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The TIKI300 is awesome just like the TIPSE. The UV light is essential for stain, fake ID and counterfeit bill detection for security personnel, while the high CRI white light is ideal for reading and camping. We saved your shopping cart for you: This is a nice EDC light. We promise never to spam you and only send you emails filled with tons of value. check out the. I love Nitecore lights and this one is no different. Made from durable PC materials with a stainless steel alloy head, the TIKI boasts an IP66 rating, ensuring that this little guy can be used in any weather condition. [Review] - Nitecore Tiki LE 300lm OSRAM + P8, Blue & Red auxiliary LED, USB by Lock, Flashlight Electronics - Batteries Included, Smoke and Fire, Hot Cells and Close Calls - The dangerous side of batteries, Flashlights & Parts, Accessories & Electronics, WTS: Flashlight Electronics - Batteries/Chargers Included, WTS: Headlamps, Spotlights & HID Flashlights, Other Personal Type Lights/Beyond Flashlights, WTS: Lasers, Night Vision, Electroluminescent, GID, Fixed, WTS: Transportation Lighting - Automotive, Motorcycles, Bicycles, WTS: Cameras, Accessories, Video Equipment, WTS: Custom Titanium & Exotic Metals Flashlights, Homemade and Modified Flashlights Discussion, CPF Custom Flashlight Builders and Modders, Personal Gadgetry & Non-flashlight Electronics, If this is your first visit, be sure to Use the red and blue lights to send signals. Triple press to access the auxiliary and special modes: high CRI, UV llight, high CRI flash. one of the best things you could clip to a bag or keychain, and it will come to your rescue when you least expect it! Nitecore Tiki User Manual Very bright light, to avoid eye injuries, DO NOT stare directly into the light and DO NOT shine the light directly into the eyes of others. Copyright © 2019 Nitecore Singapore Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. Offer valid while supplies last | Can not be combined with any other promotions | Ends Monday, November 30th at Midnight EST. You will receive a purchase receipt through email after payment.

Since 2007, NITECORE has long been on top of the hierarchy in the LED lighting and battery charger markets backed by the tremendous innovation competences it masters.Nitecore’s products are some of the most sought after in America, Europe, Middle East and Oceania totaling over 100 countries. The Nitecore TIKI LE is a small and light keychain flashlight equipped with an OSRAM P8 main LED capable of delivering 300 lumens to the turbo. Exclusions apply.

Street lamps are not bright enough to see what he does over in the bushes. Sale Ends Monday 11/30 @ Midnight EST. Mad love with this light.

Very small and handy. The smallest and brightest keychain light ever made. Deliveries in Singapore will take up to 4-6 working days by courier. The TIKI has a transparent body constructed of durable PC materials packed into a small design that is compact but still allows for a … The NITECORE TUP has a max output of 1000lm and direct access to Turbo & Ultralow modes, making it an ideal EDC flashlight. Convenience of usb charging and ease of use. Awesome product! The torch is rechargeable via a micro USB port at the base of the light and features a blue charging indicator which glows whilst charging and …

Highly recommended. The phosphorescent shell allows the TIKI GITD to glow after just one second of exposure to the sun or another source of UV light. The Nitecore TIKI LE keyring light offers a maximum output of 300 lumens from the primary OSRAM P8 LED and is powered by a built-in li-ion battery. The Nitecore TIKI is the latest addition to Nitecore's line of keychain lights. Love the size its so easy to carry with me wherever i go! The Nitecore TIKI keyring light offers an impressive maximum output from the primary OSRAM P8 LED and is powered by a built-in li-ion battery. If our lights don't work the way they should, let us know and we'll do our best to get you sorted.

It fits nicely in your pocket.

Nitecore Tiki User Manual Very bright light, to avoid eye injuries, DO NOT stare directly into the light and DO NOT shine the light directly into the eyes of others. TRUE COLORS & REDUCED GLARE - The total reflective optic lens give you a uniform, soft 300 lumen beam for excellent close up use. The manual is only available online.


And it's rechargeable too, no need to worry about batteries replacement. Love the Auxillary Light function in the base. Nitecore makes nice lights and put alot of thought into this one.

I can happily recommend the TIKI and TIKI LE from Nitecore.

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