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consists of chasing and running turns of 7 minutes each. The distance between two adjacent CHASER BLOCK for, The distance between Post Line and First Cross Lane for.
Kho-Kho championship was organised in Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh). Kho Kho is a tag?game of?India. General Information ; Management Committee; …

for SUB-JUNIOR BOYS/GIRLS and equivalent to the width of the Court intersects the Central Lane at right angle is known as a CROSS LANE. Fill out the form below to login into your school, Not a memeber yet? It is actually one of the most popular tag games in entire South Asia.
The total area required for Kho Kho ground (kho kho court) is 30 meters × 19 meters; All of the above areas are not utilize for paying, the playing field is only 27 meters × 16 meters. Let us know more about this unique sport called Kho Kho Game! of the chasing team sit in their eight squares on the central lane, the Kho-Kho Federation of India (K.K.F.I.). The types of equipment required to play Kho Kho is mainly to draw a Kho Kho pitch and to draw a Kho Kho pitch or ground you will need…. Kho Kho playground is 29?meters long and 16?meters wide in dimension. The It makes the small rectangles and each of them are 16 m × 2.3 m (the two rectangles of near by the wooden poles are 2.55 m wide), at right anglesto the central lane and divided equally into two parts of 7.85 m (25.8 ft) eac… The game of Kho Kho can be played among all age groups and gender. The lines AD and BC running parallel to each other and equal to the length of KHO KHO Field are known as SIDE LINES. The player of the side other than the Chaser are known as RUNNERS. Please enter the email address you signed up with and we'll send you a password reset link. When an Attacker loses contact of his feet with the Free Zone and comes in contact with the Court by his feet, he is said to have left the Free Zone. including all the measurements. Rathera. Width of each line should not less than 2 cms. Dodging, Players of the chasing side need to put the opponent player out by touching them, but without making a particular foul. Running Skills: You should be fast ring play, a single chain running, zig-zag running, straight running. Sports Guest Post | Write for us | Contribute Sports Guest Post, Mithali Raj – The ‘Lady Tendulkar’ of Cricket, IPL 2020 Squad List: Full Squad List of all Eight Teams. Each of the rectangles, measuring 35 cms. Members of the chasing team have to put their opponent out, The chaser team member is not to go through their sitting team members failing to it is a penalty. A simple way to keep your school synchronize. The rules and regulations of Kho-Kho were actually devised in the starting of 20th century. These two innings are of seven minutes each, that enfolds both chasing and running. IPL 2019 Predictions – Who Will Take This Year’s Title? In this playing, there is another 1.6-meter area also for free zone after both sides’ polls. Dimension of Kho-Kho Field. There are 2 wooden poles positioned in the center of these 2 rectangles. in 1914, to frame its rules. Each inning comprises of turning and chasing turns of roughly 7 minutes. It is generally a tag sport and it is played by 2 teams. : The judgment of direction: How fast and attentive you are to know which direction you have to run. One side of the rectangle is 16 meters and the other side is 2.75 meters. Kho Kho Ground Measurements. A match consists of two innings of running and chasing turns of 9 minutes. Area earmarked for Players, Coach and Manager on either side of the Field and adjacent to the End Lines is known as TEAMS BLOCK ( A/B ). It is meant for the Runners to take entry in the Court for their Defense. The game lasts no more than 37 minutes. ?In 1959 first National Kho Kho Championship was held under Kho Kho Federation of India was set up in the year 1955. © 2020 All Right Reserved! With its origins in Maharashtra, Kho-Kho At each end of the longer side of the rectangle is two rectangles measuring 16 meters in length and 2.75 meters wide. But while attacking towards Side Line, Attacker should maintain/follow the Rules & Regulations of taking direction and receding. X 30 cms. First ever Kho Kho competition was held in the year 1914. An imaginary line running throught the center of the shoulders of an Attacker is known as SHOULDER LINE.

Top 10 Richest Cricket Boards in the World, Ten Most Interesting Facts about Wimbledon, Serena Williams Profile, Career, Awards, and Rivalries, Kolkata Derby: The famous Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal Football Match, Peter Thangaraj: Best Indian Goalkeeper in History, How To Get The Most Out Of A Golf Holiday. As the tale narrates, on the 13th day of the war, the Kaurava Guru Dronacharya planned the sole tactics ‘Chakravyuh’, a special military defensive plan broke by Abhimanyu. When an Attacker goes from one Post Line to another Post Line or after getting KHO, if he goes towards a particular Post Line, he is said to have taken a direction.

The required equipment in kho kho game is two watches, whistle (every time a team scores), measuring tape, lime powder and stationary to write results. Several historians have an opinion that Kho-Kho is a modified version of run chase. There are two more rectangles at each end. Defenders have One part of the rectangle measures 16 meter and other part measures 2.75 meters. India. After each innings, there is an interval gap of 5 minutes. A Kho-Kho ground is rectangular in shape and it measures 30 meters in length. The area marked in the Lobby away from the Side Line on both side of the Scorer’s table measuring 50 cms.

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