savanna biome climate

The word savanna has been used for different meanings by various scientists e.g., the word ‘Savanna Region’ has been used by the climatologists to indicate a particular type of climate i.e., tropical wet and dry climate (Aw climate of Koeppen) as savanna climate, while the botanists have used the word savanna for a typical type of vegetation community of the tropical regions characterized by the dominance of grasses. (iii) Warm wet season receives between 80 to 90 percent of the total annual rainfall. The in­vertebrate animals include insects (such as flies – diptera, locusts, grasshoppers, termites-Isopetra, ants and arthropods (like spiders, scorpions etc.) There is complete correlation and correspond­ence between the structure and seasonal regime of the Savanna vegetation and invertebrate animals. The largest part of the savanna biome is located in Africa. Examples of carnivores found in this savanna biome include lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, servals, jackals and wild dogs. Our Mission - The ISC-Audubon mission is to foster sustainable living and lifestyles at home, work and play. It has a distinct wet and dry season.