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STER. I can't wait to share your recipes with the hubby. Pretty good - did you see that video on Pruno? �{�l�:r����dQ� 2 >�ԯ�:�O�Q�E� ��^��膃Z��[��~l �I�`���0{�,���j3�f���-�Y� Really great recipes, actually. Hi Julie :) LOL LOL I was dying laughing wondering what you guys were gonna think about this one! drbj and sherry from south Florida on September 19, 2012: You are too brave, Kelly, letting Tyson whisper his secret ingredient sauce into your EAR? Correctional Cheesecake. Did you get to know the local warden? I forgot to mention, I have heard of some guys trying to fry the bologna although I am not sure that would help! Food is purchased from a grocery store, and inmates prepare their own meals. I was dying laughing while writing this one. Obviously funny and a treat to read, Kelly. lauramaryscott from Boise, Idaho on September 17, 2012: RealHousewife, I'm with KathyH in that the first thing I thought of was how does she know this and then I saw the photo of Martha Stewart. Funny! You could do it up too because you'll even be allowed to use fire or matches! Yummy mixes of Pruno!

As you can see there are many delectable treats that can be made from what is on hand - or 'the list'. I had so much fun doing this one...I can't always be serious and heck - this might help some one who plans to do a little time in the big house:) lol. Start off with your two Top Ramen noodles in a small bag. Thanks! Good Morning Cyndi! I enjoyed your article. HY. His favorite was much like the Madoff MaNoodle. I don't think they realize how similar inmates are to yours truly. I lived in some "modest" areas (I look back and I am shocked I never had any problems!) Bernie Madoff did make off with a lot of money but he was eventually caught and sent to the slammer. It was his gig = postage stamps, smokes, whatever would be traded for a box of juice! Thank you! jam certain that "caruthless cappuccino" is my favorite! By the way, making crab apple jelly is really easy and fun with a steamer canner. <> Now that's where I want to go if I'm ever locked up :). The Jack Mack—or mackerel in a can—is rinsed off and placed on top of the noodles. hahaha. No wonder that in most cases Ramen noodles & chips come in handy for these inmates. %t:���0�F���:��>.��r�B*ES�*T��,�yj��pW-&|�������\�xнk�5(A;TaʙQ\�r������wX�-�8����B�W���t��_a?OK�N���}H�G�]}�=^�n`n�},�&�ه��Ϡ�ɳ�������������%Ђ밽"�t�"I��^�5�������wh����: �p�JEe�:��^S���w�4\�m�E*r;�4hF����"���d� �Zl`)��e��w�[�[��w��)6��}��a>��b���A��6U*NՁQ�M7����X*~WS8�-����FX� �侢k���م�a���ؠ{7W�+ 2� ��� ��S]�}( ��.��Ƕ0ܷu��J��$'��ՠ���������#�ψ 'h � aeR�4ގ4V�����g���lY>m������p�2Uf����O:�%�{FJ�Ѧ�Ji��4c������6��^���v�g�'���x�D3�4?�ߥ nχ9��ȝ�Oh*�Q��'A!�m�,�� YKHi�:�t�#���2�G�}�EJ�8�字��>�Ξ�Lq�T�������{!W����x���7���d�j������:(I9M"w�4���;�ૅ�p�Cep���Ԏڳ���u�� "��l���X~��a�m�5�C7s�Z\D�kb��k��_A쏻J3���>C��QGx�#��ehE=��h�v������l�z��-~�����u�c. I got a special kick out of your Madoff "horses turds" recipe, courtesy of the poor mans meal with Ramen noodles. She cooks a lot of her meals in the microwave. A real hoot! Linda Crist from Central Virginia on September 18, 2012: It was a stroke of genius to write this. Original,unique, very clever and thanks for sharing. hahaha I heard when the lights went out - the ladies would whisper stuff like, "it's a good thing!" Below is an example of a recipe from an inmate named Alexander who offers step-by-step instructions for making his Nacho Spread: I got four or five bowls.

Hey Tammy! Carolee Samuda from Jamaica on September 17, 2012: Ramen noodles seem to the the most popular jail food..lol...I don't like them but won't state the reason here.

When the milk gets as hot as possible open the carton and add instant coffee.

He gave me a lot of my secret recipes:))) hahahaha, Hi Amy! Add creamer, sugar, and the hot cocoa.

Audrey Howitt from California on October 14, 2012: Wow--did you know that you are really, really funny! lol, Hi Mhatter! Kelly, you crack me up. Ingredients: 1/2 an onion, diced 4 1/2 teaspoons of butter 2 cups white rice 3 1/2 cups water Pork seasoning packet from ramen noodles 1/3 summer sausage diced "Take a good hard look at me, I'm ona Boat! lol. Remember the early jail bird gets the worm....be the first inmate to … Prison Cookbook: Female Texas Inmates Release 'From The Big House To Your House', Package(s) of Ramen Noodles + Spice Packet, Any flavor of Chips (Doritos, Cheetos, Frito's). Funny hub.

As Elvis would say, you'd be the cutest little jailbird he ever did see! Even a knife! Let your party dip cook together so the flavors have time to meld. Microwave this mixture for 30-50 seconds or until the chocolate is kind of melted and can be mixed up. DS Duby from United States, Illinois on September 19, 2012: Now this is true creativity lmao Reading this hubbies me hungry enough to commit a felony and turn myself in just to try out one of the recipes! Love this article, Real, and I'm intrigued by the idea of living on a boat. I hope you never have to resort to using any of these though! I had a really fun time preparing the dishes this week:) haha Now I just wonder how many neighborhood kids are gonna be allowed to eat in my kitchen when they go home and tell their parent's "Mrs. Umphenour makes dip in garbage bags!" Stir. hahaha. Heat water and add your favorite spice packet for flavorful and low cal soup. Vinaya Ghimire from Nepal on September 18, 2012: I see this world as a jail so I better learn to make Cappuccino and noodle your way. x��[[�G�!�x96Bb�5��v���+!��$��b�AB2���T�e��L��~vHi2��]]�S���{3�Y�I����1�������!̚�I?��7��?�>��OR��Lw��c������䍝]��^�Nw�>x�f릻/��?���$��,�8�0y�˷_��3I�S�������ƨ�?�?�YDa�9~p:�Y��#]��RQ5~���O��G��� qF�4�Vq�1��,�׆f>;�:}���qZ+�1�PU�%���;�2q(�c$�p�U����>�'��닩��6����o����'���1d�����S$���[=ū�S�ϞQ=�h1[;�I�������������4v�AZÛ4\R�{'2��ΰq�lȢI�lF��%h���T1��企�����z����!/��T��p��̀����\��ٌf6h���`j�E�~ďJ[�q��M"j���(M�1p���5���[t�����"��ЊA���elP�i They also set toilet paper on fire to hold beneath things to warm them up. :). "And it should be the law: If you use the word "paradigm" without knowing what the dictionary says it means, you go to jail. Syrup. The recipes sound easy & tasty. Funny hub! lol I had to just put the brakes on a do a fun hub:) I am so glad you enjoyed it!! Hi Penlady - right! I wish I owned it. I'll link this to my bachelor recipe hubs.

lol I can tell you a million and one ways to get there - and every single one of them would probably be lots of fun to do too! Kelly, you did a great job! This burrito recipe uses flavorful items that you can …

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