vegan summer pasta recipes

Perfect for sinking into my beloved hammock, iced coffee and a book in hand… That’s how I plan to be in the next few days so as to not squander any of this precious sunshine…. Ania, Super helpful!

This turned out to be so delicious!
I’d love to see what you cook! I love using the oil that the sun dried tomatoes are packed in as the cooking oil here. These recipes are super flavorful, rich, and mouth-watering, as well as so comforting and nutritious. Thanks Cassie, I am delighted to hear that you enjoyed it! Read More, Tofu Ricotta Vegan Ravioli with Mushrooms, Vegan Creamy Cajun Pasta with Breaded Tofu, Spinach and Almond Ricotta Vegan Cannelloni, Pasta with Creamy Vegan Walnut-Tomato Sauce. My non-vegan room mates can attest to that. Could I roast them? And it is truly so very lovely in taste, texture and colour .”. Foodess: Creamy Greens & Coconut Linguine, 15. Transfer the sautéed zucchini to a bowl and set aside. I’m delighted to hear that, Julie! These 31 vegan pasta recipes are a total life-saver.

Hope that helps! I could eat them every day! Wow, this was wonderful!


Say goodbye to a sink full of dishes and hello to this one-pot pumpkin pasta! I used zucchini noodles instead of pasta and it came out great. Here you’ll find nutritious and delicious vegan recipes that will help you stay healthy and happy. My BF and I both loved it!”, Blog reader Su says, “I made this yesterday despite having zero motivation to cook. 31 delicious vegan pasta recipes. Thank you!

Sauté the zucchini, stirring here and there, until slightly softened and edges are bright green, about 3-4 minutes. Simple Vegan Blog: Vegan Stuffed Shells, 6. Believe me, I know the real thing is better, but these were still great in a pinch. I was missing tomatoes and nuts but still tasted amazing! I also love that I had all these recipes on-hand in my vegan pantry :)”. 5 stars, Thanks, Lauren! It’s creamy, cheesy, and smoky and indulgent yet healthy crowd pleasing meal.

At this point you may want to add a touch more olive oil for a more luxurious finish. My boyfriend lives away from home, and he requests in on his home-visits :) He was skeptical about nutritional yeast too!”. A-MAZZZZ-INGGGG. Comment Policy: We want to hear from you, so please feel free to leave a comment (give us your feedback, share the ingredients you’ve modified or help other readers) and rate the recipe after you’ve made it. Thank you for this awesome receipe!”, Blog reader Shelley says, “I made this with walnuts instead of pine nuts and served it on zucchini noodles as I have soooo much zucchini to use up. x Ania, This was so delicious I loved it!! Creamy pasta usually doesn’t sound healthy, but this one is packed with antioxidants (turmeric, chili peppers, wild mushrooms) and healthy fats (cashews).

Blog reader Lindsay says, “Commenting as I eat! Simple Vegan Blog: Vegan Mac and Cheese, 3. I am not exaggerating when I say this is the BEST vegan mac and cheese you’ll ever taste (read the reader comments under the blog post!). And sounds like great thinking on your feet! The Tasty K: Vegan Spaghetti Carbonara, 21.

Right, I hope you’ll approve. I used walnuts for the pesto and it worked perfect.”. <3ReplyCancel.

Everyone liked it. Once again, thank you! Packed with flavor but easy enough for a weeknight dinner! Doubled everything and used asparagus instead of artichokes (that’s what I had) and it turned out great! Once zucchini is almost done, add the garlic and allow it to fry in amongst the zucchini, stirring frequently.

Vegan Richa: Vegan Creamy Cajun Pasta with Breaded Tofu, 19. A food blog with simple, healthy, vegan recipes, Last Updated: Jun 25, 2020 Published: Jun 30, 2020 By: Iosune Leave a Comment. Cook up something tasty with one of these 21 Vegan Fall Pasta Recipes! Thank you!”, Blog reader Gillian says “This was delicious!

