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It drops into the Hogenakkal Falls just before it arrives in the town of Hogenakkal in Tamil Nadu. The Yamuna takes place in the India river map as one of the important rivers in India.

Aravalli range. In the end, it pours into the Bay of Bengal at Narasapuram in Andhra Pradesh. Rivers classified as Perennial or non-perennial, List of Major Rivers of India between the lengths of 2000Km to 1000km, Amazing Facts About Ganges River Every Indian Should Know, The Key Monastery lies at an elevation of 4200 met, List of Major Rivers of India between the Length of 1000Km to 750Km, List of Major Rivers of India between the length of 750Km to 500Km, Panch Prayag : Five Sacred Confluences of Alaknanda River, Complete List of Mountain Passes in India and Himalayas, 5 Most Important Rivers In India | sucess Today, What Are The Two Most Important Rivers In India | sucess Today, Verinag spring in Pir Panjal Range in Anantnag district of Jammu & Kashmir, Joins Chenab River at Jhang District of Pakistan, Battle of the Hydaspes (Jhelum) was fought between Alexander and Porus on the Banks of River, Multai in Betul District of Madhya Pradesh, City of Surat and Nepanagar (famous for newsprint paper mill) lies on its banks, Bara Bhangal in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh, Joins Chenab River at Ahmadpur Sial in Pakistan, City of Pathankot and Lahore lies on its banks, Formed by Seven small rivers called Sapt Kosi at Tribenighat, Nepal. In 1892, Maharaja Jaswant Singh constructed a dam at Pichiyak village in Jodhpur It covers larger distance than the other rivers of India. The river enters Tamil Nadu through Dharmapuri district leading to the flat plains where it meanders. district to use the river water. After origin, Luni River takes north-western direction and flows into Nagaur 6)

3) It is very much useful and In Indian culture it is treated as a goddess. It is the holiest river of South India and one of the important rivers in the territory. It flows through the Varanasi, Haridwar, Allahabad, Kolkata, Kanpur, Patna, Ghazipur cities. [6] The river has supported irrigated agriculture for centuries and served as the lifeblood of the ancient kingdoms and modern cities of South India. Following list shows the names of rivers in India with their lengths, origins and tributaries.

The oldest functional dam[8]Grand Anicut or Kallanai was present at this place. First comes the Srirangapatna, which forms the sangam, and then comes Shivanasamudra. After the river leaves the Kodagu hills and flows onto the Deccan plateau, it forms two islands in Mandya district's Srirangapatna and Shivanasamudra. 7) 8) Luni River is a seasonal river which receives its water from south-east of Aravalli range. Gujarat. He loves to write on topics related to the social and geopolitical world. Posted in Kaun Banega Crorpati, KBC 12, KBC 2020, KBC Questions, KBC Season 12 Tagged Kaun Banega Crorepati, KBC 12, KBC 2020, KBC Question, KBC Season 12. It was profusely described in the Tamil Sangam literature and is held in great reverence in Hinduism. Luni The Moyar River is an east flowing river that originates in the Mudumalai, Bandipur, and Wayanad National Parks draining the Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and is one of the tributaries to the Kaveri River. It originates in the Pushkar valley of the Aravalli Range, near Ajmer, passes through the southeastern portion of the Thar Desert, and ends in the marshy lands of Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, after travelling a distance of 495 km. In 1892, Maharaja Jaswant There are only five rivers in India that flow from east to west Narmada, Mahi, Tapti river, Luni and Sabarmati and drain out into the Arabian Sea. The Known as "Sorrow of Bengal" due to the destruction caused by River. and class 6.

[14], As per an order by the Indian Supreme Court on 16 February 2018,[15] Karnataka will get 284.75 tmc ft, Tamil Nadu will get 404.25 tmc ft, Kerala will get 30 tmc ft and Puducherry will get 7 tmc ft, 10 tmc ft will be reserved for Environmental Protection and 4 tmc ft will be reserved for Inevitable Wastage into the Sea.[16]. Kaun Banega Crorepati Registration Information, Can you Answer the Questions asked from Anupa Das – 3rd Crorepati of the season. Hope this data will help you to connect with our countries’ rivers. All you have to do is to provide your e-mail id and select "Subscribe". It rises near the city of Ajmer in central Rajasthan and flows some 200 miles (320 km) west-southwest into the Rann of Kachchh in Gujarat state. You can get daily updates from Knowledge of India without visiting our website by subscribing to us. Ques - 8 How to show all rivers in India River Map? Not only this but also we will cover the important tributaries of major rivers of India and the area through which they flow. 5)


The primary uses of Kaveri is providing water for irrigation, water for household consumption and the generation of electricity. The Kaveri comes in the list of rivers in India which are the most famous amongst Indians. [5], The Krishna Raja Sagara Dam has a capacity of 49 tmc ft.[12] and the Mettur Dam which creates Stanley Reservoir has a capacity of 93.4 tmc ft. (thousand million cubic ft), In August 2003, inflow into reservoirs in Karnataka was at a 29-year low, with a 58% shortfall. Ques - 9 Which is the largest river in India? These west flowing rivers in India ultimately end up in the Arabian sea. Ques – 3 Which is the smallest river in India? After entering Ajmer district of Rajasthan, Luni River is known as Sagarmati. @Knowledge Of India. Ambele meciuri de astazi din scena profesionista de eSports se vor desfasura in cadrul ligii ESEA MDL Premier, eveniment unde 18 organizatii de CS:GO lupta pentru acelasi premiu: calificarea in playoff-uri. Ans – The Brahmaputra is the longest river in India. It is an inter-state river which flows through the states of Rajasthan and

These lines will also increase your knowledge on Luni River and it will also be Ltd. All rights reserved. Luni is largest river in the Thar desert in north-west India. 2) The Kaveri river rises at Talakaveri in the Brahmagiri range in the Western Ghats, Kodagu district of the state of Karnataka, at an elevation of 1,341 m above mean sea level and flows for about 800 km before its outfall into the Bay of Bengal. It flows towards the east, traversing the Deccan Plateau. Access to the river's waters has pitted Indian states against each other for decades. You must be logged in to perform this action. The river, which is called Sagarmati here, then turns south-west towards Gujarat through the hills and plains in the region. Ques - 7 Which is the most polluted river in India? All rivers in India are considered as holy/religious spots and they play a significant role in Indian traditions in different manners since primordial times.

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