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JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a simple way to exchange data between 2 applications.

Unternehmen nutzen das Outsourcing, um sich einerseits auf ihre zentralen Geschäftsprozesse konzentrieren und andererseits auf das Fachwissen ihres Partners verlassen zu können. Historically, the terms is for innovations like the Model T or the MP3.

„Wer zukunftsweisende Marketing-Ansätze plant, sollte auch die Lokalität miteinbeziehen – ‘Location-aware-advertising‘ wird als Mobile-Marketing-Trend auch 2016 eine große Rolle spielen.“, Mit der Digitalisierung einher gehen die universelle Vernetzung und automatisierte Geschäftsprozesse.

For an example of the power of HTML5, check out The Wilderness Downtown. WebSockets are currently supported by Firefox 4, Chrome 4 and Safari 5. We've already covered the most useful tech terms worth knowing, but it seems like every day we see articles mentioning a ton of nonsense marketing words and phrases. We're here to help! Cryptocurrency, in overly simple terms, is basically internet money—the most popular form of which is Bitcoin. This funding comes through services like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Wearables is a goofy way of referring to any and all wearable technology. A web page’s DOM can be viewed as a tree of elements, with the html element at the root of the tree. Take it offline. This means that web designers will be able to download a WOFF web font (whether free or paid), upload it to their site, link to it with @font-face, and have their text look gorgeous, without any extra fussing. The problem is that it's often difficult to gauge whether something is worth funding, but we've put together a guide if you need some help. 9 Buzzwords, die jeder kennen sollte. How are you, dear web developer, to keep up with it all?! Artificial intelligence, or AI, is perhaps one of the more prominent words for 2020. It is a rather vague name given to the large and growing number of “smart” devices that are connected to (you guessed it)  the internet! Unfortunately, @font-face has been slow to take off, mainly due to licensing and browser compatibility issues. – Eine Diskussion des Ethikverbands der Deutschen Wirtschaft [Teil 1]. Storing other data in "the cloud" just means it's available online so you can get it on multiple devices. This term encompasses the whole relationship that a user has with a website, from usability and accessibility through to their feelings on the site’s visual design, interface, branding, and marketing message. Yes, a good summation of DHTML. The ‘P’ in LAMP can also stand for Perl or Python — 2 other popular web programming languages. car window that makes it possible to see through other cars, services with augmented reality right now, we have a more in-depth explanation of Bitcoin here, who start companies at a rate that rivals. As in, “Our startup will disrupt the lightbulb industry.” What to say instead: “We’re going to … You can indicate that a web page is encoded using UTF-8 by placing the following line of code inside the page’s head element: The Unicode Consortium has a list of useful Unicode character charts for reference. CSS3 adds all sorts of fun new features to the mix, including: As always, current browser support for many of these features is patchy. Another real-life example: Facebook uses machine learning to understand you and your profile to tailor your newsfeed specifically to what it believes are your interests based on your actions. I’ve added him to this thread.”, What you really mean: "Bob should see this, too. Modernizr makes it very easy to determine which features are supported, because it adds classes to the page’s html element. One guy can’t thank you guys, and other readers, enough for this free service you provide us here. Buzzwords can serve as convenient shorthand for complex ideas.

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