math problem solving questions

Assuming Rusty sells 3 times as many as Josh, how many cars did Josh sell? Find each number. A woman bought some large frames for $13 each and some small frames for $5 each at a closeout sale. Two girls go shopping. On a certain day, 2200 people enter the fair, and \$5050 is collected. A shark was caught whose tail weighted 200 pounds. Jackie has a jar with dimes and quarters in it.'actn','Set Interaction Properties: Disable Interaction','MM_setIntProps(\'G03.setDisabled(true);\')','sp'); The math tested

Jason and Hilger are required to paint over the graffiti on a wall. they combine their money... Theater tickets are $ 8 for general admission and $ 5 for students. Christine, Ali, and Henry served a total of 138 orders on Monday at the school cafeteria. So there are now 12 girls and 16 boys in the class, making 28 students altogether. If there are a total of 2,416 trees planted in the parcel, how many rows of trees are there in the parcel? If you like this Page, please click that +1 button, too.. What is the number? She does not remember the price per pound... An engineer charges $60 per hour and his assistant receives $20 per hour. Use x as the variable. $1,400 If she paid a total of $107.68 for the strings, how many of each type did she buy? What number represents the total net yards. He ordered three types of pizza: cheese, pepperoni, and supreme. On the weekend Sam played 4 more games than Alex did, and together they played 12 games.

Working together, how long will it take them to fill the order? How much is she paying each month? The cost of the book was $20 less than twice what she spent on a backpack. At a recent motorcycle rally, the number of men exceeded the number of women by 216. Directions: Gasoline costs \ \ 2.00 a gallon, and my car gets 30 miles per gallon. A venue can sell 750 tickets per concert. The owner is 3 times older than his dog. What is the profit of six dozen calculators? What month is it? The number of dimes is 18 less than twice the number of quarters. If each guest will eat 1/8 of a pie, how many pies does Emily need to make sure she has enough pie for all her guests? you worked for 22 hours and got $223 dollars on your p... Tanya plans to paint the walls and ceiling of her room. This was $14 less than twice what she spent on a blouse. Maricris spends 1/2 of her monthly income on food and rent, 1/4 of her income on clothing and 1/12 on entertainment. This includes salary and a $1000 year-end bonus. How many of each coin are there? The sum of three consecutive integers is 141.

How many years will it be before the man's age is just twice that of his daughter? Keiko had 6 more red tiles than yellow tiles. 846 tickets were sold for a total of $4126. If fencing costs $11 per yard, what will it cost to place fencing around the playground? A man is 38 years old and his daughter is 14 years old. How many points did Team A score during the game? Matthew Reeves has $26,000 invested in stock A and stock B. There are 54 flowers in his garden.

If a group of 27 people paid $462 for admission, how many adults and children attended the park? You should get the original number. B) 2. If the new sale price was $421.17, what was the original price?

5 B. She replied with the following: I have 6 children, and there are 4 years between each one and the next.

Ten posts are placed 6 meters apart in a staright line. On a weekend, two adult movie tickets and three student tickets cost $56.50.

Subtract 4. Suppose that the width of a rectangle is 5 inches shorter than the length and that the perimeter of the rectangle is 50 .

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