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It is a loosely woven dome type structure and built anywhere from.5m to 2m from the floor. Available! Strawberry finches are also commonly known as red avadavat or red munia. Although it is reasonably hardy when acclimatized, proper care is necessary for keeping them healthy. Place a piece of paper on the bottom and use it as a substrate. Unlike the females, the males sport a scarlet breeding plumage (during April-November). The nest seems to have a platform of long strands of grass coming from the bottom of the entrance to the nest. The Strawberry’s build a nest about 150cm in diameter. When entering breeding season, the chest of hens develop a yellowish-orange shade with the tail feathers becoming darker. When not writing or spending time In the past, strawberry finches were sold abroad from the Indian city of Ahmedabad, from which the common name “avadavat” and species name “amandava” are derived. Beautiful Strawberry finches for sale!

When kept as a pet, the strawberry finch needs certain conditions in order to thrive. It breeds in the Indian Subcontinent in the monsoon season.

They are very active and need a good deal of space to be healthy and happy.

They prefer to live in open fields, grasslands, jungle clearings, gardens, and meadows. To maintain their vivid plumage in molts, they need adequate moisture and exposure to sunshine. Birds of a flock will preen each other, ruffling their head feathers in invitation. That’s partly due to the cheerful red head and breast of males, and to the bird’s long, twittering song, which can now be heard in most of the neighborhoods of the continent. In breeding condition, the male bird has a brilliant red head, chest and rump with dark brown and black wings, back and tail feathers, all spotted with white.

With rapid wing beats, they prefer to fly in small flocks, descending into clumping grasses, where they are not spotted easily. Try to check some background as to where your birds may have originally come, so as to not have birds of the same genetic background. What Are the Different Types of Finch Aviaries? They can be found all across tropical Asia. The strawberry finch usually breeds often, with the female of either species laying several eggs during one season. Good softwood perches measuring 0.3-0.75 inches in diameter should be placed horizontally in the enclosure, helping them to wear their claws down naturally. primarily on topics such as homeschooling, parenting, health, science, and business. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Technically, the Strawberry finch is called the Red avadavat (Amandava amandava) but it is easy to see where it’s common name came from. The Strawberry Finch - Photos, song audio clips, and experiences from a keeper of strawberry finches. I provided these birds with a very natural setting but they didn’t breed for many years—until I put the “wall” in my sun porch. Their lesser numbers are due to the frequent destruction of this bird's natural habitat.

The species name of amandava and the common name of avadavat are derived from the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India, from where these birds were exported into the p… Nicole’s thirst for knowledge inspired her to become a wiseGEEK writer, and she focuses Red avadavats also accept materials like coconut fiber, long grasses, light colored feathers, and charred wood for building their nests, which give them the place to incubate. Experts also recommend that a pet owner change food and water within the enclosure often to help prevent illness. Your email address will not be published. Strawberry finches build small nests out of soft items, such as grass, feathers, and moss. It is found in the open fields and grasslands of tropical Asia and is popular as a cage bird due to the colourful plumage of the males in their breeding season. Required fields are marked *. Availability: Becoming uncommon. with her four children, Nicole enjoys reading, camping, and going to the beach. Should not be housed with Gold Breasted Waxbills to avoid cross breeding. Strawberry Finches , Known for their beautiful song, the popular Strawberry Finch, or Red Avadavat, is back! Strawberry Finches - A Singing Wings Aviary species profile. Strawberry Finch, Red Strawberry Finch, Red Avadavat, Coochin Finch, Red Waxbill. Strawberry finches are normally very healthy birds and are not as likely to become ill as some other types of birds, but they can get sick if they are not cared for properly. Finch nest boxes can be placed inside the aviaries to provide the bird with a hiding place. They typically like to live in large groups of their own kind, but they also enjoy the company of other small birds when kept as pets. How Do I Choose the Best Finch Birdhouse. The beak, as in most waxbills, is red. The Strawberry Finch - Photos, song audio clips, and experiences from a keeper of strawberry finches. When kept in mixed aviaries, their number should not exceed that of other bird species. Strawberry finches are native to Pakistan, the Philippines, and India, and include the red avadavat and the green avadavat. It is more difficult to determine the gender of this species than the red avadavat because the females are only slightly duller in color than the males.

This bird is marked by its bright green and yellow coloring, black stripes along its sides, and red beak. The red avadavat is susceptible to two bird lice species, Myrsidea amandava and Brueelia amandava as well as to viruses like paramyxovirus. An experienced vet should be consulted to adopt a proper treatment program in case of any health problems. One type of strawberry finch is the red avadavat, which is marked by its coloring during the breeding season.
Despite their small size, they have been known to live from 8 to 17 years in captivity. What Are the Best Tips for Finch Breeding? Strawberry Finches - A Singing Wings Aviary species profile.

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