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Since there is a lot of labour involved, each snail lays only 100 eggs a year, snail caviar is one of the most expensive food items. In nature, the snail feeds on the vegetation that surrounds it.

Did you know that when snails mate, it can take hours to complete the act? Each laying weighs about 2.8 g, but due to the characteristics that are needed, it will require about 35 animals. Snail caviar is a wonderful delicacy, that possesses unique earthy flavour with “woody notes”, reminiscent of mushrooms, chestnuts and alike. Throughout the year it will have periods of activity and inactivity. How many snails does La Perla need to make one of its 50g jars? During this washing, the first egg selection is made. Not all the eggs of the same nest are the same, so it must be carefully selected causing a loss of up to 50% of eggs.

This is especially important during the breeding season, if they have less than 6 hours of light a day they will not lay eggs. Be sure to get caviar from eggs that are collected manually and marinated according to a unique and delicious receipt.

The eggs are perfectly white, spherical and about 3 – 4mm in diameter. Like many foods, snail eggs can be frozen, but it is not recommended, as freezing causes a loss of flavor and tonicity of their shell; fundamental characteristics of what makes good snail caviar. Snail caviar is a rare product in Europe and even more so in the United States. They have otocysts, at the base of the larger tentacles and feet, which are organs responsible for the equilibrium sense of invertebrates, they are also sensitive to vibrations produced by sound. If the eggs have turned purple this means they have gone bad. This is the reason why this work is manual, meticulous and time-consuming.

Caviar should be white or light pink. Once most of the peat has been removed by means of a dry sieve, these will be sifted with cold water, thus eliminating remaining peat.

The eggs are collected from the substrate once the snail has left the nest. This final quality-control is the one that takes more time since it seeks to ensure the homogeneity of the product that will be in the previously sterilized glass jars.

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Are all the eggs of a laying used to make snail caviar? This is perhaps because for years people thought of snail eggs as bland and tasteless.

Once this process is finished, the eggs will receive a new inspection which will be done with the help of a magnifying glass. Tu dirección de correo electrónico no será publicada. Escargot Caviar - Snail Caviar (10 X 1.5oz Jars - Total 420g) FREE Overnight Shipping The snail avoids light, which means that its active period occurs in the dark. To lay each egg, they will need between 5 to 20 minutes.

Normally about 10 days after copulation, the snail will start laying eggs. Many people say that snail caviar tastes like the forest floor. These receptors are intertwined with their sense of taste through which the snail can differentiate types of food. Naturally, it will begin to wake up and come up to the surface in search of water and food. For that it needs a soft substrate and a certain humidity where it will drill a tunnel of approximately 4cm. © 2019 Artisan Snails. But now luxury food world is going to witness a new trend that has captivated the attention of all internations chefs. At the end of hibernation, it will have lost 40% of its weight because during hibernation, lives on the reserves accumulated during their periods of activity. Inside, the eggs receive an exhaustive disinfectant wash that allows to eliminate possible contamination coming from the farm.

Escargot Caviar - Snail Caviar (10 X 1.5oz Jars - Total 420g) SKU: SKU166372.

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