one above all vs the presence

If the Presence was omnipotent he should blink GEB out of existence, same goes to GEB, but the fact they stalemated means they can't do anything and everything, they are nigh omnipotent, they can do almost everything and anything except defeat each other thus they are nigh omnipotent. Also, as Stan Lee, TOAA could just remove Thanos from Marvel or get rid of his possession of HotU or something equally unfortunate which would end up in Thanos being infinitely inferior to TOAA. The Presence meanwhile has explicitly stated himself that he there are powers beyond his control, ergo he is not omnipotent and automatically loses. Yeah DC is officially a Multiverse after Anti-Monitor destroyed nearly an infinity of alternate Universes but there was a nearly infinite amount of universes like there is in Marvel originally and having less Universes neither effects Universe size or the scale of an omnipotent beings omnipotence. Artists often draw upon the images of real life people to create characters so that means nothing.

No paradox involved. Yahweh wins, he created the creators of the presence and the one above all xD , i can see this thread being locked soon. It is the same concept.

What? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This thread is archived. I think it is a crapshoot. Omnipotence vs Omnipotence doesn't really work well with feats. But I think you got that.

The originals or the pretenders? You could make the same argument against any omniscient being that takes any action at all, why bother? But it wasn't. Presence (if he is the same as the Source) is as powerful as the Bleed. Big bad I have unlimited power God. Except Presence isn't an equivalent of TOAA in the first place.

/u/CynicalWeeaboo with your way of judging omnipotent beings' power levels respective to one another, I'm curious who YOU think is more powerful between these two, and why? Presence is challenged by Lucifer who is as strong as Michael. Like a space marine is Starcraft is SEVERLY outclassed by a space marine in W40K. and he is stated to be shaped by external forces, all these points clearly prove that he is not omnipotent. Who will win in a fight between Team The One-Above-All and Team The Presence? Anti-Monitor is a being within the multiverse, the Presence has complete power over the multiverse, the AM is weaker than the Presence, that's not even a debate.

The Presence. Presence is not even in charge of his Multiverse. Also, The Presence is a multiversal god, while OAA is omniversal. Extra round Access tries to kill the Marvel universe. TOAA easily. Even though this is not real, and there is no comparison with the true god which is our god, but Im just giving an example.

I always thought they are same.. just different names :) Imagine that now.. No, i think he was the evil aspect of the presence from the beginning, anyway IMO the writers screwed up. ph.

Usually the one that holds all the power is in charger and does not serve anyone.

He slowly absorbed the Living Tribunal, Eternity and Infinity, and it's clearly stated they were able to "resist, and prolong" their absorption. The answer is because He can. He is not a real person. To end this the winner would only win based on luck. As such, that character in the comic is like every other character in the comic in that they are limited to powers provided to them by real-life authors. TOAA stomps this imo should be closed for being one sided. Why do these types of match-ups happen?

De. The Presence wins! The Presence wins!

It would be an unrelenting force Vs an Unmovable object. I don't remember seeing anything that suggests he was limited by Lucifer. Yes Presence in his universe is probably omnipotent, but there are many characters that are omnipotent in their realm like mephisto is omnipotent in his realm, of course presence has it on a larger scale (DC multiverse) but still it doesn't count as being truly omnipotent. An omnipotent being can choose to do whatever it wants. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Like a space marine is Starcraft is SEVERLY outclassed by a space marine in W40K. You see, you can't.

This makes this a stalemate. though thats just how i would think it works and am prolly compleatly wrong lol, if TOAA is all powerful,he can't happen to"stalemate", if DC god is all powerful,he also can"t stalemate, because In logic only an all-powerful, no deadlock, he always wins, because he is almighty, @TheSwordsman: anyway,i can;t belive a omnipotent being could be happen"stalemate". It totally proves that they are both all-powerful within their respective omniverses, and equally so. He is a true omnipotent, The Presence is really questionable, he has a direct opposite: Great Evil Beast. 07-18-2020, 09:18 AM #3. The Spectre always has as much power as he needs to get the job done as long as he is doing what the Presence wan'ts him to do. We really need a ban on TOAA battles. The-One-Above-All is the infinite ruler of an infinite omniverse. Only by showing that it did something against it's will, and that it was resisting the order, would you show that it isn't omnipotent. TOAA is the real live creator of Marvel within the confines of Marvel as a comic. In the Bible why did God create Eden with sacred fruit and tell Adam and Eve not to eat it? This is a stomp... TOAA wins easily and with little effort. Also, Spectre is supposed to be the avatar of the Presence an gets owned often. Go back and read my edits, I made some changes before you're last response for clarification. TOAA is omnipotent and arguably omniscient. One Above All wins! The Bleed is a place, not a thing to compare power with. EDITED IN, BONUS ROUND: Who's closer to being an interesting character in your opinion?

Even the Presence was split into three beings by three of his creations (three of the old gods), so... And that was my whole point, that Presence is not omnipotent he does not have control over everything, and besides he asked lucifer if he can merge with him and share his memories which lucifer refused, why doesn't he just take them by force? If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. The One above all and the Presence take on the brothers(Dc vs Marvel). The Presence is as in charge of the DCU as TOAA is in the MU.

They have been retconned to be MUCH weaker. The Presence.

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