snake gourd flower

Instead of throwing banana peel, dry them till they lose moisture.

This vegetable belongs to Cucurbitaceae family and it can reach upto 6 feet length.

Now grind them and spread the powder on upper part of the soil. It is also known as serpent gourd, chichinda, padwal and potlakaya (Telugu). This is prepared by removing the skin and pulp from the gourd, and bleaching the fibers. The top of the bud looks like the head, and the stem is the neck, while the fruit is the body. Sometimes, none of the female flowers generate fruits but drop off without growing into a bottle gourd. The female flower develops into ridge gourd, and this sets them apart from their male counterparts.

This article was most recently revised and updated by, However, in case of climbers or creepers it’s not a good option. Run the soft brush on the opened male flower and on to the female flower. Stem gallfly: Maggots damage distal shoots and a thick layer is formed on shoots and stem.

The snake gourd is an annual plant with forked tendrils and kidney- or heart-shaped leaves that are sometimes palmately lobed. Removing the affected leaf will restrain the infection.
The fruit pulp is a good source of fiber-free carbohydrates.

It is easy to tell male from female flowers as the female flower will have the small gourd shape below the bloom, while the male flower grows on a stem without the ball shape below the flower.

However, it required 18C temperature at initial stages and for optimal growth it needs 25° to 38°C temperature. This will improve quality of the fruit. Simple natural way to fertilizer your container (apart from adding organic matter before planting) is to add banana peel powder. The narrow fruits often reach 1.5 metres (5 feet) in length; they are green with white stripes when young, becoming a red-orange colour when mature. One problem with this is that gourds cross-pollinate easily, and the seeds the gourd produces will generally not be true and will produce a gourd with characteristics of both plants.

It is important, as it helps to decide which variety you’d like to grow in a container.

Below mentioned are pests that damage your plant.

A ridge gourd produces both male and female flowers.

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And they will be light green and juicy with white, bitter flesh. Trying insecticides will save your plants from the disease. Use pliers to gently crack the hard shell and soak the seeds overnight.

Pollination is the transfer of pollen from the male parts of the flower or the anther to the female part or stigma of the same or a different flower of the same plant or the different plants. Honey bees and insects help in pollinating the flowers. Trichosanthes cucumerina is a tropical or subtropical vine.Its variety T. cucumerina var. Orange flowers generally open in the morning, and white flowers open at dusk.

And gourds naturally rely on flying insects to pollinate the flowers in this time frame.

You can try homemade liquid fertilizers like mixing 1 liter rice water with 2 tsp of mustard cake powder and 2 liters of normal water.

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