my job is killing my soul meme

We’re fairly sure it's scientifically impossible for anything Homer related to not provoke laughter. Furthermore, the next guy having it worse doesn’t help you hate your job any less. So what is just the right amount of time? Many in retail barely bother to hide their disdain for their jobs. As we put in the hours and juggle the multiple projects we continue to take on more and more responsibility. Perhaps they simply love stewing in a hate-filled pot with as many people as possible. No matter how harsh and lava soaked the ground happens to be, they are there standing firm. Please see our Privacy Policy | Terms of Service. Then you’ll head out to work, adamant about remaining positive no matter what. Maybe before work you’ll drink three coffees and a Red Bull. A mock tweet between Hillary and Bill Cilnton about a potential Bill / Hillary 2016 ticket. That Face You Make When. There’s really no way to ever fully decompress and prepare for what awaits when you return to work. However, we seriously doubt it's any comfort to those who actually do have it worse to be used as living examples of how bad things can be in life. A couple of those things don’t require money. There’s a harsh truth that comes along with plugging away every single day at a job that you hate; eventually many see their dissatisfaction as an excuse to coast. Inspiring Pictures Quotes –, 18 But Why Memes To Use During Maximum Puzzlement, 20 Funny Castaway Memes That Are Relatable in 2020, 18 Highly Entertaining Hey Internet Memes, Inspirational Life Quotes: To Live Is To Persist, 49 Most Famous Quotes About Life, Love, Happiness, and Friendship. Walk-in 5 minutes late & everybody loses their mind.”, “When you’re about to leave work and the boss says ‘before you go…'”, “When you’re getting along with your coworker then take it too far and hit the ‘we should hang out outside of work’.”, “Boss: Do you play in your workplace? Another indicator that you hate your job and need to quit is that you find yourself counting the days until the weekend. 16. Who would have ever thought two long-haired hippies would grow up to be President and Secretary of State? 15. 5. Repeat it in your head as you sort through a landslide of emails while holding back a tear and wish you were back on the beach...naked and drunk. You once had a dream that one day your four little children would not be judged by the color of their T-shirts, but by the content of … Maybe generations before us had different ideals, but this generation is the one to stand up and do things our way. So, follow your heart, give your two week’s notice, and keep on searching, because your purpose is out there. Get creative; it’s never been easier to be your own boss, get into investing, and really create your own future. We have to spend so much time in our lives working, so why not choose something you really enjoy? You doodle all day while keeping an eye on the clock just like when you were a teenage idiot stuck in detention. I just talk a lot of shit! 12. Most people don’t like their jobs, though; in fact, a Gallup poll found that only 31.5% of people in America are actively engaged at work, and the rest are classified as actively disengaged or not engaged. Your significant other leaves you, but not without gifting you with a copy of Lars and the Real Girl. A mock text between Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. Our hearts came here to shine in their truest form, and when you work doing something unfulfilling, you’re dimming your shine. What follows are 15 Memes that accurately describe every person who hates their job. And when the next month rolls around, I do it all over again. Nobody wants to catch an illness due to a co-worker ‘toughing it out’ and stumbling around the office with a 110-degree fever like a martyr. Is the best way of coping really to fantasize about someone else being even more awful and bad off? While one person may be able to survive at a job they hate until the day they retire, the next person might not be able to handle the same position for any longer than a month. What we’re getting at here is, if you want to live a simpler life, then you’ll have to accept downsizing and only buying what you truly need. Well, in today’s world, you can earn money in thousands of different ways. © 2009-2015 Power of Positivity. My Face When The Laziest Coworker Complains. On the other side of things, germaphobes who flip out when a person shows even the slightest indication of being ill need to get a grip. Hating your job is a fine tradition that's passed down from generation to generation. The hell of these jobs is that they’re not advertised as “complaint department.” If your job was to handle people’s complaints and help them, that could be fairly satisfying. If you are at a pants-crapping level of sickness then just take the day off and visit a doctor. As we know, “To survive a war, you gotta become war.” – John Rambo. Unless of course they were hired thanks to nepotism, then they’ll simply fail upward until they are running the entire show. Startup 11 Signs You Definitely Should Quit Your Job Soon If you've dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur--or in the meantime having a better job--here's why you should make that move. The movie is sweet, but its message is lost on you entirely and, like a moth to the flame, you begin looking up info on sex dolls. 1. You are not just your title, your income, your home, car, reputation, image, and all of those other ways we classify people. No. I can’t break out of the numb feeling with which full-time employment fills me. By the time you get home, you don’t have energy for anything more than heating up a Lean Cuisine and gazing blankly at your TV screen, overwhelmed by the plethora of Netflix options. Take back your soul, and follow your bliss. Depending where you sit on the company ladder, you may or may not have a guaranteed pile of awful upon your arrival. 10 Celebs Who Kept Quiet About Their Baby's Father, The Bachelor: 10 Biggest Changes From Season 1 To Now, 10 Beloved TV Shows Everyone Used To Hate, 10 Photos Of Celebs With Their Lookalike Sisters, 10 Celebrities Who Have Incredible Weight Loss Stories, 10 Awesome Stories Behind These Celebrities First Names, Hailey Bieber Trivia Most Of Her Fans Don't Know, Bella Hadid: 10 Of Her Super Rare G-Rated Instagram Posts, High School Musical: 5 Times Troy And Gabriella Were Toxic (& 5 Times They Were The Cutest), 10 Famous Women Who Are Dating Shorter Men, 10 Celebrities Who Used To Work At McDonald's. Time to be happy even if it kills someone! The ironic part about the person represented in this meme is that they very clearly hate work. The tricky thing is if you disappear in the bathroom repeatedly then people may assume you have the runs or you’re simply ducking out of work. Can you sell your car, house, or other expensive possessions in favor of traveling or riding a bike instead? I was busy talking about my feelings and killing people.” ― Jennifer Estep, Spider's Bite. Dreading your job means you definitely need to reevaluate what you want in life, and why you keep going back to the job you hate. No one knows hate like the Dark Side wielding, Sith Bad-Ass, Emperor Palpatine. Can you room with others so that your bills become cheaper? You can always get rid of bills and minimize your life. If you’ve ever held a job, I’m sure some of these funny work memes made you smile. Despite the fact that a clerk may have just spent the last eight to ten hours dealing with a nonstop flow of customers; there’s always one last minute person rushing in for service.

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