traditional ciabatta recipe

This recipe was pretty good – the dough was very wet but not as hard to work with as I assumed. However, the traditional ciabatta tri-fold scar was lost, did not survive the proofing, it was absorbed back into the dough. I just left a comment and then read more of these other comments. I tried spraying the oven (I had a cast iron pan I sprayed into) but It brought the temperature down to 375, so I sprayed less and faster but couldn’t get the dark brown crust even cooking them 25 min. I add garlic salt, chives and rosemary. Despite loving the taste of the ciabatta that I get from following the recipe (modified to take account of David’s advice on the yeast I have), I am still not getting the bread I expect. I love this recipe, I’ve just made it for the first time and my loaves looked amazing!!! Add milk and then use an electric mixer and begin mixing the dough. Tony, Hi Tony, I posed your question to Larry, one of our bakers. Good luck! It was too dense…. This is music to our ears. Resist the urge to add more water or flour. Don’t roll too thin is my advice. Take as much dough as you need for 1 ciabatta and shape it into a loaf. The only other thing is I can’t seem to get a super crispy crust, it stays relatively soft, any tips? JD, that’s terrific to hear about your biga! Again this dough was more like a large sticky mass. This recipe should ideally be made in a stand mixer. This was perfect! Thanks for the quick reply! And please let us know. I’ve tried your recipe for the 2nd time and it turned out dense.

Here’s what we advise in terms of replenishing the biga recipe on our site…. The loaves are covered with flour from the parchment. It doesn’t expire for a year. Combine flour, yeast, and water in a large bowl. The dough was too wet. Place each loaf, seam side up, on a piece of parchment. 3 – The biga recipe calls for 1/4-tsp of active yeast – instead, I used 1/2-g of instant yeast. If you're baking on a stone, transfer the bread to the stone, parchment and all. If no stand mixer or food processor can you put the ingredients in a bread machine in the same way as the stand mixer and use the “dough” setting? Making the biga is very simple to do. Learn how to make ciabatta bread with this step-by-step recipe. Matt, thanks for reading the recipe so carefully. Bread flour that is readily available i n the country where I live is dark, not white. Actually, John, the cornmeal is at the bottom of the ingredient list. We test each and every recipe in home kitchens prior to sharing them on the site so as to guarantee only spectacular results. Knead the ingredients around 10 minutes until you get a nice and soft dough. The best tasting bread I’ve ever made. To say they love rustic breads is an understatement. Hmmm…wonder what I am baking on Sunday??? Modern bakers have found that the milk that is now available has already been heated to a high enough level during the pasteurization process to nullify the potential effects of protease and serum proteins on gluten formation. Hi Maryann, this can be a tricky dough if you are unfamiliar with a wet dough. I know my dear mother’s method for how to deal with wet dough, and it helped me to get nice 4 ciabatta. Greatly appreciate it and so glad you like this recipe as much as we do! Secondly, and the method I used, I left the faucet running with cold water and simply wet my hands whenever the dough became tacky while stretching/folding. And sometimes, in my experience, you make a loaf of bread seemingly the exact same way as you did the previous time and yet it turns out appreciably different.

Nothing terrible, at all, but might have contributed a little bit to the smaller holes. Same here. Brilliant tweaks, Marc! This is the third loaf of bread I’ve ever made – full stop – and I found these detailed instructions and observations, coupled with all the helpful comments on this recipe, ensured my success. Hi “info”, the authenticity comes from the biga starter and resultant very wet dough. Thank you for sharing. They taste good but are really extremely flat.

Hi Renee — I’ve had luck with the texture — nice and hole-y inside and crusty outside — but I”m not so happy with the taste of the crumb.

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