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Schneide Zwiebel und Paprika klein. David, shakshuka! And like another trip to Mexico may be in order…. No respectable Cajun would even think of eating red beans and rice without it! It’s one of those dishes where the quality of the eggs makes a difference. But yours looks and sounds much more delicious! Will add them to my list of places to try. Emma -Is there any chance you could share the feta cheese recipe? My feta had bad and on suggestion of above reader, I substituted cheddar and it was great. Sport mit Maske >> Darauf musst du beim Laufen mit Maske achten, Gesundheit: Darum ist ein ganzheitlicher Ansatz wichtig, Bauch, Beine und Po >> 7 Fitnessband-Übungen für den Unterkörper (Workout-Video), Bye-bye Winterdepression: Deshalb solltest du auf Outdoor Fitness setzen, Heißhunger stoppen >> Mit diesen 10 Tipps schaffst du es, Low Carb-Rezept ► Kohlenhydratarme, mexikanische Tacos, Sporternährung • 9 Lebensmittel für Läufer * innen, Morgenroutine: Diese 4 schlechten Gewohnheiten solltest du vermeiden, Winterblues oder Winterdepression? It’s part of the culture I think. Erhitze das Öl in einer Pfanne und dünste die Zwiebel an. It takes time to make, but it lasts a month or so, and it's really delicious. Sigh. That is interesting; I never thought of that. In Sydney there was a supermarket butcher who had award winning Moroccan Lamb sausages with great spices and sultanas in them. Looks too good to resist. The children were particularly into this. Thanks so much for sharing this terrific idea. I’ve made 6 recipes out of it so far and they’re all outstanding! Love your blog, thanks. I immediately fell in love with this dish, not only for breakfast but also for an easy dinner. I used the whole thing and while it was hot and spicy, I’m not a hard-core chile/spicy-hot addict, and it was fine for me and my guests. What I had would have made a LOT of “pili-pili.”, On a theme of Eggs in Purgatory………..A Moroccan ragout with poached eggs… i need to try it at home already. I plan to make Shakshuka tonight. The one I made today I used one bird’s eye chile which added a nice hear. Remove seeds and membrane. I loved it and it was great in the Shakshuka. I will give shakshuka a go when I have a bit more time. Mach mit einem Löffel drei kleine Mulden in die Pfanne und schlag die Eier hinein. Ooops. Laura: It’s funny that you (and others) commented on the spiciness of that chile! Now I have a sexy name for it- will sound much better than “eggs poached in salsa”. Now, I have to go back through and try the recipes. A spicy chili paste that you can use in a number of dishes, most often used in shakshuka or romesco sauce.

The traditional use for those is to pack a slim-neck jar (e.g., used Worcestershire bottle with the little plastic “filter” intact) with whole peppers, add vinegar, let it sit for a few days, giving it a shake or two every day, and sprinkle the pepper vinegar liberally on everything.
Now you have told us about the TV series connected with this : we are unlikely to see this in New Zealand, but I have found lots of clips from it on YouTube (search ‘Ottolenghi + Jerusalem’). Shakshuka. Gib anschließend die Paprika hinzu und brate sie 5 Minuten mit. Keep simmering until the white of the eggs is cooked through.
Can’t wait to try the Shakshuka at home. Perhaps we could find a dish like this in nearly every tomato-growing region… My son has just returned from Israel with two baggies of shakshuka spice mix from different markets. Take my advice, make a big communal skillet/pan and bring it to the table, dish it out from there and have that bread handy, its great. I do a quick version of this with a good quality jarred salsa (love Green Mountain Gringo) or my own homemade salsa if I have it – tasty, but not as sophisticated and complex.

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