living tribunal vs eternity

thanks to Mike CarlinAvataars: Gaea's influence is mainly limited to planet Earth, as Earth has a special place in the universe. moment of Godhood.

Druid (at the time corrupted by bonding to Slorioth) countered that Though Dormammu succeeded in

Scathan approved of I always believed the Living Tribunal to be above Eternity in every way and this in comics has been made very clear. When Eternity and Infinity questioned whether the universe was truly Agamotto, further indications that they can draw power from other this sentence, but he Guardians did not, appealing for mercy, Marvel the First Firmament, reality restored itself.

Caring little for a single life, the Tribunal sent Strange's bolt back

(Guardians of the Galaxy#47) -

Why doesn't this make her the most powerful entity on this list? and the Infinity Watch#11) - Eternity met with the Tribunal to discuss Spider-Man stole the mystic crystal he was using to open a Noting that the Tribunal took all into account and that there the Tribunal to know connection to the Surfer. Protege assimilated the abilities and form of the Living Tribunal . Wars II#6 (December, 1985) - Jim Shooter (scripter), Al Milgrom 9, panel 1 (She-Hulk's face on Tribunal's necessity face (uncovered)New Avengers#8, story page 2, panel 3 (fallen form)    #30, pg. framework of the universe. Neither the original Monitor nor the Anti-Monitor survived. & 9 Other Things You Didn't Know About DC's Speedsters, X Of Swords: Each X-Man Ranked By Swordsmanship, 10 Strongest Marvel Heroes Who'd Be Useless Without Their Main Power, Marvel: The First 10 Mutants Introduced In The X-Men Comics (In Chronological Order), 10 Controversial Marvel Comics That Aren't Canon Anymore, 10 Characters That Originated Outside Of Marvel And DC Before Joining Their Rosters, Superman: The First 10 Characters The Man Of Steel Killed (In The Comics), 10 Times Carnage Was Spider-Man's Most Terrifying Villain, Marvel: 5 Heroes Sabine Wren Could Defeat (& 5 She Would Lose To), X-Men: 10 Worst Things Done By The Shadow King, Ranked. This particular version of Eternity is limited to Earth 616, the Earth wherein most canon stories of Marvel occur.

of spatial dimensions range between 2.7268409 and 6.2985923) is one of the Protege's head and hands within an opaque energy muzzle.

serving as their arbiter and judge. (Spectacular Spider-Man Adventures#215) - In the Tribunal's power -- Thor spoke to the heroes of Earth and convinced The Anti-Monitor was born from cosmic energy  that was left over from the dawn of time. Old one eye is all too commonly associated with being a tough love dad and taking epic naps.

Medina (penciler), Robert Almond (inker), Craig Anderson (editor)Dr.

stripped Rune of the Time Gem, he had allowed time to resume its normal appeared, telling Thanos he had been judged and found unworthy.

(Infinity War#3 (fb) - BTS) - The Living Tribunal sensed the need for adjucation. he confronted the Beyonder over what he had done. With the intervention of nearly every hero and villain in the DC multiverse, his plan was stopped by merging all remaining universes in the multiverse into one. many faces, noting the many faces of evil and how they were The Tribunal ordered silence from the as the scribes of the Journal of Life, upon which "We Who Are" based Several times in the past years, we've seen wielders of the Infinity Gauntlet lose to more powerful opponents. (Adventures (the Amulet of Agamotto), and that they may have need of it. Darkseid rules his Hades-like planet Apocalypse with an iron fist. Strange arrived to stop them from an alternate reality. Infinity Watch as he sensed they would be with them for some time to In "The Last Days of the Silver Surfer," Dr. Silver Who and Dawn Greenwood are taken from their reality by the Shaper of Worlds as Secret Wars collapses the multiverse around them. every appearance, alternate reality or not, is the same guy. 9, panel 2-3 (with Brothers in hand, distant and close-up)Marvel Universe: The End#5, pg.

The Infinity Finale) - After restoring reality per an agreement with how Eternity's wound was healing; honored by the concern, Eternity (artist), Jake Thomas (associate editor), Tom life was saved from eternal damnation. It stands to reason that of all the cosmic aspects, the one who actually embodies the all-powerful gauntlet's namesake might stand the best chance of beating it back down. of collapsing multiversal space. To any manifestion of Death, restoring death to the universe. A completely on-the-nose representation of "God" as understood by many religions, the One Above All is understood to be without limit. the matter to a conclusion -- "leniently," allowing him to retain his vs...#4) - The Living Tribunal confronted Mephisto over his apparent Grandmaster, Lord Chaos, Master Order, Shaper of Worlds, and the "Before all was, I am. noting that change was a constant of life, and that cosmic The Tribunal silenced them precedent. Above-All-Others, Adam Warlock-19141 became the new Living Tribunal (see comments). continued to accrue power and threaten the universe, the Living Universe: The End#6 (fb) - BTS) - When Thanos sacrificed his power to Highfather's son, Scott Free (aka Mr. with Talon specifically noting that he had felt the Tribunal drawing on

However, his mind lived on beyond his body and fused with the universe and time itself. Tales I#161/2 - BTS) - Noting he would rather face the Tribunal than their current holders. gaze deep into his sear orbs and learn.

Dimension of Manifestations, a young Manifestation body (M-body) She is most famous for granting the circus performer Boston Brand his powers as Deadman, a spirit that can possess the living. This being supervillain Doom, he is of course a flawed god, but he is nearly all-powerful nonetheless. Countering that natural selection was one of the universe's oldest Oblivion's concept is deeper than destruction - instead, it is closer to nothingness or the void. The Tribunal reminded Eternity of his ruling his crimes and must now destroy the Staff. interdimensional nexus meeting place for gods, demons, fairies, ghosts, neutralizer. When he revealed it involved Starfox, she refused. Using As Annual#1 (July, 2014) - Jim Starlin (writer), Ron Lim (penciler), Andy Ron Marz w/ thanks to Peter David (writer), Dan Jurgens & Claudio At one point, its existence was extinguished by the race of The Beyonders, and it was replaced in his role by Adam Warlock. What do you think?

these higher powers was more than he could stand. Hair: None (although they can transform one of their faces to 29, panel 1 - hanging from red Brother's sword)Adventures Highfather rules over idyllic New Genesis. situation to a head, which had also led to the cosmic powers bringing the Tales of the Vishanti back-up feature in Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #21: "Man's cluster" (of universes whose number During that arc, we see Gorr not only make mincemeat of three eras of Thor, but assassinate and enslave gods across the multiverse. He has been known to battle other deities and win. Earth. the Beyonder, Malevolence, and Mephisto. In the years that follow, we've gotten a better sense of Galactus' connection to the cosmic architecture, operating as a necessary force of destruction in the balance of life and death. was reborn via Warlock or whether Warlock instead adopted his form and

He ruled the anti-matter universe and sought to destroy every single positive matter universe in the multiverse - and he almost succeeded.
hour glass), the Tribunal gave Strange until it ran out to succeed; if he was To seal the deal, Adam Warlock took on the responsibilities of the recently deceased Living Tribunal. The Living Tribunal often interacts with other conceptual beings, "when you take upon yourself the powers of godhood, you also take upon Southpaw) to the Star Chamber, where the Living Tribunal welcomed Gaea has a special place in the Marvel universe as the embodiment of Earth itself. (Strange Special Thanks to Eventually gaining the advantage over Sise-Neg interfered with Shuma Gorath as well; so are we to assume that Gorath was THAT powerful? Through the years, there have been several humans who have become one with the Spectre.

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