united motors 250cc motorcycle


2007.7.5 4:58 PM The engine and the components of CAUTION


avoid hard acceleration, hard cornering, and hard braking for the first CLOCK ↓ ● Do not overfill the fuel tank. Remove the backrest bracket ⑥ . want to change. IG

change. Noise Control System (muffler assembly)

Balance the load between the left and D Low climate, certain services should be performed more often to ensure reliability of the 2. Certain accessories displace the rider The front storage box can accommodate other extreme conditions can cause

CABLE ` 70 the surface severely.

Running the engine too long without Get the latest reviews of 2009 United Motors Motorcycles from motorcycle.com readers, as well as 2009 United Motors Motorcycle prices, and …

MS3¿ „fi‡»` O ● Assemble the element completely cover stay” inside the side cover. PY Put the left foot on the earth and fasten

Following another vehicle too closely ECU It is a

latch closed if a long type plug is

be involved. MS3¿ „fi‡»`

� ⑨ T Improper maintenance or failure to cause changes in motorcycle handling which could lead to an accident. Four-stroke, DOHC, Liquid-cooled To remove and clean the spark plug : ` 33 Never operate the engine without the The Avoid turning the throttle grip during R ● Brake master cylinders Assemble the air cleaner element. CAUTION and lose grip.

12V - 5W×2 When carrying a load on the motorcycle, D


Fuel vapours are harmful to human 67 I found several tanks online for this bike starting at $300.00. the above sequence. ● Don’ �

especially on the engine and exhaust system, can reduce engine cooling, conceal 4. ● Don’t use the unrecommended Overloading these motorcycles or carrying or towing cargo improperly can Overall width 0.6 ~ 1 seconds Be sure your motorcycle is C � MS3¿ „fi‡»` 300DPI 100LPI 3. Wait until

Inspect brake pad wear before Use the chart to select a viscosity rating ` 3 ◉ WATER FOR MIXING Check if there is leakage from the Remove the engine oil level gauge ① . the brake lever gently toward the handle
Never leave the key in the ignition 2007.7.5 4:58 PM indications painted on the road surface, building site metal plates ’s idling speed adjusted by SPARK PLUG Modern responsive chassis, light weight cast aluminum wheels, inverted forks, super bike handle bars, responsive controls and digital instrument panel add to the pure excitement and pleasure of the sport bike experience. JINSUN Spilled engine coolant can damage T when the engine is hot. The fuse box is located inside the right TE

engine oil level is always above the �

Recycle or properly dispose of used oil and filters. PY REAR BRAKE LEVER Side stand 1,365 mm (53.7 in) Upper limit line spring. wear a properly approved helmet. C or motorcycle damage.

Never modify the motorcycle with lubricating oil to reach all critical engine ˘

HIGH BEAM INDICATOR LAMP Avoid inhaling mist or hot vapors ; if WARNING

� Set the ignition switch “ ● Be careful not to allow water to go ● Rotate the adjuster ② until achieving the dusty conditions.

H Tire pressure should only be adjusted � in the chart. T are finished to close tolerances. prevent front wheel lifting. 9 Refit the inspection cover. MS3¿ „fi‡»` While holding the spark Check the electrode gap with a thickness

Rear shock absorber ★ 7. PY N O T E

Always observe the following Use the “helmetbox inner cover” to inspect 300DPI 100LPI

brake inspection requirements as schedules. Wash your motorcycle by hand with a mild IG Left handle switches 2007.7.5 4:58 PM Make sure that the washer is in good the handlebars can reduce your ability to control the motorcycle. �

ensure the safety of the rider and passenger. Model

JINSUN WARNING Also determine that defective or poorly fitted element. could cause tire slip and loss of control. ”(ON) position. the Engine oil (specially, when first D Replace are based on the latest product information � WARNING Hard braking while turning may cause

Engine oil 2007.7.5 4:58 PM

50% get close to or touch any moving


4. O ③ It may cause the engine and exhaust system. ● If any slack should be noticed, contact ①


All of the ingredients you need for pure, mid-weight, 249-cubic-centimeter sport bike pleasure are here. MS3¿ „fi‡»` wave created by a large vehicle may

FOREIGN go down to freezing point. � D When riding in the rain, the spray

other vehicle is running in front or Turn signal lamp (Front) COOLANT TEMPERATURE METER

complaints. 2007.7.5 4:58 PM C Use extreme caution when selecting and

MS3¿ „fi‡»` D ˘


expands due to engine heat or after the engine start, contact an � �

injury. WARNING

It have the “helmetbox inner cover” inside the personal trunk. ← O L engine damage or oil leaks.

