once upon a time season 6, episode 10 recap

Aladdin passes on a pendant to Henry for Emma before transporting the two of them back to Agrabah. The Evil Queen’s strut through town is cut short by the hooded figure. • Aladdin’s reaction to the Evil Queen’s flirtation justifies his appearance on the show. She attempts to leave again, but Rumple says even with all that information, she still can’t get back to…Storybrooke. Well, at least we’ll have Sean Maguire around when Once Upon a Time returns this spring! When the cobra cage is brought to Hook and Charming with the Evil Queen inside, they figure the Evil Queen has gotten what she deserved in the form of the hooded figure — who appears before Belle and Rumple only to say, “Hello, mother. The time passes for Emma and Regina to leave, as Regina is entranced by Robin’s arrival. So many wishes come true that it’s hard to keep track of the rules of the magic lamp. He wishes for the Evil Queen to get everything she deserves, but it appears nothing happens. She doesn’t believe Regina when she says where they’re from they are friends and share custody of a son, but when Regina calls her the savior she has Emma’s full attention. Once he figures out Regina’s talking about the savior, Rumple says he’ll give her his assistance if she lets him out of jail. Rumple goes and finds Belle, who’s definitely not over what Rumple has done to her. The Once Upon a Time season six midseason finale brought back a fan favorite, had a little Hook and David bonding (between arguments), and included a knighting ceremony. She understands the logic, but still says no.

Emma insists this is her calling, though, so she makes her way into the street. She tells Emma to look for that hero and then leaves. @curtclark. She realizes she and the Evil Queen are the same person — and for once, that’s not so bad, because it makes them both masters of the lamp. She takes a swipe at the Evil Queen with the sword and hits her face. Matt Webb Mitovich / Once Upon a Time season 6 appears to master time in the winter finale. out of a not-real prison Emma begs for mercy, which isn’t the answer the Evil Queen wanted. Frustrated, Regina throws the key down and says she just wants Emma to remember her life in Storybrooke. Her first wish: make it so that Emma Swan was never the savior. As he’s about to wake up Snow and take her place, Princess Jasmine and Aladdin arrive with the lamp.

But magic beans are not needed for another realm hop. Belle reminds him she won’t say where her son went and he tells her their son is missing because he couldn’t locate him using a spell.

The Evil Queen disappears, leaving the sword and lamp in safe hands for now. Grey's Anatomy Eyes Shortened Season Due to COVID — But How Short? Two long lost lovers return, but not for good. Henry enters the room, angry the Evil Queen murdered his grandparents and telling her she’ll pay. December 6, 2016.
The podcast will return, like Robin Hood, in spring 2017. Leroy brings the cage with the Evil Queen, who’s now a very pissed off snake, to the Charming house. Princess Emma tells him his father would be very proud of him, and we get a handsome flash of bae. Time runs differently in that dark place and anything’s possible. into a not-real world, hmm? The Evil Queen strolls down main street in Storybrooke and a figure cloaked in black walks out of Granny’s diner. Picking flowers and spending her birthday in the comfort and security of her family leaves Emma wanting for nothing. She declines, but Rumple says it’s not a big deal if this world isn’t real. She takes a second jab at Snow and Charming, causing Emma to lose her cool.

Once Upon a Time really hones in on the dream world concept in season 6 and this alternate reality is no different. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. The Evil Queen also has the lamp and uses it to summon Aladdin. Regina says she won’t hurt Henry and as Henry throws his sword, Emma uses her magic to freeze the action. Regina’s jump into the alternate universe seems like a great idea, but again… She and the Evil Queen are the same person, so when she runs into dwarves, looking modernly fresh, the only thing they see is the Evil Queen.
Suddenly, David comes up with an idea but won’t tell them what he’s thinking. Belle flips out, in the way you would when your mother-in-law thieves your son…but on a magical scale. Yet just as they summon the portal, arrows fwip! Unfortunately, Evil Queen has Aladdin on lock after getting ahold of that lamp. The Evil Queen insists this arrangement isn’t the worst — in her own way, Regina is getting what she wants. I'm looking for Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and Curt Clark (@CurtClark) give their thoughts on the Once Upon a Time winter finale, as well as their wishes for the back half of the season. fighting her... all of us. Rumors of a #ClarkCurse are treasonous and ill-advised. Smitten by the unexpected “resurrection” of her soul mate, Regina ignores the swirling portal as well as Emma’s urging to hurry along, until their trip home vanishes, leaving them stuck in the fake TEF. Flower Emma, being pointless, begs for mercy, but Regina takes Snow and Charming away, and it seems to do the trick. Aware of Emma’s Savior complex and the land of Storybrooke, he convinces Regina to free him in exchange for a magic bean. It’s also, obviously, great for breeding vengeful children. * After Charming pretty much pissed away the lamp’s third wish, he declined the offer to use it to try to end the sleeping spell cast upon him and Snow. His first stop is to the mayor’s office where he takes over as master of the lamp. Alas, when a vamped-up Regina crashes Henry’s knighting ceremony (very much a la the series pilot’s royal wedding), Emma doesn’t swing into action but cower. But Rumple reveals he tracked their son, and he’s gone. 10 funny mockumentaries to remind us about the absurdity of life, Family-friendly Halloween films for boos big and small. Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. As it gets underway, the Evil Queen strides in and vows to destroy Snow White and Prince Charming’s happiness unless there is a hero who can stop her. When a scuffle ensued, Emma discovered that said sword can do damage to the Evil Queen — and at no cost to Regina! Well, not Regina, but the Evil Queen. But Regina can’t be bothered — she says this world isn’t real. Take Our Poll, Warner Bros To Rep 'The Wheel'; Amazon Orders Italian 'LOL'…, Where Basketball is Football: Schools Like Dayton and VCU Face…, 'Heaven's Gate: The Cult of Cults' Trailer: HBO Max Documentary…, 'Made in Chelsea' Producer Monkey Developing Lifetime, Disney…, Black Friday Prices Have Already Arrived for AirPods — Here's…, Copyright © 2020 TVLine Media, LLC. Charming isn’t taking the situation well, but Hook brings him together long enough for him to develop a plan: He sends Hook to the sheriff’s station. With that, Regina transforms into high-pony Evil Queen (the only one that matters) to try and jog Emma’s psyche. In Storybrooke, Hook believes Regina will get Emma back but David’s upset about the possibility the Evil Queen will make another wish that’s even worse. Let us know your predictions here! He refuses to wake Snow until this is over and is about to charge out to get the lamp when Hook stops him. And when she woke up, of course, she found that sword under her bed. He still knows more than he lets on, probably for convenience sake. And he doesn’t like what he sees. It knocks her down and then transforms her into a snake in a cage before walking off. Plus, she’s got an idea how to get back at the Evil Queen. reserved.PMC Entertainment.

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