linkedin seed pitch deck

The short, 8-slide pitch deck describes Intercom’s vision to build a CRM and messaging tool for SaaS providers. So, what are the specific features of your product that are meant to directly address the problem? A good pitch helps get great investors, because it builds a strong relationship through clear communication and vision. For context, last year, based on questions from our existing portfolio, we launched two board deck templates for seed-stage startups. Adding a network to online classifieds made it valuable. Friendster’s valuation set the tone for the entire social networking space.

In fact, when I’m the investor listening to a pitch, one detail I consider is whether the entrepreneur is being too deluded by their analogies and not thinking hard enough about exception cases.

Express your competitive advantage. Dropbox went public in March 2018 at a valuation above $12B.

This past May was the 10th anniversary of LinkedIn, and while reflecting on my entrepreneurial journey, I realized that no one gets to see the presentation decks for successful companies. In a one-on-one setting, this format is going to have much more of an impact than the more rote “flipbook” of slide after slide.

At the time, Friendster had about 10.5 MM users and MySpace had 2.5 MM users.

WeWork had a tumultuous 2019, which saw its $47B valuation slashed to just $8B after its S-1 revealed intense unprofitability, drama surrounding its co-founder and CEO Adam Neumann, and subsequent mass layoffs.

Additionally, Matt came to the majority of the pitches. We made the mistake of listing three different revenue streams. Naturally, the first firm was disappointed when I turned them down, but they weren’t surprised. What will their concerns be? We included this slide because of the analogy to Google’s Adwords, which was and is the most amazing of the internet businesses thus far. Don’t feel the need to directly utilize either or both of these templates — they’re merely suggested guides for those at the beginning of the deck creation process, not prescriptions on how things have to be done.

You want that slide to remind your investors why they should invest in your company. This is why already-wealthy entrepreneurs raise money from experienced investors for their next startup: they know partnering with angels and venture capitalists is about more than just the money. Underpromise and overdeliver. As a platform for changing the world of work and enabling individuals, jobs is one important application built upon LinkedIn’s professional network — but it’s not the only one. Would you have invested in the vision they were pitching?

The deck billed LinkedIn as “professional people search 2.0.” LinkedIn had yet to generate a dime of revenue — but the deck highlights revenue as a high priority and identifies clear streams to achieve it. If they ask you about your risk factors and you can’t answer, you’ve lost all credibility because they assume you are either dishonest or dumb. Explicitly identify the risks that could thwart your success and how you will mitigate them. You can use the information on LinkedIn to identify referential information, allowing you to prioritize whom you’re reaching out to. Are their questions the same questions that keep you up at night? Brex’s latest valuation puts it at $3B. To address this and slightly rethink what pitches should be, we created two different suggested templates for fundraising decks: a short explainer with a “kitchen sink” FAQ section and another style we’ve dubbed “The Show.”.

Your pre-seed fundraising round can be challenging—your business isn’t fully established yet, and you may not have a lot of traction.

Show them, but you don’t need to get into the intricate details of how they work at this point. We’ll likely pass on the opportunity.”. 5. Reinforce key concepts when delivering a concept pitch. ... they would still need to have individual bios and LinkedIn profiles. Its 2017 pitch deck outlines its vision for international expansion and showed it had just 120,000 users; today, the company boasts 4.5M+ users and has launched in the US.

Sometimes, that means setting up a narrative over several slides.

If something is going unexplained, explain it, but briefly.

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