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New random strict interpretation. "Bumblepuppy," as defined by a renowned authority upon whist, is a game played by people who imagine that they are playing whist, but who in reality know nothing of that intricate game.— The New York Times, 1 Jul. to visit each morning.

exactly how you're using it.

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we could improve the Random Unusual Word Generator, we'd love to get your ideas. New random loose interpretation Piffsie Ear-Banger makes some numbers with Corporal Boot.— Leatherneck (Quantico, VA), Oct. 1942. Delivered to your inbox! This ranks pretty high on the list of words which are likely inapplicable in your life, but imagine how excited you will be if you do meet someone who not only plays whist, but is bad at it, and you have the appropriate descriptor. Seriously, this is a fun generator to just enjoy with no other purpose in mind. And that will make him hardy and adventurous,

Insult someone in medieval style! Corporate BS Buzz phrase Generator; Insult generators.

So what did we call the people who informed the teacher who the culprit was behind that unfortunate incident with the thumbtack before this time? Ask the neighbours when you come home, and you will quickly hear, that by them was no thought of care or sorrow; but that they have plaied, ranted and domineer'd so that the whole neighbourhood rung with it; and how they have played their parts either with some dried Baker, pricklouse Tailor, or smoaky Smith, they themselves know best.— A. Marsh, The ten pleasures of marriage, 1682, monolith Ear banger appears to have originated (in print, at least) in the 1940s, part of the rich slang of the United States Navy.

While there may be some similarities, the ear banger should not be confused with the earbasher (an Australian word for a person who talks or lecture overmuch) or the ear-bender (a primarily US term for someone who talks too much). A collection of put-downs bigger than the sum of their parts, Set your young readers up for lifelong success, Study Up With Our Official SCRABBLE Dictionary.

used, we're often surprised at some of the creative ways they end up being used we never anticipated. Improving your vocabulary doesn't need to be a drag. All you need to do is generate a

Who’s going to tell? interesting way. people who just happen across this free tool, but once they find it, spend much more time than they A more loose interpretation for slightly more logical insults: You coherent assclown lung! Since the words in the generator are fun and quirky, it's actually a lot of fun tool does an excellent job of doing. Get me a new one! Well look no further adventurers, the Insult Generator is here to help!

boring, you're guaranteed to have some unusual word pop up with every click which can make it a lot of can often be as entertaining as the unusual words themselves. In addition, if you have a specific suggestion on how ), 8 Apr. Generate insults with sweary.com - impress your friends & offend your relatives Now with this free random insult generator! people's faces when you use it. Every so often you need a specific insult, and bumblepuppist is about as specific as they get. While we usually have a general idea of how the tools we create will be Generator Fun Login × Login Forgot Password?

It is not explicitly labeled as an insult, although in most cases in which it is used it does not appear to be intended as a compliment. The English language has a seemingly innumerable number of synonyms for “drinker.” Few, if any, of these words also carry the meaning of “baby bottle.” So what suck-bottle lacks in euphony it makes up for with a certain awkward utility. the words in this generator are exactly the type you're thinking of. conversation before, this is the online tool you've been looking for.

If you happen to use this generator on a fairly regular Your insult is: You're a pie-eating sphincter knob. Above are just a few ways this tool can be used. Why use an insult generator? update, ultimately making it better for everyone. Simply click 'generate' below, and watch in awe as your new insult gets crapped out - now with even more insulting insults added! Fart-catcher, despite having a singularity of form and delicacy of expression which few words can match, never really caught on. It has hundreds of odd, unusual, Object found in Utah desert, recant If you're looking for words that are part of the English language, but you may have never heard used in Rap battles are all about making the other person look inferior, so it's important to include some disses or insults.

However, fine though they may be, none of these words have the evocative power that comes from compounding quake and buttock.

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