lotus in a sentence

Jessica Alba has three tattoos - the Sanskrit word for "lotus" on her wrist, a bow on her lower back, and a daisy and ladybird on the back her neck.

Divinely nourishing, hydrating face oil, bringing serenity and peace to the sixteen petalled lotus - your face! The sky overhead is an eight - spoked prayer wheel and the ground below an eight - petalled, 194.

Status of the Hawaiian gallinule on lotus farms and a marsh on Oahu, Hawaii. The great coral pink and sunny yellow, 47. lotus root can also be used to make a healthy snack. The dancers place the pots on their heads above festive symbols such as the star, sun, I shall take the nectarean water that has washed the, It is indeed an impassioned expression of our ancestors who were delighted even by the sight of a, These taste best when eaten raw, with the exception of, The favorite deity of ancient Dravidians, Manasa, was a snake Goddess who sat on a, Quietly, he reached into a box and pulled out a corsage, a, With a larger pond, you can have lilies or tiger, The starving men ate the fruit, but Ulysses quickly understood that the, The music is inspired by the Ancient Greek myth of island dwellers whose diet of fruit from the, First, there are the crisp, watery roots, such as carrots, jicama, radishes, and, For this reason, the Buddha teaches his students to sit in the full, Mattresses were spread right there on the floor, and twelve fit-looking young guys seated themselves in the, Therefore sitting posture, especially the, If your pond is at least three feet deep, you can experiment with wild rice, water, Typical dishes include dum aloo, khatte baingan, methi chaman, and naider yakhni or. Lotus definition: A lotus or a lotus flower is a type of water lily that grows in Africa and Asia. Lively called brighter and missish called sedate and easy, makeup is charming and no makeup is water, 209. She shines in the cavity of the red lotus like a chain of brilliant handmade children's lanterns. Similar words: cloture , shoot up , tusk , tussle , hiatus , status , impetus , quietus . Vera Wang for Women - Described as a modern, floral bouquet, Vera Wang for Women includes rose, calla lily, white stephanotis, and mandarin flower scents, as well as lotus, iris, gardenia, white woods, and floral nectar. Lotus Pose - This is the traditional meditation pose. She holds the sacred scripture in one hand (representing jnana yoga) and a lotus blossom in the other. When they are shown with a sprouting lotus blossom or a lotus plant they symbolize a strong and serious commitment, happiness and harmony. History. 3. Items come in most precious metals, and you'll find hand-carved wooden lockets featuring Buddha seated on a lotus. We are a totally independent company dedicated to providing a high level of professional services to users of all. The nymphaea lotus, which resembles our white water lily, was also a product of the lowlands. Lotus: As the symbol of beauty and enlightenment, the lotus flower attracts auspicious energies guaranteed to make your life one filled with great happiness. What does lotus mean? Lotus Organics also makes it easy to scan a wide selection of men's yoga pants quickly, compare styles and prices, and make a decision. One floral tat that is especially popular is the lotus flower. Brandy-has chosen the lotus flower for her lower back tattoo. 1 Latium, from the same root as lotus, side; later, brick; lrXa-r(s, flat; Sans. Returning to Earlier Heaven requires specific postures and sitting cross legged in a half or full lotus. In 2006, the Green Dragon company has started its Pink Lotus line of yoga clothing. The Green Dragon / Pink Lotus line is one way to feel comfortable and look great at the same time. The sacred lotus, once it goes to seed, also becomes a food source for many people in Asia, and the flower itself is used in ancient Asian medicine.

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