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82nd, 83rd, and 434th Bombardment Squadrons with B-25C Mitchells detached to RAF (see above). [10] On 18 February 1943, the Mediterranean Air Command (MAC) was established with Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder in charge of all Allied air forces in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations (MTO). Later renamed. [2] Mitchell handed over to Air Vice Marshal Sir Arthur Longmore in early May 1940. The base was used by the following squadrons: The base was also used by a number of different units during its lifetime: The site is un-recognizable and is used for farming. Headquarters of the British Air Force of Occupation, ACE High site (abb – Moenchengladbach Tail (1) – Hehn) AHEZ – Hehn. Demolished in 2004, site sold for redevelopment. Former military housing refurbished to create Wicken Green Village, WW1 night landing ground, site used as airfield decoy during WW2, Various hotels requisitioned as The Air Crew Officers School, a convalescent home and a Medical Training Establishment and Depot, Originally no. The station was demolished shortly after closing in 1962. Briefly used as an airfield during 1918. The following were the air officers commanding either the Air Headquarters Western Desert or the Desert Air Force:[15], National Archive London AIR 23 / 6200 APPENDIX "C", R.A.F. Transferred to Royal Navy in 1939 as HMS Kestrel/HMS Ariel II. Originally part of RAF Warton, but when the main Airfield site was sold to the English Electric Company in 1947, one of the outlying sites was designated as RAF Lytham, and was used as a Transit Camp and for Medical Training.

204 Group to Coningham. This page was last edited on 19 November 2020, at 19:43. There were occasional single successes as well; on 17 August 1940, Gladiators covering the Mediterranean Fleet shot down eight Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 bombers without loss. By that time, 3 Sqn had the most substantial service record of any DAF squadron, including the greatest number of kills (217 claims). Now known the site of Blyton Park Driving Centre and is used for motorsport and track days. Reopened as "RAF Drem" in 1939. 204 Group was created under the command of Air Commodore Raymond Collishaw and consisted of: On 30 July 1941, Collishaw handed over No.

145 Squadron RAF. [citation needed] It has also been stated that RAF stations took their name from the parish in which the station headquarters was located (e.g., Binbrook has never had a railway station).[1]. Reduced to an enclave in 1995, site later closed and sold for residential-led mixed use development.

216 Squadron RAF with Bombays. Near Jordanian border), to 1957, thereafter RAAF Butterworth, now, 1942–72. (formerly RNAS Immingham – transferred to RAF in 1918), (pre-RAF) RNAS Airship station, then RAF Isle of Grain. Between 18 November 1941 to 19 May 1942 the A.H.Q. The force at Collishaw's disposal consisted of No. [14] On 12 November 1942, USAMEAF was dissolved and replaced by the 9th Air Force, although some US units remained with Commonwealth formations for some time.

(1943) Made up of several dispersals, code-named after London railway stations (Paddington, Victoria, Marylebone, Waterloo, Euston and Kings Cross known), World War I training airfield 1917–1919; industrial land now a vacant brownfield, World War I training airfield 1918–1919; later used by, World War I training airfield 1917–1919; now residential neighbourhood, This page was last edited on 23 November 2020, at 13:29. 16 Maintenance Unit (16MU). On 10 June 1940, RAF bomber squadrons in AHQ Egypt—under the direction of No.

Flying boat base (Sunderlands) on West side of. Now, (1919–21, 1941–3) Also known as LGs-216 & 217, 1947-1980s by RAF and allies for intelligence gathering from China; demolished and now residential development. The airfield is strictly PPR. Western Desert was organised as:[8], Western Desert Air Force (WDAF) was organised on 27 October 1942 as:[9], Subordinated to General Headquarters RAF Middle East (GHQ RAF Middle East). Full aerodrome reopened in 1942. Previously used as landing ground known as "Woodbridge" during 1917. [citation needed]. Operations in the Western Desert and Eastern Mediterranean, 18th November 1941 to 19th May 1942 HPE, No. Former, Second World War Practice Landing Ground for. In former Caen Wood Towers (now. Stations initially took their name from the nearest railway station or halt to the airfield, e.g., RAF Abingdon from Abingdon railway station. Now used for pig farming. In April 1942 the squadron moved to bases in Egypt and Palestine, from where it took part in the invasion of Syria, then flew reconnaissance patrols over the Eastern Mediterranean.

For Operation Husky, DAF contained Advanced and Rear elements. When the Allied forces invaded Sicily (Operation Husky) on 10 July 1943, Desert Air Force (DAF) was created by simply renaming Western Desert Air Force. Originally established in WW1 as a Night Landing Ground for 39 (Home Defence) Sqn of the RFC it was operational from April 1916 to November 1918. The SAAF provided over a dozen squadrons to the DAF. Transferred to RAF in 1963. Later, Radar – Support Command – UK Air CCIS – Now open to visitors, 'XSL' R4 SOC Metropolitan Sector, later a regional Civil Defence HQ, then a Cold War Government Command Post. Operated as a Medical Training Unit. Prior to the establishment of the Desert Air Force, several RAF formations operated in North Africa. Two different Light Warning Sets. Passed to Royal Navy, No. Advanced Headquarters, Desert Air Force,No.

Initially designated "B.111 Ahlhorn".

11 Satellite Landing Ground. Originally an airfield but latterly a radar site. Now. Throughout World War II, the DAF was made up of squadrons from the Royal Air Force (RAF), the South African Air Force (SAAF), the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) and other Allied air forces. Aircrafts and bases of the Royal Air Force at the beginning of World War II in September 1939. A. RAF Aboukir; RAF Abu Sueir; D. RAF Deversoir; E. RAF El Adem; RAF El Amiriya; RAF El Daba; F. RAF Fayid; I. RAF Ismailia; K. Kibrit Air Base; This page was last edited on 17 December 2011, at 03:30 (UTC). With this small force, the RAF had to "equate its attempt to dominate the front line with avoidance of unnecessary losses".

World War I landing ground known as "West Fenton" and subsequently "RAF Gullane", which closed in 1919. Between 1916 and 1947 a number of units and squadrons were based there, including the central depot for RAF Middle East until 12 November 1939. In October 1941, the Western Desert Air Forces had 16 squadrons of aircraft (nine fighter, six medium bomber and one tactical reconnaissance) and fielded approximately 1,000 combat aircraft by late 1941.

Aldenham Lodge Hotel requisitioned as the headquarters of No. Closed to flying in 1977 and became a communications site. Returned to agriculture and small industrial estate; control tower now Parham Airfield Museum. 80 (Signals) Wing, not the. [13] From mid-September, the P-40 Warhawk squadrons of the 57th FG and the B-25 squadrons of the 12th BG were officially attached to DAF units. 238 Maintenance Unit (238MU). Site sold and station buildings demolished, redeveloped for commercial and residential use. The stations are listed under any former county or country name which was appropriate for the duration of operation.

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