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You can wirelessly trigger scenes and also send alerts to your registered mobile when a motion detection turns the light on. 4.1 out of 5 stars 166. In order to configure the Enerlites MWOS, you need to remove the small plastic cover and expose several types of buttons: on the bottom of the section, there’s a small switch which allows you to select between the Off mode (the Push button won’t function), the OCCupancy mode (when selected, the Push button will toggle between Automatic On/Off) and the VACancy mode (the Push button will toggle between Manual On / Automatic Off after time delay). Achieve lightning speed installation with the new SensorSwitch JOT enabled wireless technology. Note: Installing the GE Z-Wave light switch requires the same steps as connecting a regular light switch, but you do need to have a neutral wire (white) for the LED and the sensor to work – also, you need to use the ground wire to ensure the safety of your device. ft. All models also have screw terminals that make it extremely easy to install and it does not require a neutral wire. This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. It should have an ambient light setting so that if the sensor detects enough ambient light in the room, it will not feel the need to turn on the light. In order to properly detect the presence of a human being inside a room, the occupancy (motion) sensor can take advantage of several types of technologies: it can be a pyroelectric sensor which measures the infrared radiation (PIR – Passive InfraRed) and, since everything emits a certain level of IR radiation, it is quite easy to detect major fluctuations emitted when a person passes by (the disadvantage is that the sensor will detect only significant movements and only in direct line of sight); the second major type of occupancy sensors can use the ultrasonic technology in order to detect smaller changes into the environment (so the light doesn’t turn off when you’re reading a book or typing on the computer keyboard) – to accomplish it, the sensor sends a small pulse into the room, which returns and allows the device to detect any changes (the disadvantage is that it can be prone to false detection and it draws more power). $30.70. The lower the sensitivity, the higher the percentage of pixel change required for an event to power on your lights. The device can be configured to work as a night light when it gets dark so you never have to sleep in the pitch black. The motion sensor switch automatically turns on the lights when you enter the room and turns them off when you exit. The XCT sensing technology is able to sense even minimal movement, like if you are reading or typing at your desk, which means the light will not be turned off. From the top, there are the vandal-proof segmented Fresnel lens (the lens are thicker and resistant to damage) and some integral blinders on both sides which allow the adjustment of the horizontal field-of-view between 60° and 180°, so you can easily select a specific area to trigger the sensor (the device has a coverage of 2,400 square feet). But not everyone needs their motion sensor switch to be smart, so make sure to check out all the models in this guide before pulling the trigger. Eaton Occupancy and vacancy sensors Single-Pole/3-Way White, Ivory, Light Almond 5-Amp Vacancy Motion Sensor Removing the cover, exposes a couple of small levers that can be used to adjust the aforementioned blinders and, underneath them, there are three dials: the first is the Time dial, that adjusts the delayed-OFF time and, by default, is set to 10 minutes (the light will turn off after 10 minutes if it doesn’t detect any movement), but you can also set it to 30 seconds, 10 or 20 minutes, as well as to Automatic (it will track your behaviour to learn if you return often (or less often) to the monitored space and to automatically adjust the proper delayed-off time). The switch has three sensitivity modes — low, medium and high — so you can decide how quickly you want the switch to respond.
Try turning the light switch off for a full minute and then switch it back on. The complexity of this device may seem great for offering more control, but most people crave simplicity, so it’s no wonder that the smart devices have become so popular since they offer both: simplicity in configuration and as many useful features as possible. The motion sensor switch employs a PIR sensor which minimizes false triggers.

The learning curve may be slightly steep, but other than that, it is a great buy. Last updated on 2020-06-06 at 06:48. It has a variable time delay from 15 seconds to 30 minutes and provides an adjustable range. The ambient lighting sensor does not work as well as other brands.

You can also integrate the device with Alexa, as long as the hub you are using also supports Alexa (only ZigBee products can be connected directly to Echo Plus).
Note: Installing the ecobee Switch+ is not really difficult and it requires pretty much the same steps as installing a regular light switch, but be aware that, in order to function, it does need a neutral wire (white) and, for increased safety, you need to use the ground wire (green). The whole system can be set up within 45 minutes, thanks to the detailed, step by step guide on the app.

At the top of the controls area is where things get a bit too complicated, because here, you can set the sensitivity, the time delay, the trigger mode and the walkthrough mode by pressing various combinations of buttons labelled from 1 to 7: you can set the sensitivity levels using the first button (50 or 100%), select the trigger mode using combinations between the 2 and 3 buttons, select the time delay using the fourth, fifth and sixth buttons (the 5 seconds test, 30 seconds and from 5 to 30 minutes) and, lastly, disable or enable the Walkthrough mode using the seventh button. A bit on the right, there are two circular dials, one for setting the sensitivity of the ultrasonic sensor (from 30 to 100% – if properly positioned, the maximum coverage should be 400 square feet) and the other dial is for setting the level of ambient light (the first level is for low light, while the last level sets the light switch to operate when there’s more light in the room – it can work during daylight as well). This is especially helpful when you are typing or reading. It is not frustrating as the light does not go off, even if there is minimal movement in the room. International shipment of items may be subject to customs processing and additional charges. Automatically turns the lights on when you enter the room and off when you leave, Features XCT sensing technology which detects fine motion, such as typing at a desk or reading, ensuring lights do not turn off inadvertently. Other customers complained that the Alexa experience could be smoother. Motion detection: Passive infrared (PIR) sensor reduces false triggers from unwanted movements and turns lights on when motion is detected. You get plenty of options to pick from in terms of Z-Wave certified hubs. Get off the job faster with the SensorSwitch Mobile App! Apart from its motion sensor capabilities, you can also wirelessly trigger a variety of scenes. The Smart Life app allows you to use your mobile device as a remote control. This level depends on the settings on the sensor controls. It has a segmented lens that ensures the switch has optimum sensitivity so it can detect even your slightest movement and does not go off if you are just sitting still in a room. © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. After the initial installation is done, you can visit the device on your app in order to turn on or off the lights, select the location of your light (indoor or outdoor – the sensor will act differently) or just allow Alexa to make your life easier by using voice commands (which are not limited to the light switch functions, it will work similarly to the Amazon Echo Dot).

The GE Z-Wave motion sensor light switch did not want to challenge the traditional look of the light switches, preferring to remain as discreet as possible, featuring two buttons which are separated by the PIR motion sensor lens (it’s easy to mistake them for three buttons). The motion sensor light switch also uses the Walk-through feature to ensure that if a person enters and then leaves the room before 2.5 minutes have passed, then the light will immediately turn off, ensuring some degree of energy efficiency.

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