study abroad thailand packing list

Although it will differ from country to country (and time of year), here is the general list

Insider Tip: You can buy mac and cheese sauce packets without the noodles. But having your favorite gift, or diary, or photo with you when you build up the courage to move to another country (it’s a big deal!)

Although I probably brought a few things I didn’t need and regret leaving other pieces at home, here is my best advice for future abroad-packers: So you’re facing the daunting task of packing. Trying to stuff your whole life into one or two suitcases is hard, especially if you have never been to that country before. It's important to remember that while there are some commonalities between Asian countries, what is available can vary wildly around the continent.

Dressing up and looking nice is generally expected, but hey, I could be wrong. If longer than three months, you will need to see a doctor abroad …

I have traveled throughout Southeast Asia for a month in Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam and can say that although these countries are extremely diverse (on their own and from each other), I didn't necessarily need anything that I didn't already have. Imagine that you’re only packing for a two-week trip. DO learn about the weather and culture of your study abroad location in order to decide what type of clothing you should pack.

After advising thousands of study abroad students and interns every year on what to pack for study abroad, our IES Abroad Advisors put together the ultimate study abroad packing list. Your email address will not be published. As you can see here, plugs around the world vary.

Study Abroad Packing List – Toiletries *: TSA Compliant Toiletry Kit/ 1-quart zip-top Ziploc bags Shampoo/Conditioner Toothbrush/toothpaste Soap Deodorant Feminine Products (one month’s worth – should go without saying you Now, I never-ever check-in bags at all!

around 10 “going out tops”/ “fun tops”.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but is meant to guide you through the more difficult or impossible things to find in Asia. and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. I only ever travel with what I can fit in my backpack which is about the same size as this one here. Super helpful! Don’t forget to get enough of your prescription medicine and first aid medicine for the whole time of your study abroad. Above all, don't worry too much about what to bring.

Passport, visa, itinerary, plane tickets, Take about $300 in local currency in case you need it for taxis and last minute expenses.

Every time I felt I unwell, I was thankful that I didn't have to try to describe my symptoms in broken Korean to a pharmacist in order to get some relief.

You will be settling in and getting to know your new temporary home for several months.

Of course, there will not be one guide fits all! The types of plugs vary around Asia -- you'll find everything from American to the U.K. to the two pin prongs of continental Europe -- so it pays to do some research about that you'll find in the country where you'll be teaching.

My first course of action whenever it’s time for me to move to another country is to write down an extensive moving abroad packing checklist! Whether it’s for short trips or year-long study abroad moves, here are (in my view) the packing … I'm going to list all of the ideas I can think of in relation to my own experiences, feel free to comment at the end of this article with other ideas!! Thank you!

I personally always take an old picture of my grandma and grandpa. To inquire about opportunities to partner or collaborate, or just  please email me at: That being said… Do not be tempted to take everything you have! Again, travel adapters might be your biggest issue. If you're ready to take it to the next level, then you can half what you already halved.

Thais consider the feet to be dirty, and it’s extremely rude to point your feet, particularly the bottom of your feet, at people and at images of Buddha.

DON'T bring more than you can carry.

Asia is hot and humid and you'll want those fresh linens and cotton fabrics! Not your closet, your baggage (literally and figuratively), and neither your box full of shoes you never wear anyway.

Bring along all the essential footwear you'd need depending on the climate of the country where you'll be living. What to Pack for Thailand – 17 Essentials, Other Thailand packing list items not to forget. In which case, my bad.)

If you're a size 8 or lower, you shouldn't have a problem, but 8.5 and up is where things start to become difficult. Honestly, the culture is really chill so whatever you feel comfortable wearing is probably fine. I hope this moving abroad packing list and guide is helpful for your upcoming move to another country!

Later, after my second trip to France during which I stayed over a year, I greatly reduced what I believed I needed! Stuff some of your favorite non-perishable snacks or teas into your bag along with your go-to spices so you can recreate your favorite dishes while abroad.

mac and cheese sauce packets without the noodles, 10 Post-Graduation Teaching Opportunities for 2021, The 10 Best Companies for Teaching English Online, What to Expect While Teaching English in South Korea, How to Keep Students Engaged when Teaching ESL Online. I always do a little bit of research before packing to move to a new country. Use some of my tips below about effective packing and with this list in front of you, you won’t forget something you really wanted to bring!

Disclaimer: This article may contain affiliate links that earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you.

It serves as a gentle reminder of what you love. You’ll rarely need more than two weeks’ worth of clothes because you'll have access to laundry.

I'm an avid roller when it comes to packing, so much that I'll scold Paul if I see him folding!

Once you've figured it out, buy a few of that type so you can charge different devices at the same time. I had reduced my stuff to fit in this bag for a 1-month backpacking trip around Europe | Bucketlist Bri.

I just recently bought a Kindle in August 2019 and I must say this gadget is a travel game-changer for me!

If it's a colder country like Korea, China or Japan, don't forget about a pair of good boots! To say it is stressful would be an understatement. Thank you .

Depending on where you travel you will need to adjust what you pack! That means, you will need things for your bedroom, for your studies, bathroom and so much more… Packing all of that might be a little unnecessary since you will need that space for more essential things.

Similarly, it can be very difficult to find larger cup sizes in many places in Asia. At times the country is scorching hot, at times it is cold. After I backpacked Europe for one month with a small backpack, I realized I didn’t need half as much as I once thought I did.

When you travel, you will automatically go for the things you are most comfortable in. I spent my sophomore spring semester studying abroad at Sciences Po in Paris and I loved every second of it.

Take it from me, do not pack everything you own when you move abroad to live in another country.

Privacy Policy, Passport and visa (plus copies, just in case), "Print Me" document sent by IES Abroad about 2 weeks before program start date, Cash in local currency for initial on-site expenses (check your predeparture information for recommended amount), Photocopies of important travel documents (your passport photo, visa, etc. Some other common questions could be: What if I Feel Homesick?

You also need to be very careful when discussing Thailand’s politics or government and do not say anything that could be construed as criticizing the Thai royal family. ( Log Out /  So, use the list below and check off all of the things you will need on your trip!

Anyways, I am glad you had a great time! THANK U for this.

If you get too full, some countries will deny your entry because you don't have a minimum of 2 open pages. The miscellaneous section of packing is usually my favorite. You’re anxiously counting the days until you depart and you are finally ready to start packing your things. All Rights Reserved. Choosing the right shoes to bring is challenging and moving abroad … You can find most things in a pinch, even if it's not the exact product you might want, and everything else is just a care package from home away. As for Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula, you can bring all the summer clothes including lots of bathing suits, dresses, and linen cover-ups. No matter where you go or when there are a handful of must-have items mostly everybody packs for travel. Picking the best shoes to bring will be one of your biggest challenges so start by reading this 10 step guide to packing the best travel shoes for any trip.. I'll be happy to chat about my experiences living abroad! You are not obligated to take everything with you. Europe uses two-pronged outlets, whereas Great Britain uses three. 1 “nicer” jacket- can be a trench, blazer, colored puffer, bomber… coordinate with your roommates and share! Personally, I brought a small bottle of ibuprofen and allergy and cold medicine. I am a minimalist packer, so expect this list to cover the basics. A year after living in Mexico.

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