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If you get this, you’ll be in pretty good shape safety-wise. Low ceiling basements, however, can pose a problem. Disclosure Fit505 Ultra Power Rack . Unfortunately I have since forgotten what source that was, and I don’t know what to tell you. There’s also this rack that comes in 6 feet or 7 feet! Some customers have reported hitting their heads on short rack crossbars when entering or existing the cage. Dimensions. TDS will ship this rack to you on the same day of your purchase. Not so when choosing a power rack for a basement or low ceiling room. I’m not sure if this is because the connectors are incompatible, or because they judge the stand is not stable enough to support the off-center load. The 6 foot model is a perfect fit for lower ceiling rooms and garages, and gives you some extra features you won’t get in the half rack options. Second, this rack has two plate storage pegs. If you want room to perform full-range pull-ups, you’ll want your ceiling to be at least 6 ft 8.5 in tall (for a full foot of clearance). This refers to 1″ hole spacing in the bench press area to help you get the safety bars at the perfect height, and 2″ elsewhere. Check latest price and reviews of the Ollieroo rack on Amazon. I can’t think of any major problem with doing that. Check latest price and reviews of the CAP Barbell rack on Amazon. Sure, the ceiling may be 8ft from the subfloor, but when you add carpet plus the layer of 3/4″ plywood and 3/4″ rubber on top that we like to put down for home gym areas, plus 12″ of headroom above the bar, you could run out of room doing full range of motion pull ups. In the following sections, I will review the best power racks for rooms with low ceilings. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you look for short power racks: Overview: The Ollieroo is a half rack with a ton of versatility and solid construction. Titan advertises that this rack will fit under a 6 ft ceiling, and that’s technically true if you don’t have thick flooring. On the left, you’ll see my full site navigation in case you’re curious what else I’ve got to offer. I mean, assuming they never changed it. Did you buy a Rogue bench for bench press, and if so, which one. Power Rack Weight Lifting Squat Stand Strength Training Home Gym. Potential Drawbacks: This rack is deep and wide, giving it a large overall footprint despite its short stature. This is especially good if you’re over 5’9″ tall yourself. The brainiacs among you may have recognized that sometimes the pull-up bar on a power rack is not the same height as the rack itself. This short rack from TDS should fit comfortably under a 7 ft ceiling with room to spare. Newer homes tend to have slightly taller ceilings and will more often have 9 foot heights. Possible dealbreaker or the perfect rack. New.
Short power racks are hard to come by. Besides the spot arms, you can add wheels to make it mobile, or brackets to bolt it down into concrete with. That’s why a short power rack is so useful, although taller users may find them troublesome for other reasons (like hitting the top of the cage during an overhead press, for example). Most standard power racks clock in at about 7 feet tall, or 84″. Titan actually says this is 11-gauge steel. I believe Rep is giving the net weight only, ie: with 20 lbs of packaging. And according to a study by the University of Pennsylvania’s Real Estate Center, the current minimum height of residential ceilings is 90 inches, or 7.5 ft. You might want to mark your favorite holes yourself on all four posts, especially with the 1″ spaced holes that are hard to eyeball, because they do not have number markings to help you out. The standard garage door opening has to be 7 feet tall, and the track and garage door opener equipment above need about a foot of space. I’m 6’ 1” so just a few inches would make this rack work for me. Some basement ceilings are even lower than 7ft, eliminating some racks from contention. The companies that manufacture these racks are industry leaders and make mostly standard-size cage. Check out the reviews for these racks and you’ll see that, while they are shorter than standard racks, they do not sacrifice stability or safety. I want to purchase the Titan X3, which is 82 inches (6″8) and while your article says it won’t fit because it must be tilted at an angle to get up, I called Titan just now and they say that the rack can indeed be built from top to bottom without flipping it. Hope you enjoyed your time on my blog. It’s no 3″x3″ rack, but the difference is noticeable over 14-gauge racks. I’ll add them soon! These power racks are detailed in the table below, along with their total rack height. I think when I originally wrote this Titan only had the T-2 short. No matter how advanced, how expensive, or how big your home gym has become, it will never be complete without a weightlifting rack. Depending on his mood, he's into weight training, running, bodyweight exercises, and hitting the heavy bag. Performing this calculation is a simple, three step process. Titan basically does low-cost Rogue imitations. I think the Rogue SML-1 is the best rack you can get for the price when you’re dealing with a 7ft ceiling. You also get UHMW liners on the J-cups.

The Ollieroo multi-function is one of the few exceptions and is an outstanding rack in its own right. Fitness Reality X-Class Light. They aren’t made for tall people. Hey, on the Titan site for the t2 1050 it says the steel is 11 gauge – where did you get that it was 12 gauge? Any reason the Titan X-2 Short or the X-3 Short were not included on the list? You’ll find yourself banging your forehead on the pull up bar when walking into a power rack, then again on the rear crossmember when racking the bar for squats.
Is there any downfall to putting the titan t-2 on 4x4s to raise it a little bit and then run lag bolts through it to secure it? This is the maximum power rack height you should consider when searching for a low ceiling power rack.

Suite 2201, Milton, GA 30004, The 4 best short ellipticals for low ceilings explained, Do You Need a Yoga Mat to Practice Yoga? That’s one of the often overlooked issues with power rack height.

They make weird decisions with new products, or they don’t always think things through.

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