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Now broadcasting : Funtazer's First Fiverr Job, Minecraft Airship and Cake If so then Seppo’s must be his Storybrooke last name (I remember him being called Marco … so maybe Marco Seppo). i would love to help i have seen most of the episodes from season 3 and every episode from season 4 =) i am sooooooooooooooo hyped for season 5. I immediately recognized where they put the Storybrooke clock tower.

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Note: I am quite certain I may have made mistakes here and there, please let me know and I will resolve them. Emma arrives to inform them a box with Kathryn's heart was found. Jim also works at the institution as a gym instructor.

The building belongs to Mr. Gold, who charges high price for the rent due to his hatred for the nuns. ("Red-Handed"), After Regina has Henry's Castle demolished, she removes fifty-thousand dollars worth of city funds to purchase a small block of land in the forest.

David brought Henry to the stables and entrusted him with his first riding horse to groom. ("Dreamy"), Storybrooke Elementary School first appears in the first episode of the first season of Once Upon a Time. Serves as sheriff's office and a suspect holding jail cell. Since Emma came back, she has resumed her duty as sheriff with the business also helped by David and Mary Margaret. ("Snow Falls"). Photo shoot and write up of what appears to be from last week’s episode.

("Pilot", "Snow Falls", "Desperate Souls", "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree"), Later on in the series, in a twist, Henry switches bodies with Peter Pan, but no one believes him. OUAT – The Viewing Numbers Question, Answered by ABC.

Every year, the nuns help organize the Miner's Day Festival to use the money to cover their expenses. Nothing to do with the show. ("The Doctor"), The Toll Bridge first appears in the third episode of the first season of Once Upon a Time. The curse sent the characters to the town, replacing their memories with alternate ones.

Others not seen (at least by me) or may show up in future episodes: Storybrooke Courthouse is Steveston Courthouse. Article link Here, Storybrooke Town Hall = Fort Langley Community Hall I am in mid season 1 right now, but binge watching and will be caught up very soon.

This is due to the Dark Curse that was enacted by the Evil Queen, Regina. David and his wife, Kathryn, lived together at this residence until her mysterious disappearance. Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop is at 3480 Moncton St store on Google Street view (formerly an art gallery store but had been empty prior to becoming Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop). ("Smash the Mirror") The map that Hook finds in the pawnshop mentions a location called Villar's Point. Note: May be spoilery for a few episodes. Angered by the theft, Mr. Gold attempts to take out revenge by kidnapping Moe and demanding the cup. ("Pilot"), Granny's Diner first appears in the second episode of the first season of Once Upon a Time. My wife thinks she remembers hearing David was going to volunteer at an Animal Shelter (you guys probably can confirm..

Ken’s note: Sepetto’s Garage neon sign should be Seppo’s Automotive. During the time she was trapped in the Enchanted Forest, David stepped in as temporary sheriff. The apartment of Mary Margaret; also occupied by David, Emma, Henry and Neal. Sheriff’s Office = Old Lynn Valley Library

("Pilot", "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter", "Desperate Souls", "Broken"), The Storybrooke Town Hall first appears in the second episode of the first season of Once Upon a Time.

Harmony Dental Studio (this location shows up as Redden Nets in Google street view … has since become the dental office) became the Hat Store. Eventually, the castle is demolished by Regina for safety reasons. An old and not frequently used bridge leading out of town. Wow! One of his former employees is Billy. Just want to tell you. However, this curse was eventually broken by Emma Swan, returning everyone's fairytale selves.

("The Return"), When the Dark Curse is broken, a wooden August once more seeks Mother Superior, but she is unable to turn him back into a real man, because his actions were not selfless, brave and truthful. ("The Thing You Love Most", "Desperate Souls"), The Storybrooke Wishing Well first appears in the thirteenth episode of the first season of Once Upon a Time. Instead, Emma successfully ran and was elected to the position of town sheriff.

The dungeon cave of the clock tower which is only accessible by an elevator car with one person operating the switch to take a second person down. I saw it late Nov 2011 and I thought what an unusual name for an appliance store. Great idea! Please let me help, I am a HUGE fan of the show, and I have memorized the entirety of Snow's house and Emma's house! In a hidden vault beneath this crypt, Regina stores a collection hearts, which were brought along when she first came to Storybrooke. ("Pilot", "What Happened to Frederick", "Hat Trick"), Storybrooke General Hospital first appears in the third episode of the first season of Once Upon a Time. And right across the street from Neighbors’ Five & Dime is the garage: http://scifi.rawr-caps.net/displayimage.php?album=771&pid=452561#top_display_media. To answer above 1/19 addition … Sara’s Ice Cream is a real ice cream shop called Sara’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream .. a favorite spot in the summer. OUAT – Steveston/Storybrooke Store List *Updated 9/26/14. Not to get too far off the subject,but…….

Shortley after we decided that we became inactive and just didn't bother to touch it, but now we're back and bigger than ever.

Storybrooke is destroyed! Dave’s Fish and Chips (http://insteveston.com/daves) stays Dave’s Fish and Chips On Valentine's Day, David buys cards for both his wife, Kathryn, and the woman he loves, Mary Margaret.

Sorry for the mislead re: Seppo.

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Moe steals various valuables from the home, which Emma later retrieves, except for a cup.

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ALL BUILDS ARE BEING RESTARTED BECAUSE WE DECIDED WE COULD BUILD BETTER THEN WHEN WE MADE THOSE (Don't worry we still have all the previous builds), Server may be online here and there because it's hosted on my computer. It is amazing! Budget Appliances becomes Bravura Appliance but I have not personally seen it in any episodes. Opening night street shot of Storybrooke Maine with Emma’s yellow VW heading towards the camera Ep. Wow! Very Cool!! (" ... OUAT 2015-11-03. Nikka Fishing and Marine (http://insteveston.com/nikka) becomes a mysterious boarded up free public library (http://www.flickr.com/photos/insteveston/5975941871/in/set-72157627157567647/).

Mother Superior meets them and says she senses dark magic in town.

© 2010 - 2020 Planetminecraft.com. ("The Queen Is Dead"), After Pan's shadow rips away Mother Superior's shadow and kills her, her body lies in state at the convent. Has anyone managed to get a good look or a decent Screen Cap of the fictional “Map of Storybrooke” that hangs on the wall behind the Sherff’s desk??

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