regret gerund or infinitive

I tried speaking to the manager personally, but that didn’t help.. 3. "Regret" is normally used with a gerund.

I regret behaving so badly last night.. 7. The doctor has asked me to stop smoking.. 5.

She went on to become a celebrated writer a few years later.. 6.

remember: I remember mentioning the meeting yesterday. Remember to wake me up at 6 am.

ESL video lesson with an interactive quiz: Grammar practice . You are to enjoy the joy of watching this marvellous cartoon and fill in some gaps related to finding out the difference between the usage of either infinitive or gerund after STOP, MEAN, TRY, REGRET, FORGET,REMEMBER When forget, regret and remember are followed by a gerund, the gerund refers to an action that happened earlier than the main verb. The gerund could be replaced by the present perfect participle in these sentences to make the sequence of events more explicit. remember/forget + gerund means the gerund action happens first.

GERUND INFINITIVE; you did sth in the past and you are not happy about it: to tell bad news and you are not happy about it: I regret be ing late for school. We regret to inform you that the flight has been cancelled.. 4. We regret to inform you that the flight has beeen delayed for another two hours. Forget is frequently used with never in the simple future form. I tried to get a ticket, but they were all sold out.. 2.

After these verbs, a to-infinitive refers to the future, while a gerund expresses an earlier action, relative to the time of the verb in the main clause: TO-infinitive or gerund: FORGET, REMEMBER, REGRET, GO ON, STOP, TRY | Grammaring

We regret to inform you that your position at the company is being eliminated. Some verbs take gerund or infinitive forms with a difference in meaning STOP REMEMBER FORGET TRY REGRET 1 stop to do:pause and then do something 1. "Regret" is sometimes used with infinitives such as "to inform."

REMEMBER/FORGET + INFINITIVE means THE INFINTIVE ACTION HAPPENS SECOND . In the sentence above, "We regret to inform you" means "We wish we did not have to tell you (bad news)."


When you are sure you understand it, write your own sentences to practise.

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