The sauce should be a bit fluid. Customize them with any ingredient you have on hand and enjoy wonderful food at any time of the year! Simple and easy to make, with them you’ll always have a back-up plan for when you’re in a hurry. Made this last weekend and it was a great mix of seasonal flavours. Start squishing them with the back of your spoon/spatula.

Even cheap!!”. Feel free to jazz it up by adding your favorite protein or veggies.

Since hot weather isn’t conducive to elaborate cooking, I have a simple summer pasta recipe for you today. The best parts of Fall are pumpkin spice everything, cooler weather AND pasta!!!

Plays Well With Butter: Lemony Basil Creamy Vegan Pasta, 10. The sauce was perfectly spicy and tangy and I'll be making it again. Blog reader reader Joan says, “Loved the recipe! 10-Ingredient Creamy Pantry Pasta . It’s kind of like the summery version of this creamy cauliflower one. They will help you prepare good and healthy food even if you have a busy schedule. Step Two – Make the Pesto.

So very yummy!!

Also great! Had it with garlic bread and ice cream! Season the sauce with salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar (if using), balsamic vinegar and a pinch of chilli if using. We love how the whole wheat pasta and crisp, raw vegetables blend with the rich and creamy peanut sauce. This Tahini and Greens Pasta Salad tastes just like classic pasta salad but it’s so much better for you and takes just 15 minutes to make!

I have never made a sauce like this before, ever, so I followed the measurements in detail. Will be making these recipe again with different seasonal ingredients! Simple Vegan Blog: Pasta Aglio e Olio, 25. It worked great! Method Cook the pasta just short of al dente (the pasta I used takes 12 min to cook al dente, I cooked it for 11 min) following... Heat up 2 tsp oil in a non-stick pan (I like to use a stainless …

There are no rules other than seasonal veg and a bit of care. I'm making it for the second time in a week. And it takes just 15 to 30 minutes to make!

I also recommend you add some vegan Parmesan cheese on top… All I can say is WOW! I doubled the recipe and served it cooled/at room temp. It uses the best of summer produce: zucchini, ripe tomatoes, grilled artichokes and Kalamata olives and can be thrown together in a matter of minutes. This is the creamiest pumpkin Alfredo pasta ever—you would never even know it’s vegan! Although my favorite recipe is vegan lasagna, I really like all of them. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

It was a great meal for vegans and non-vegans! Then, stir the chopped chard into the pot of boiling pasta. 1. Green beans and asparagus get cooked with pasta at the same time, making this an easy and fuss-free meal. Creamy Pesto Penne with Vegetable Ribbons, Tortellini with Tomato Spinach Cream Sauce, Sweet Potato Tortellini with Hazelnut Sauce, Ricotta Gnocchi with Spinach & Gorgonzola, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. ", Blog reader Biota says, “ Hands down the best mac and cheese I've ever made, and such a bonus that it's made with only clean ingredients!.”, Blog reader Judy P. says, “This is the BEST vegan cheese I have ever made. This recipe is made with just 10 everyday pantry staples and it’ll quickly become part of your regular easy weeknight dinner rotation. Sooo hearty, flavoursome, creamy and rich.

31 vegan pasta recipes made with simple and inexpensive ingredients. About That Food: Spinach and Almond Ricotta Vegan Cannelloni, 24. Stir to combine. 10 Creamy Vegan Pasta Recipes 1.

Besides, pasta keeps very well in the fridge and it’s perfect for taking away and have lunch at work.
She loves to read graphic novels, write poetry about nature and cook Thai food while listening to podcasts.

Great to hear, Rosanna! Great to hear that you enjoyed it, Kathryn. Hearty soba noodles meet a creamy and spicy sesame-cashew sauce and are paired with seared tempeh and fresh veggies in this Vegan Soba Noodle Salad. ;) So filling, warming, and perfect for a cozy night in. Also left the Watermelon radishes off since we don't know them where I live. You might be like, Ania, have you been living in a cave?

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