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By Brooke Klinko, Nursing; Autumn Ratliff, Nursing; Katie Hamilton, Nursing Advisor: Richard Prior Presentation ID: PM_C16 Abstract: Although new graduate nursing students are aware of the existence of nurse residency and mentorship programs, little is known about the effects of these programs. New graduate nurse support was an important emphasis of all programs with preceptors the most common form of support and with beginning evidence showing quality vs quantity in preceptor support. With the recommendation to "implement nurse residency programs" nationwide, the Institute of Medicine's report on The Future of Nursing joins an ever-expanding cadre of support from healthcare industry researchers and policymakers across the nation. This article describes the implementation of a statewide, standardized, scientific, and sustainable NRP model. Historically, NRPs Innovation ve examination of postgraduate NP residency/fellowship programs in the United States, to gain an understanding of the facilitators, barriers, benefits, and funding of these programs, from the perspective of the program directors. 3-5 are chosen for a podium presentation, where these new nurses share their project in front of the entire conference. New Nurse Residency-an Evidence Based Approach by Alice M. Nied A project submitted to the School of Nursing in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Twenty to 30 projects are chosen for a poster presentation, where 3 finalists are picked. A combination of keywords was used, which included nurse residency programs, retention rates (RR), and nursing turnover. To explore the challenges that face Jordanian nurses in the first year of employment; and understand the benefits and barriers of implementing a Nursing Residency Program from the perspectives of nurses and key informants. Establishment of nurse residency programs (NRPs) for newly licensed registered nurses is foundational to new nurse graduates’ transition and retention. tematic review of 50 articles examining the preparation-practice gap, the gap is real, costly, and requires changes in undergraduate education and on-the-job remediation through nurse residency programs (NRPs) or preceptor programs. Articles had to be primary research or … Aims. The purpose of our educational project was to provide new graduate nursing students … Most nurse residency programs host a yearly conference where nurse residents from all over the country submit an abstract of their projects.

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