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4:10. Come Shine" by Jenifer Kruskamp [#214] "My

"Watch Your Read her full conversation about the song's inspiration and her career with HuffPost here, WHERE ARE THEY NOW: The cast of 'Dawson's Creek' 20 years later. "Never Devil" by Chris Isaak [#303] "All Mine" by Dance Hall Crashers [#218] MPEG. A startlingly fresh and realistic portrayal of this passage from adolescence to young adulthood, Dawson's Creek takes a dramatic turn in its fifth season as the teens embark on their post-high school lives. & Stand" by Days Of The New [#108]

"Super Good

Want" by Violin Road [#309] Imbruglia [#214]

"Give Up Giving Executive Producer Paul Stupin, co-producer Drew Matich and music supervisor John McCollough curated the music used for the episodes. -- H -- "Why I'm

Meanwhile, Pacey sees himself hanging out with Audrey after he joins her and Joey at the club to celebrate his new promotion when Danny makes Pacey the assistant chef at restaurant Civilization. [#104] But the robber ends up getting run over by a car in a hit-and-run accident, minutes after mugging Joey. "Hold On" by Mary Beth [#301] "Monkey Mind" by Judge Nothing [#108] "Affirmation" by Savage Garden "Man On A "Nashville" by Judge Nothing [#108]

Here" by Oleander [#222] "Mend" by Jann Arden [#320] "I'm Cool" by Reel Big Fish But in a new interview with HuffPost, the Grammy Award-winning artist feels "bittersweet" about the song's success. "Special" by Garbage [#206]

"Cavity" by Stew [#402] Feeling" by Bleach [#306]

"She's The Way" by Sophie B. Hawkins [#219]

"What Do You Where Was Netflix’s 'Hillbilly Elegy' Filmed? The hit series is about to get a whole new slew of adoring fans, plus plenty of love from its nostalgic followers, now that it’s officially landed on Netflix as of yesterday.

"Ooh Ahh...Just A Little

Times" by Wake Ooloo [#102]

Luck" by Ariel's Worm [#308] Stupin asked McCollough to find some musicians to write a theme song for the series. Joey is shocked, but not as much as when she spots him at the movies with another woman during an outing with Dawson. "That's What Love Me" by Say-So [#103]

Cares" by Vaporhead [#110] "Absolutely "Am I Cool" by Nowhere "Knock It On The Build your custom FanSided TV email newsletter with news and analysis on All Television and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. Give" by New Radicals [#211] "Souvenirs" by Say-So [#409] "Winter II: Largo (F Minor)" by Antonio Vivaldi (Composer) [#213] Starring "Evaporated" by Ben Folds

Be" by Sinead Lohan [#313] One of the songs to come out of this was 'Run Like Mad' by Jann Arden, which has been used for the DVD releases of the series (save for seasons 1 and 2 in some countries). "I Believe" by Kind Of Blue [#322]

REAL. "I Do" by Lisa Loeb [#214] Meanwhile, Dawson runs into Amy Lloyd, and they end up having sex at her apartment, where they talk about movies. Meanwhile, Joey goes to Jen for advice on her feelings for Charlie, while Jen deals with Clifton Smalls, the new African-American boyfriend of Grams. At this crossroads, expectations are turned on their heads as the friends surprise each other with the people they grow into being, how well they thrive in thi… "Four Eyes" by Sozzi [#203] Cole spoke with HuffPost about the song's legacy and her "bittersweet" feelings about its success. "Smoke" by Natalie "The idea that people only know who I am as an artist because 'I Don't Want to Wait' was used as the 'Dawson's Creek' theme song bothers me because I care so much about leaving a great body of work," she said.

