flaming grill, the bottle opens like a beer can and includes a replaceable cap. The question is, of course, did Rufus Teague really exist and is the four-flavor line really based on his sauce recipe? “The initial test launch was so successful that both Boulevard and Rufus Teague knew they needed to relaunch the product,” Hopkins says. items: 1 Better than a Happy Meal? “Unfiltered Wheat is a flavorful beer,” Hopkins says. Hopkins, who cooks often with beer, says that the flavor profile needed “a happy balance” so the sauce wasn’t too hoppy or thin. 0: { There is no doubt these guys are on to something as these are much better than the majority of other sugar-free offerings we have tried. ‘Worth the Wait’ Boulevard Brewing Company’s special brew to celebrate Chiefs' Super Bowl win almost ready.

items:3 }); Today we have evolved into a barbecue and grilling information super highway as we share information about ALL things barbecue and grilling.

I called the parent company in Shawnee, Kan., to ask. The sauce might be the most Kansas City thing ever. They selected the Shawnee Great Grillers contest, where McCone said “we struggled through the night and didn’t think we did really well.”. Sweet meets heat in the molasses-based, blue ribbon-winning concoction, which, the story goes, was created by a certain Daddy Sam Oglesby “on his ranch in West Texas.”. var owl = jQuery(".owl-carousel"); }); The included real chipotle hits all the right spots without being overwhelming. From stirring ‘em up in an old pot, to winning competitions all over the place… and now bottles right in the store. “(His portrait) is a couple of different pictures put together and modified.
The company sought to extend its market reach and raise the brand profile in Kansas City. It’s also available at Corti Bros. Market and other area stores ($6 to $7 for 16 ounces).

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That’s because the menu of ingredients is longer than, um, a preacher’s sermon. “We wanted to bring something amazing to the game day experience.”.

Instead of cracking open a cold one on game day, two Kansas City food and beverage icons want you to crack open some barbecue sauce. Rufus Teague, an independent maker of craft BBQ sauces announces the addition of two new sugar-free options to their product line.

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