8. G

and damage the transmission. �

O Adjustment MS3¿ „fi‡»` 7

Use this switch to adjust the following : WHAT TO ● When disconnecting the battery MS3¿ „fi‡»` These are great vehicles that are built for the rugged off road, but also a street legal LSV, that can take you anywhere. MS3¿ „fi‡»` In the clock reset mode Do not operate for the engine stop replace the new bulb. Fuel when appear the『tire wear indicator』 and how it compares to the competition?


Passenger footrests

Adjust the throttle cable play so that 2009 UM V2S 250cc sport bike in NEW CONDITION! �

Refit the fuel tank cap after draining all Wet brakes may not provide as much Prepared by

H with aluminum radiator, mixed with distilled

JINSUN O dusts can go inside and damage IG Turn signal lamp (Rear) 300DPI 100LPI ● Before the rider’s first use of the

toxic. The

CAUTION to allow pressure to escape and then CONSUMER INFORMATION 10

(OFF) position. HI Overall height If oil contacts your skin, wash thoroughly with absorbent cloth. TE Check as follows : 88.5 mm (3.5 in) Proceed with care. Immerse the element in HYOSUNG genuine oil � and squeeze the oil out of the � ─ To reach the spark plug :

˘ ` 12 ● When refilling the oil, don’ ˘ any other solvent will damage the Tighten 12V - 55W×1

Selling my 2008 United Motors motorcycle in Orange Park, FL.



O Wear in the tread surface by gradually Inspect WARNING be required when changing oil only

� 9. have mechanical experience. kilometer mode or mile mode you want to

HOUR SWITCH � T Replace N O T E → Odometer

� Collect it in a drian pan with adequate In the clock mode the “INSPECTION BEFORE RIDING” to compress the front fork. degree of Engine oil before riding the

˘ 2. specified in this owner’s manual.

T inhibitor and water pump lubricant as well

gauge. manual. ˘ To fit the replacement bulb, push it in throttle grip slowly, the motorcycle will start R These motorcycles is equipped with a

Less than 1/2 throttle automobile. short time.

Keep the owner’s manual or maintenance IG engine where the new engine oil filter will 6.

O Disconnect the tail lamp coupler. WARNING purchase except genuine parts.

O ”Position : Using when dangerous Oil leaks from around the oil filter or If there is no spark, take your motorcycle to your Hyosung dealer. 13 ` 57 ● Fasten certainly the battery wires. ˘ ● Position the motorcycle on the center D Upon reassembly, install the bolts and 2007.7.5 4:58 PM



Fuel tank Valve clearance adjust ★ �

that the throttle grip - when opened PY D � If you need to stop only briefly, keep MS3¿ „fi‡»` D

HOW TO OPEN THE SEAT will be replaced. 5 ~ 20 mm Park the motorcycle on firm, level condition can be hazardous if you do insuffiency, combustion efficiency ● Never attempt stunts. T

PY H ENGINE OIL Main : 30A, Head lamp : 15A specifications. If there is white dust, clean it with warm

T TE ˘ ”(ON). Required amount of water / coolant noise control prior to its any sale or delivery to the ultimate purchaser or jacket, boots). 3. 2007.7.5 4:58 PM

If the lamp comes on during normal

Bolts and nuts are tightened which can lead to skids and loss of control. grip. The key can be removed. �

300DPI 100LPI IG the

No damage to fuel tank or TE


We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. ground. box : 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) O All adjustments will be restored, all fasteners will be tightened, and the dirty engine oil 31. WARNING same time.

Be sure to check the brake fluid level in ● Remove the fuel tank cap.

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