molecule man vs dr manhattan

Using both characters at the time, Manhattan would still win. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. With a thought, Dr. Manhattan reaches Molecule Man, who’s stumbling to get up, trying to make sense out of what just hit him. A combatant can only Claim victory when his opponent has been killed or cease to exist. Of course it’s not. @bdelloidgrain2: What meta feats has Pre Retcon MM shown ? I wouldnt even say he had time manipulation during this time in comics. Molecule Man isn't cosmologically above LT. Cosmologically they're on the same level. Molecule Man has fought unspeakably powerful cosmic entities in non-space and Dr. Manhattan is the closest thing Watchmen has to God. They are both entities that can shape matter and energy at their whim and they are, essentially, mankind’s ultimate dream, given form. Dr. Manhattan, reaching the Molecule Man (who at this point finds himself hopelessly lost in a universe with radically different natural laws), grabs him and encases him inside a sphere with accelerated gravity, before tossing him into a type II collapsing neutron star that is about to go supernova. The beyonder realm? Superhero fiction has proven, time and time again, that no matter what the current state of our spiritual involvement (or degrees of religious fervor) might be that we, as a whole, love us some mythology. Not to mention he can hold an omniverse in his hands. In essence, in the comic book pantheon, Kirby is Zeus, the Almighty (if slightly Dickish) lord and master of the universe. Press J to jump to the feed. Press J to jump to the feed. Dr. Manhattan is able to affect any and all kinds of matter with his thought, including his own body, thus changing his size, his density and even (to a lesser extent) transmuting it. If you don't have the stats but are familar at all with the game enough to understand them, I can send them to you. I Looked it up didn't find anything, Molecule Man has got no meta feats whatsoever. Cosmologically MM should be in the same level as Mxyzptlk and Manhattan is higher than him. @mbatz: Before Watchmen is a spin off comic that is basically non canon considering the chronological differences between the source material and those comics. Molecule Man VS Dr. Manhattan Or Didn’t we break the Universe once, already? Spoilers avoided, let’s move on to listing Dr. Manhattan’s…. Bane333 1 y 7 mo 24 d . Molecule Man is casually multiversal. Not much of a debate. You are indeed where you belong. Hmm. Press J to jump to the feed. I'm ultimately going to give it to Molecule Man. Another time his mind was stuck in his wand and his body was destroyed, and he was able to recreate himself through sheer willpower. MM on the other hand has a pretty deep feat pool, and has battled more than street level heroes and villains. Second of all while it is after 2010 it is indeed valid, since the events chronologically occurred before watchmen and Manhattan never had changes to he powers between Before Watchmen and Watchmen, unlike Molecule Man who was retconned from half cosmic cube to creation of the Ivory Kings. Molecule Man. If you want me to elaborate, that ain't happening. Don't give him assumed abilities which is basically the no-limits fallacy (just because he never did it doesn't prove that he can't do it but its hard to prove a negative). I'm assuming Owen Reece is still MM.. One time the entire Universe was detroyed.... ....except for Molecule Man's apartment.... Owen should win if he's Beyonder Absorbed. I mean, really, barring Manhattan himself, wolverine could work his way through the Watchmen universe without much trouble, or at the very least there is at least an argument for wolverine being able to take everyone but manhattan. Whoa, hey. You see, Jack Kirby worked with cosmic with the same ease you people drink water or breathe air. @Doctor_Quantum: I generally agree with you that he doesn't seem as powerful as most give him credit as being but honestly you can't disprove his power for the same reasons you can't prove it. otherwise it's a stalemate. Some of you will ask. (Shit Movies for Shit People), Stuff I'm gonna do when I grow up-Rise and Fall (an Introduction), Stuff I'm gonna do when I grow up-Rise and Fall (Part One), Stuff I'm Gonna Do When I Grow Up-Rise and Fall (Part Two), Stuff I'm Gonna Do When I Grow Up-Rise and Fall (Part Three), Why Haven't You Read This? And Manhattan is above Mxy. We have no way of knowing the limitations of Manhattan's powers. MM didn't actually need the power of the Surfer to reconstruct himself, it just sort of woke him up, then he recreated himself on his own. How awkward. MM can’t really do anything to him. Dr Manhattan is no slouch too, stronger than Mr Mxyzptlk and can manipulate all laws of physics but Molecule Man outclasses him. Dr. Manhattan seeks to move outside, but he is busy tumbling across worlds at that moment. Molecule Man vs Dr Manhattan # Molecule Man Ya by way you mean waaayyy. The fact you'd use this anyway is confusing. Not to mention he can hold an omniverse in his hands. Specifically insanely large concentration, lasting up to 40 seconds, powerful enough to leave an afterglow that stretches across light-years so we can study them, like those originating from a collapsing neutron star. Pre-Retcon Molecule Man was multiversal++. you could argue that he is wayyyy more prepared for the fight and fully aware what molecule man can do. Why are those two fighting? @Enemybird: Manhattan could beat the MM if, say, he caught him totally by surprise. He'll know what will happen, but he has absolutely nothing that can counter that future. @Illuminatus: Wait I'm confused where does one exist if they destroy the universe? Molecule Man immediately responds by reaching into Dr. Manhattan’s molecular structure and ripping it apart with a thought, unraveling the very particles that make up his structure. Why does Marvel love its gods (or near-gods) so much though? I'll Admit Molecule man's ability to destroy the universe could defeat Manhattan. However Dr. Manhattan doesn't really seem to have any limits on his powers including death because he can reform his body. Dr. Manhattan is, in other words, pop culture’s most depressing superhuman. Molecule man would likely wind up winning, unless you took the version of him that was after his retcon but before he absorbed the entirety of the beyonder realm. Marvel’s cosmic setting is so damn filled with so many deities, near-deities, avatars of higher powers and personifications of higher powers with such ridiculous variations in both power and vulnerability (as well as numerous interlocking or ill-defined spheres of influence), that it boggles the mind. Alan Moore worked closely with the writers of the game book because he wanted to list what Dr. Manhattan could really do but that thre was no place for in th story. Dr Manhathan vs Molecule Man. Just to clarify, when he died of old age, he was stuck in a pocket dimension by the Watcher. Cookies help us deliver our Services. When did MM reconstruct himself from subatomic particles? WHO OR WHAT THE HELL IS DR. MANHATTAN ANYWAY? To these people I will say: -Possessing a thought process isn’t proof of possessing free will. How?? Molecule Man isn't cosmologically above LT. Cosmologically they're on the same level. While testing an experimental particle accelerator, This, only with more Kirby Field and less applied science. The Watcher further put on other mental blocks so he believed he could not use his powers at all in that dimension. EmptyHand 1 y 7 mo 24 d . At that time, he had a mental block so he believed he could not control organic molecules, like his own body. Dr. Manhattan calmly reconstructs himself and attempts a different venue of attack. He can create multiple versions of himself as well as manipulate molecule mans wand. He is already capable of doing what molecule man can do plus the fact that he is immortal and even when killed he can resurrect himself a infinite amount of times. Current Molecule Man wins because he is able to kill the Beyonders plus Lifebringer Galactus was afraid of him. I just realised MM stomps hard if pre-retcon. We are not comparing feats... MM can be defeated He died of old age for god sake! Another time his mind was stuck in his wand and his body was destroyed, and he was able to recreate himself through sheer willpower.

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