light liquid paraffin oil uses

The beneficial properties of liquid paraffin have been known for decades, and this is why it has become one of the key-ingredients in numerous detergent creams, hydrating creams, makeup products, bronzing oils, and emollients. Get medical attention. Liquid paraffin, also known as paraffinum liquidum or Russian mineral oil, is a very highly refined mineral oil used in cosmetics and medicine. A low viscosity liquid by-product of the distillation of petroleum consisting of a mixture of alkanes in the C15 to C40 range. USES OF LLP:-

Company Video. : 05-2116478757-24-0000 Chemical Formula : Not Available Structure : Not Available 1.2 Use of The Substance/Mixture Used In Manufacturing Of Substances Used As Intermediate Used …

Liquid paraffin oil free from Fluorescence by day-light and odorless in nature when kept in cold environment and having shelf life of two years. Product Name : LLP . Eye contact is irritating & damaging, vapours can irritate eyes.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Absorb on sand or earth Containment: Prevent spillage from entering drains or water sources Cleanup: After spills wash area with soap and water preventing runoff from entering Drains, HANDLING AND STORAGE Handling Precautions: Do not use/store near heat/open flame. Cosmetic or medicinal liquid paraffin should not be confused with the paraffin (or kerosene) used as a fuel.It is transparent, colorless, nearly odorless, and oily and is composed of saturated hydrocarbons derived from petroleum. It is colourless, tasteless, and odourless when cold. Pack Type: Barrel. Inhalation of vapours is irritating & can produce headaches, dizziness, vertigo, chest pains, bronchitis, pulmonary edema Carcinogenicity : Not listed as carcinogenic Chronic Effects : No data available, FIRST AID MEASURES Eyes: Flush with water for 15 min. Products are also approved and certified by FDA – lndia. . Our light liquid paraffin oil. All products and processes comply to National & International Standards and Pharmacopoeias such as IP, BP, USP & EP. Light Liquid Paraffin Oil, Pack Size: 210 Litre . Cosmetic uses . Contact Supplier Request a quote. Panama Petrochem Ltd, Manufactures White Oils from low pour point severely Hydro treated Base Oils, ranging from low viscosity to very high viscosity grades. Light Liquid Paraffin Supplier. Light liquid paraffin oil Ip highly refined hydro-treated oil has excellent thermal & chemical stability, having high flash point & is soluble in Chloroform & solvent Ether. Light mineral oil has uses in biotechnology, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, and industry.

Avoid breathing harmful vapours. Can penetrate skin to produce systemic effects.

Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. : 8006-64-2 Composition: Mixed of Hydrocarbons Hazardous Components: Paraffin Oil, HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION Primary Entry Routes : Inhalation, skin and eyes Acute effects : Skin contact can cause dermatitis. Paraffin oil is not equal to liquid paraffin.

Ingestion: Get medical help at once, FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES Flash Point : 35˚C Flash Point Method : 260˚C :0.8% Auto ignition Temperature : 5% LEL : Flammable UEL : Foam, Dry chemical powder,CO2 Flammability Classification : Heat produces corrosive vapours and can cause violent rupture of Unusual Fire or Explosion Hazards Container Hazardous Combustion Products : Carbon di oxide, carbon mono oxide Fire-Fighting Instructions : Fire fighters should wear self breathing apparatus while fighting fire, ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES Small Spills : Shut off leaks without risk. It can be divided into light mineral oil and general mineral oil, while the proportion and viscosity of light mineral oil are low. Skin: Wash with warm water & soap. General Use : Solvent in paint industry Company, COMPOSITION / INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS Synonyms: Paraffin Oil CAS No.

White Oil/Liquid Paraffin Oil.

LIGHT LIQUID PARAFFIN DATE: 12/09/2014 1.1 Identification of the substance Substance Name : Paraffin Oils EC# : 232-384-2 CAS# : 8012-95-1 Trade name : LIGHT LIQUID PARAFFIN REACH Pre –Registration No. Contaminated clothing to be immediately removed, PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Physical State: Liquid Appearance and Odor : Water white liquid with kerosene like odour Vapor Pressure : 4 mm of Hg at 20˚C Specific Gravity : 0.79 Water S : insoluble Boiling Point : 145˚C to 205˚C Freezing Point. Call +91-8048601599. Rs 48.5/ Litre Get Latest Price. Gupta & Sons. Wash thoroughly after handling Storage Requirements: Do not use/store near heat/open flame/water/acids, EXPOSURE CONTROLS/PERSONAL PROTECTION Engineering Controls: Provide proper ventilation for environment to be below TWA Respiratory Protection: Use respiratory protection if ventilation is improper Protective Clothing / Equipment: Use face shield, PVC gloves, safety boots while handling. Paraffin oil is yellow or colorless transparent liquid. TrustSEAL Verified. We have been serving clientele worldwide and famously known as light liquid paraffin supplier in India. It also makes for an efficient treatment against dry and itchy skin or to ease diaper rash and irritations. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE / PREPARATION AND COMPANY UNDERTAKING. Chandni Chowk, Delhi No. Along with other petroleum products we also deal in light liquid paraffin. Paraffin oil, also known as mineral oil, is a colorless and odorless mixture obtained from the distillation of crude oil.

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Light Liquid Paraffin oil is transparent, & free from fluorescence in daylight. 1034-35, Tilak Bazar Chowk Opposite Old Delhi Railway Station, Chandni Chowk, Delhi - 110006, Delhi. Consult a physician if irritation persists.

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