mesopotamia project based learning

You can also get a computer font that allows you to type in cuneiform.) skit depicting Phoenician trade domination. Make a boy/girl scout handbook of ancient Mesopotamia showing how to survive in that environment. Powered by, Here’s some “stuff” including a Mesopotamian math worksheet, 11 Project Ideas - Early Ancient Greece - The Minoans, 5 Themes of Geography Made Easy! Then, pair the students into groups and give them the materials (mod… The Spanish that explored and conquered parts of the New World had three basic ideas that motivated them--Gold, Glory, and God. The newsletter represents the COMPLETE C3 Framework for social studies for this standard. Example: A silent play depicting travel from the headwaters of the Tigris or Euphrates to the delta at the Persian Gulf, perhaps with a side trip to the desert of course. The Music Man, The Sound of Music, etc.). Make a picture book of Mesopotamian life to include everything from its geography to the rule of Babylon, etc…Making a PowerPoint of this might be fun too. This is the currently selected item. Maybe require that the articles each cover a news story dealing with a different aspect of Mesopotamian life – government, music, art, religion, etc… Visual/Spatial Intelligence Project Ideas Geography In this lesson, students will learn about the typical Mesopotamian home. Allow them to get “out there” if they choose and get really creative, metaphorical, and expressive in how they make their diagrams/organizers. Students will study reference materials that show pictures of what a home in Ancient Mesopotamia would look like. Phoenician trade log – students make a log of imports/exports to Phoenicia including where they came from or went. Have students guide their own learning through the creation of the "Iraq Look Back" Newsletter!! Culminating Mesopotamia Projects. A Global Perspective challenge will follow this unit, where students must reflect on their communication skills used during the PBL. Practice: Ancient Mesopotamia. Well, those are a big part of Greece... One can tell just from looking at a satellite image of Mesopotamia that it is mostly desert. These are activity and project ideas for kids and teachers to use in unit studies of ancient civilizations. Build a model/diorama of a Mesopotamian city. If I were a geographical feature of Mesopotamia, I would be…and why, of course. Create a mime or other silent drama presentation dealing with the geography of Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia is considered the cradle, or beginning, of civilization. ... What was Greece’s geography like? They then must hypothesize what the piece of pottery might have been used for in Ancient Mesopotamia. Make a model/diorama of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. They will be required to make notes about all the features they notice, including those mentioned above. Practice: Mesopotamia. They will then research all the related information, such as: How were they constructed? It is designed to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the Mesopotamian civilization from the resource packet. Here large cities lined the rivers and many advances took place. Students edit the Iraq Look Back newsletter by reading a resource packet about Mesopotamia and … Make a booklet, brochure, report, etc…, Make a monster index of animals/monsters encountered in the Epic of Gilgamesh. If I could travel to the region of Mesopotamia, where I would go and why. Definitions - Examples - Infographic, Gold, Glory, and God - Spanish Motivations in the New World, Teaching Ancient Mesopotamia - Project Ideas, Geography of Ancient Greece and its Effects on Culture, Tigris and Euphrates Rivers - The Geography of Ancient Mesopotamia. Playing with cuneiform and/or the Phoenician alphabet is quite logical/mathematical. Maybe they can make inset pictures on the map showing close-ups of the ziggurat, market, houses, etc…. All Rights Reserved. Make a raised relief map model of Mesopotamia. They will then try and deduce as much information as possible from that piece of pottery. Hall of Fame Mesopotamia – biographical descriptions of important Mesopotamians (Sargon, Hammurabi, Moses, Nebuchadnezzar, etc…). Tag: Project Based Learning ... Humanities, Mesopotamia, Project Based Learning, Projects. Make travel brochure for a trip back to a city in ancient Mesopotamia. I enjoy writing articles about the subjects I teach. Classroom Activities and Project Ideas for Archaeology, Early Humans, Ancient Mesopotamia, Sumer, Babylon, Assyria, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome! Students collaborated in small groups online to research various aspects of the ancient civilizations of India, China, Rome, Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Aztecs.

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