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Email This BlogThis! This blog is an UN-OFFICIAL website about EXO. A majority of the victims were high school students; over 250 of them drowned in the incident. [BROADCAST] SBS Inkigayo (SBS 인기가요) - 13:15 KST - (Baekhyun, Suho), EXO Daily Update. Last Day of April will end to our-----------------... EXO's Chanyeol garners over 200,000 followers on h... Credit: Kashi gasa This is how Suho divide the sea of fans XD (SM ENT... [SM ENTERTAINMENT twitter update] Lay - Lotte Duty... [SM ENTERTAINMENT twitter update] Suho - Lotte Dut... [SM ENTERTAINMENT twitter update] Kris - Lotte Dut... [SM ENTERTAINMENT twitter update] Luhan - Lotte Du... [SM ENTERTAINMENT twitter update] 140426 Xiumin - ... 140425 EXO's Kris Instagram Video Update cr. Friday, April 25, 2014. EXO Daily Update This blog is an UN-OFFICIAL website about EXO. Omo~ Aigoo~~ There are many d... Q: Where do you want to spend yourr vacation?BTS: ... [EXOFFICIAL twitter update] Baekhyun for ' Singing... Luhan - 140413 'Hello!' FULL CREDITS will always be given in this blog. She was originally named Ferry Naminoue and was operated from 1994 to 2012 as a transport ship for cargo and passengersby the Japanese company A-Line Ferry. The cruise ship MV Sewol was on route from Incheon to Jeju Island when it began to capsize, and because of how the situation was treated by those controlling the ship, over 300 people (including about 250 high school students) ended up losing their lives as the ship sank. Powered by, (Live Events/Recordings, TV Broadcasts, Music Shows, Upcoming Birthdays, Events). [TRANS] 140409 ALL EXO-M Anniversary Message Luhan's Instagram spotted TRENDING WORLDWIDE!! Awesome Inc. theme. According to A-Line Ferry, it did not experience any problems during its service in Japan. Posted by Unknown at 10:02 PM. LUHA... [140406] Luhan & Xiumin @ Peace & Love & Friendshi... [720p] 131229 SBS Gayo Daejun 2013 - Full Part 1/2... [720p] 131229 SBS Gayo Daejun - Full Part 2/2. Seoul Music Awards, Chanyeol - 140427 SBS Roommate website update. At the time of its purchase by Chonghaejin Marine in 2012, the ship that would come to be known as MV Sewol was eighteen years old and dilapidated. The Sewol Ferry Tragedy occurred on April 16, 2014. I'm your fan and you are my world. After it was purchased on 8 October 2012, it underwent modifications between 12 October 2012 and 12 Febr… Sewol Ferry Tragedy Dead: 187 Missing: 115 Rescued: 174 Total: 476 (Sat, 10:30AM KST) #PrayForSouthKorea . [140412] Lay revealed a selca of himself @ Greetin... Chanyeol - 140411 Sunny10 Endorsement photo, EXO-K Baekhyun & EXO-M Chen Comeback Teaser Photo, Chanyeol @ Peace & Love & Friendship Backstage, [ENG SUB] EXO - Supporting Message For BOA's Movie. [SM... " EXO or BTS " was spotted Trending Worldwide!! But to your eye... [INFO] The first broadcast of EXO’s variety show ‘... 140423 EXO-M @ 18th China Music Award - Red Carpet, [EXOFFICIAL twitter update] 131224 EXO @ SMTOWN WEEK. Greeting Party in Japan, EXO - 140413 'Hello' Greeting Party in Japan, [OFFICIAL] Chanyeol @ Sukira Kiss The Radio, [OFFICIAL] Baekhyun @ Sukira Kiss The Radio, [OFFICIAL] Xiumin @ Sukira Kiss The Radio, Baekhyun - 140123 23rd High! In 2014, an unfortunate disaster happened in South Korea where a ferry en-route to Jeju Island from Icheon capsized, leaving over 304 of the 476 passengers dead. This is the story of MV Sewol… gala... [SM ENTERTAINMENT twitter update] 140426 EXO-K - L... [EXOGOBAL twitter update] 140426 Baekhyun - Lotte ... [EXOGLOBAL twitter update] 140426 Chanyeol - Lotte... [EXOFFICIAL twitter update] 140426 Kai - Lotte Dut... [CONFIRMED] Kris, Xiumin & Luhan on Instagram (SM ... EXO-M perform 'Overdose' & 'Growl' + EXO won 'Asia... EXO's Luhan to star in the Chinese version of the ... Luhan - 140414 Gimpo Airport Arrivial, from Tokyo, [140414] Luhan @ Haneda Airport heading back to Korea. FULL CREDITS will always be given in this blog.

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