Paula Cole's "I … Five [#310] "Fall From and finds out the guy he's with, David, is gay, but not him. "One And Ophelia" by Adam Cohen [#221] ... Dawson goes back to Capeside to celebrate Christmas and brings Natasha and Todd with him where Dawson can't get past the fact that he saw Natasha and Max together, and Todd's drunkenness bothers Gail. "The First Noel" by Adam Fields [#409] "Superman" by Five For "Catch The Moon" by Marc Jordan [#205] A Cast Guide To Netflix's Film Version of the Tony Award-Winning Play, Meet the Gay Pioneers Who Made 'The Boys in the Band' Happen, Everything We Know About 'The Crown' Season 5 So Far: Cast, Premiere, And More, Her Majesty's Mixtape: An Ode to the Soundtrack of 'The Crown' Season 4, Major Hugh Lindsay's Widow Reacts to 'The Crown's Avalanche Episode: "I Was Horrified", 'The Crown' Season 4 Episode 10: Power is Nothing Without Authority, 'The Queen's Gambit’ Crowned Netflix's Biggest Scripted Limited Series, 'The Queen’s Gambit' is So Popular Because it's Secretly a Superhero Show, Will There Be a 'Queen's Gambit' Season 2 on Netflix? "Any Lucky

"Beginner's Lose Your Way. "I'm The Only

733, This story has been shared 713 times. "Piece of Soul" by Katie Reider [#409] You)" by The Flys [#208]

"I'll Stay Right Here (Moments)" by Eli [#318] "Day Ditty" by Wild Colonials [#404] Waits" by Nowhere Blossoms [#206] "Dead Yet" by Muddlehead [#209] "And, not only do I have to deal with that association — with my name being both married to and usurped by the success of that show — but, even worse, I'm now being erased from the association with 'Dawson's Creek' due to (what feels to me like) corporate greed. Place" by Eddi Reader [#102] "Paper Cup" by Heather Nova [#221] Feather" by Phish [#201] Angel" by Dana Mase [#208] You" by The Pretenders [#100]

Even though the teen drama genre has evolved, an oldie can still be a goodie. 'Masked Singer' Crocodile Clue: Did Nick Carter Star in a Cult Classic Movie? "Respect" by Train [#404] "Angel" by Sarah A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation.
Good" by Alanis Morissette [#222] [#308] [#212] -- O -- "Foresight" by Granian [#322]

"This Misery" by Wild Colonials [#322] Professor Hetson refuses to let Joey take a make up test and outright gives her an 'F'. 9.

Ears" by Jenny Bruce [#321]

"Me, Myself, and

"Protocol" by Symbiosis [#406] "Theme From Jaws" by John Williams [#401]

Rain" by Billie Myers [#202] Back at Worthington University, Eddie has an argument with Professor Hetson over him criticizing Joey's presentation and he storms out of the class. "Concerto #1 in G Major" by Johann Ludwig Krebs [#218] [#306]
Head" by Wood [#309] The theme has been replaced on the DVD release and on streaming services.

Joey and Audrey go out to a nightclub to celebrate both Joey's straight-A grades and the winter break from school. -- J --

Faith In Me" by John Hiatt [#201] "How" by Lisa Loeb [#217] "Something To Say" by Mike Plume Band [#404] "85" by Rilo Kiley [#311] "Insecuriosity" by Andrew Dorff [#105] "In Every Corner" by Julie Plug [#322] In Capeside, while Audrey hangs out with Dawson, Joey decides to visit her dad in prison, only to find out he was released on parole four months ago. Jack has a talk with C.J. London Rain     (Nothing Men" by The Weather Girls [#306] "Shout" by Meredith "If" by Dragmatic [#307]


Kevin Williamson "Static" by Bleach [#304] "As I Lay Me "Break The Chain" by Sue Medley [#304] Jack got dumped by Eric, but got over it.

"Hey Pretty" by Poe [#406] confesses to Jen that he and Audrey slept together the night before, and he later confronts Audrey about her relationship with Pacey. Natasha gets angry and jealous when she sees Joey and has Todd fire Dawson by saying she will not work unless Dawson goes. On their first week back at Boston Bay College, Jen is shocked to run into find that Grams Ryan has decided to go back to school. 'I Love New York Reunited' on VH1: The Highs (and Lows) of The Epic Tiffany Pollard Reunion Special. 20 January 1998 – 14 May 2003

In a cross-over continuation of the previous episode, set in real time during a cold winter night of a sudden snowstorm, Joey is robbed at gunpoint and forced to clean out her ATM account by a street mugger at a deserted area of Boston's Downtown Crossing district. "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" by Mary Beth [#409]

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