parting of the red sea balloon game

If your class is larger than 10 kids, split the game into two teams. Here I have a glass of water; yes, it is red, like red sea water. He took them through the desert to a big sea called the Red Sea. Tell: teams will "part" water, see who can make the biggest wall of "water". I have a special ingredient in this eyedropper.

ISRAELITES VS EGYPTIANS: The class can be divided into two groups -- one group will be the Israelites and the other group will be the Egyptians. The children will admit that only God can perform a miracle. Register APPLICATION (2 minutes) God's power is revealed in so many ways. Before class, fill a glass with water and add a few drops of red food coloring.

About Us Let me pour a little onto this saucer. How many of you are familiar with the story about God parting the waters of the Red Sea?

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Divide your children up into two teams.

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Parting the waters (Object Talk) Click here. endobj For your convenience, we provide links to various other websites that may be of interest to you. Sermon Title: "Parting the Red Sea" Scripture Reading: Exodus 12:1-14. the Red Sea Balloon Game (scroll down to this) Crossing the Red Sea The teacher will put posters up on 4 sides of the room -- one can say …

It tells of the escape of the Israelites, led by Moses, from the pursuing Egyptians, as recounted in the Book of Exodus. your own Pins on Pinterest Red food coloringRubbing alcoholFlat saucer (without cup indentation)eyedropper, watersmall glass. ALTERNATE CLASS EXERCISE (10 minutes) The Hamster's Great Escape (Puppet skit or story) Click here.

Moses holds out his staff and God parts the waters of the Yam Suph (). Place one strip in a balloon. Part the Red Sea Balloon Game Before class blow up a lot of blue balloons and place them in the middle of the floor. Look what happens when I squeeze out a few drops. Well, let me show you I can.

The water will separate, and form a dry spot in the middle. (Exodus 13:17) ... Let’s Play a Game! <>/Parent 7 0 R/Contents 93 0 R/Type/Page/Resources 94 0 R/MediaBox[0 0 612 792]/Annots 141 0 R>> Holy Week and Easter - Lots of Triduum Crafts! No wonder, science is quite remarkable.

Games: Moses Crossing the Red Sea Game- A fun and simple board game for younger children reviewing the story of Moses from his birth to parting the Red Sea. – A Back to School Bible Lesson, Consoling the Sacred Heart (by Un-Hardening Our Own). �"

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