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On August 7th, 2018, highly decorated Special Forces Green Beret Reymund Transfiguracion was critically wounded when an IED exploded during a raid in Afghanistan.

Results Include: Charges, Disposition, Bond Amount, Mugshot, Booking Date, Booking Time, Release Date, Cell Location, Agency, Court, Race, Aliases, Warrant #, 420 College St SE, Lacey, WA 98503, United States, Please Share Your Experiences Visiting Or Staying In This Facility. All Rights Reserved. Lacey Township Police Jail has an ‘Inmate Roster’ where you can search your Inmate by their first or last name. Check with your Inmate the visiting hours and you can place a request to visit.

This information includes: As we said, the BOP’s search tool only shows results for federal inmates. Lacey City Jail serves the Lacey, Washington area. Visitations Hours at Olympia City Jail:

Go to to start a search for your inmate First Click “Search Now” and enter your inmate’s facility name.

6530 Martin Way, Lacey Phone: (360) 753-8052 or (360) 753-8419.

For clarification contact the prison administration at 360-459-4333. While we aren’t going to take you through the step-by-step process of finding an inmate in each state, let’s take a look at a few examples: Here’s what you’ll need if your loved one is incarcerated in New York: Notice that Department ID Number or New York State ID Number are meant to be used on their own.

FBI Number

☔️ Great job to all involved!

Alternatively you can call on 360-459-4333 to enquire about the inmate.

. If you are looking for information of any inmate currently housed at Lacey Police Jail, you can visit the the inmate search/roster link here. Below we have given information about the Lacey Police Jail including inmate search, phone number, visitation rules/hours and contact information.

Inmate Property. First, let’s search for an inmate using their name: Again, searching for a common name without any additional information leads to a large number of search results. With Inmate locator you will get all the details of your Inmate, their current status when they will be released. (Don’t worry, registration is completely free!

STEP 2: Lacey City Jail offender search: INS, Arrests, Case Description, Booking Date, Who's in jail, Mugshots, Jail Roster, Court Date, Bookings, Cell Location, Bond, Release Date, Offense Date.

Each correctional facility has its own rules on visitation, commissary, and mail. Montgomery County Jail Current Inmate List w/ Details, sorted by Date Confined Report Run on 11/22/20 at 07:00:01 Total = 902 click on 'Last Name' column to sort by last name. You can also search for a federal inmate using a number of different identification numbers, such as: BOP Register Number Because these identification numbers, of course, belong solely to your loved one, using this method is the best way to generate accurate results from the BOP’s site.

Friday, October 23rd, 2020 at 3:18pm ATTENTION LACEY‍♀️ There has been recent reports that the scammers are back.If you get a phone call from the police and you are threatened to pay or “you will go to jail”, it’s a SCAM.

Inmates can call to any person on the approved members list between 7:00 AM to 7:30 PM. The BOP’s database also includes information regarding inmates who have been released, dating back to 1982. The Foundation supports military and first responders and their families who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Correctional Options Programs.

During rush hours the call time is reduced to 10 mins.

You will need your Inmate ID which is provided to them when they are assigned a particular facility. © 2020

Before we begin discussing the various tools to help you locate your loved one, let’s quickly make clear that you’ll need to have some vital identifying information on hand in order to do so. For children below 16 years of age, a legal guardian must be accompanied. When using the BOP’s search tool, you can search for a prisoner by name or by a variety of identification numbers.

The Officer and Outreach Coordinator reached out to the Community Action Council and the, Yesterday, one of our Officers and our Community Outreach Coordinator were able to help out a homeless elderly female. Thank you to all the Veterans out there—today and everyday! . This ensures the female will be safe and out of this nasty weather we have been having!

Inmate locator updates you on the information about race, Date of Birth, and release date.

Shelton City Jail inmate search: Mugshots, Facility, Bookings, Who's in jail, Bond, Jail Roster, Offense Date, Alias, Court, Arrests, Release Date, Booking Date, Warrant.
Released Inmates. Families can look for their Inmate in any of the facilities they have been assigned to, the current location of an Inmate, in which facility Lacey Township Police Jail they are housed or where they will be placed next.

If you are looking for information of any inmate currently housed at Lacey Police Jail, you can visit the the inmate search/roster link here.Alternatively you can call on 360-459-4333 to enquire about the inmate.. To search for an inmate in Lacey Township Police Jail you can use Pigeonly Prison Locator Servce.

We do NOT call people in regards to warrants. In order to locate an Inmate, families need to visit the facility's website, with Inmates Last and First Name in the Lookup bar Inmates details will reflect.

With the new COVID guidelines set forth, we may call you before coming to you ☎️ If you see us in person, we will be wearing masks. Olympia Police Dept. All the information related to an inmate gets updated in the list containing their date of release and incarnation.

Inmate Name, Inmate ID 420 College Street SE, Lacey, WA, 98503. We have seen an increase in vehicle prowls in residential neighborhoods, so please be sure to lock your car, and take anything valuable with you!!

It houses the people who have been arrested and are awaiting trial, sentence or pending plea. As this search tool doesn’t offer any advanced search features, you may need to include this information in order to see less than 100 results. The Lacey Township Police Jail updates the information on a daily basis to ensure that it is complete and accurate.

The prison is operated and maintained by Washington Department of Corrections (DOC). Note: Keep inmate information like Full Name, age, sex, date of birth and inmate ID handy.

The receiver has to bear the cost of the call and the call can be of maximum 30 mins. Mail and Publications. Families can also search their Inmate by going on Lacey Township Police Jail website. Are you looking for an inmate in Shelton?

The Bureau of Prisons allows you to search its database of federal prisoners in order to locate your loved one and to uncover their contact information. Visitation. Most of the inmates serving their time in Lacey Police Jail are sentenced for less then a year for crimes which are less serious in nature. Please note the database only contains currently incarcerated inmates. ⬇️, In this very rainy weather , we want to remind you to please drive safely With such poor visibility outside, make sure your headlights are ON so that other vehicles can see you! Data Source: FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program – Publication: Crime in the United States 2015, Great job to the Officers involved, and thank you LFD for all your hard work!
The ‘Inmate Roster’ list is updated regularly. We are fully operational & responding to all calls! He died from his injuries 5 days later, leaving behind his wife and 2 young children... Do you leave valuables in your vehicle...even when parked at your house?

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