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Meanwhile, Neal is simultaneously looking for forgiveness from both Emma and Henry. This causes some uneasiness in Neal, but he excuses it as something Emma must've forgotten to bring up.

When reminded by Pan that no one walks off the island without his leave, Neal boasts he already did once. She also harbors doubts since Tamara has a list of everyone in town and their fairytale names, though Neal replies he gave that list to her so his fiancée can come to grips with Storybrooke and his identity. Instead, they are stopped by a barrier, enacted to keep out anyone with a shadow, blocking their path up the stairs. She agrees.

After heading into Dark Hollow, Neal briefs on drawing the Shadow in by lighting the candle and trapping it by putting the lid on. As Mr. Gold is the only one without a shadow, he is able to enter through. He is portrayed by starring cast member Michael Raymond-James, and is the Land Without Magic alias of Baelfire.

Milah thinks his excuses about the seer and prophecy are absurd. Hook is apologetic for the mess they got caught in because of Emma, and allows Neal to go. Neal sees his father truly cares about the well-being of Henry, and feels badly for not believing in him. Unable to come up with a plan, they bring Henry's body back with them to the Lost Boy camp where Regina casts a preservation spell on him to last one hour until they track down Pan. He reciprocates his love for her and then disappears into the portal. Mulan | Afterwards, August tells Neal about Emma's magical history and convinces him to turn her in to the police so she can fulfill her destiny. They try to catch up with him, and get to the mines with help from Ruby and realize Henry took dynamite to blow up the wishing well to get rid of magic.

While Emma, Mary Margaret and Regina go to find Pan, Neal and the rest of their party plan to regroup aboard the Jolly Roger. Tinker Bell | Megara | As Henry struggles for a reason for his appearance, Neal notices that he is kicking the door.

Believing Emma's behavior is influenced by Tamara's presence, he expresses sympathy for her difficulty, but she denies being jealous. Sending Henry to grab three hot cocoas from the diner, Neal tells Emma about Hook's disappearance, and then reveals Tamara will be arriving shortly. Belle | He tries for an answer concerning his father and Pan's history together, but Mr. Gold remains silent.

Ingrid | Later, Friar Tuck, Little John, and Robin Hood of the Merry Men join their party. Even though he and Emma can possibly reunite then, Neal doesn't think she would want to see him. They plan to switch Henry back to his own body so he will be in possession of the scroll and bring it to Regina. Regina ejects David by throwing him out of the shop. The surname "Cassidy" is of Irish Gaelic origin derived from the surname "Ó Caiside" that means "descendent of Caiside". After Emma is arrested, he runs away to Canada where he sells the watches. Not wanting a confrontation out in the open, Neal succeeds in getting Emma to a nearby bar where he reveals that he is, in fact, Baelfire and they discuss their past.

("The New Neverland"), Mr. Gold shares with everyone of the only viable way to stop Pan's curse is for Regina, as the original caster of the Dark Curse, to undo it by destroying the scroll, though there will be a steep price for this. Neal, Hook and Tinker Bell go to fetch the lighter and coconut halves from the ship in case they need to catch the Shadow again. Neal urges her to let him go, but Emma fears he'll die from the gun shot wound no matter what world he lands in.

He realizes the boy is his son. Mr. Gold summons the dagger and stabs Pan as well as himself with it, killing both of them, while Neal watches in shock. Neal goes out on a limb and allows Emma to open the floorboard, but nothing incriminating is found in it. Belle, Emma, David, Mary Margaret and Mr. Gold bring back Pan, who is actually Henry, since the two switched bodies. Has many vintage items in his apartment such as an array of old radios, old microphones, classic cameras, records and record player, old pencil sharpener and old telephone.

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