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It can inspire movement so far as dance, which is a way of bringing the spirit back into the present moment and to the mood of creation, honoring gratitude. I’ve done so much music the last few years that I would imagine also buying I had options of staying with friends, but I stayed on the subway. Laraaji: Yes, we were in the same choir together at mommy’s womb first. way into the meditation experience. I think it was a Unitarian church. rooms late at night and you’d be sandwiched in between other acts. Laraaji: [Laughs] When I had been guided to develop a new sound using the electric autoharp, I had developed enough vocabulary to play on the sidewalks of Brooklyn and New York. In that deep relaxation place, natural meditation can come forward into the foreground of the awareness. I did visit Harpers Ferry once in the Shenandoah Valley area just to see it for myself. It’s directed inwardly into the brain to stimulate the release of His newest releases, Sun Piano, Moon Piano, and Through Luminous Eyes, are a trilogy that center around the piano. I was very drawn to reading metaphysical All of this occurred during that recording session in Brooklyn. musicians and jam.
Eventually, by a magical fate, some people, a spiritual community, suggested a name for me without knowing of my affinity for the sun. Laraaji: I didn’t have a piano at the time. I’d sit down, touch the piano and through free association, also blending it with my prepared mental state, I was able to tune in and affirm my highest sense of presence. And the name Laraaji is just that, a name that honors the divine energy of the sun. “Across the wide Missouri…”. So, all of that music was spontaneous but with those influences shaping and guiding it along the way. Aquarium Drunkard: Did the setting affect what you were doing? Laraaji: I had a very intimate, warm, loving, insightful experience in the mid-1970s when I, for about two weeks, experienced what was as close as I’ve ever come to being homeless. Laraaji is a multi-instrumentalist and new-age musician who first came to prominence for the Brian Eno-produced Day of Radiance, released in 1980.

Workshops run from 90 minutes to 2 hours.

age experimental music. what’s on the surface come out so you can get to some new strains. Laraaji: I’m not clear what the New Age market is. I see Spotify and Pandora have set aside special categories for that kind of music. AD: Then you had a great deal of formal music training at Howard University. A large grand piano in an empty church. The rhythms can slow down the breath or quicken or raise the spirits and enthusiasm and remind the spirit of its ability to survive. visionary experience in the mid-1970s that inspired my going toward a more new it, or maybe I just was too naïve to notice it. gravitated toward a serene peaceful music of mind. The armor comes down. Can you tell me about that? AD: We do have one. into our heart in a very warm, soft peaceful way, and then into the abdominal Whatever music helps them to cope with the times To The Moon with Laurie Anderson and Hsin-Chien Huang, Terry Hall talks depression and life’s simple pleasures, Ólafur Arnalds in conversation with Mary Anne Hobbs, Virgil Abloh on how art can destroy boundaries.
But I did like the discipline. The amount of attention that the culture pays to that ebbs and flows. So, eventually while looking for a spiritual name later on, I felt like I would want a three-syllable name that somehow honored the sun. The piano became an instrument for the imagination to suggest higher or finer worlds, to suggest a joy, euphoria, bliss, also to suggest silence, minimalism, relaxation, and contemplation. played when I got a chance to.

I felt at a loss.

Which represents a full circle since my introduction to the piano. I’m no longer on a stage, and the audience is down there. AD: That sounds really cool. We get the body open, get the breath open, and get the imagination loosened up. It may have been going on. Being in present time.

It’s like as a kid listening to rock songs and I’m not sure what they’re supposed to mean, but there was a poetic edge in there somewhere. Larry Gordon, Larry G. Aquarium Drunkard: And I understand there’s going to In other words, it’s got an acoustic sound, but I can play it Laraaji: Is there one up there near you, a piano?

Something about the song…we must have sung it in high school choir or college choir.

AD: It sounds like there are some parallels to music. I chose not to actually rush out of it. Laraaji: I’ve always enjoyed “Shenandoah.” There’s a nostalgia about it. It is beautiful there.

The teacher thought for a few moments, smiled and corrected his student. Laraaji: Yes, my mommy and daddy discovered me in my It’s into rock and roll and jazz. We approach the subject of laughter with a very playful spirit. as a doorway into experimental new directions. I’m noticing through Spotify which lets the artist know the activity, and I’ve noticed Maybe it was a spring day or early spring, and just sitting there about noontime and the sun was overhead and I felt in the midst of all the isolation and separation that the sun was there holding space for me. Laraaji: I remember being immersed in a community of spontaneous piano improvisation.

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