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We align ourselves with causes that are as dedicated to helping animals as we are. Veterinary professionals with eating disorders, depression, and other conditions may also be particularly struggling due to restrictions being placed on all of us. These can be difficult, both immediately and later on.

Registered Address:7 Mansfield Street, London, W1G 9NQ. A study has been published into the Vetlife Health Support (VHS) service – a clinical service for the Veterinary community provided by March on Stress – with overwhelmingly positive results. The strategies people have for recovery and staying well may have become more difficult, and for people with anxiety disorders, such as obsessive compulsive disorder or health anxiety, the behavioural changes being required of everyone may feel in contrast to mental health advice previously received. Vetlife Health Support is here to offer free help to anyone in the veterinary community who is experiencing mental health difficulties, including, but not limited to: stress anxiety depression alcohol and drug misuse eating disorders Our mental health professionals will offer an assessment and advice or care management; guiding and supporting you to ensure you […] We also support family or colleagues who are concerned about someone. We provide our support in different ways as needed, ranging from veterinary services and treatments, to products and cash sponsorship.

Sign up, The BVA are providing up to date guidance for the veterinary profession on their.

Please get in touch on This is causing uncertainty and worry for some people.

Please talk with us about your worries and concerns.

020 7222 2001 Using Mixed Methods to Identify the Primary Mental Health Problems and Needs of Children, Adolescents, and Their Caregivers during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.

NB If you are a registered veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse with the RCVS, you should manage your subscription to this publication via your email preferences in My Account. Vetlife is proud to provide support to many not-for-profit organisations within our community. Most users should sign in with their email address.

It is a privilege to bring our expertise to Vetlife and to provide such an important service and one which means beneficiaries receive help and support in a timely manner, often bridging the gap created by lengthy NHS waiting times.

Confidential telephone support 0303 040 2551. As a caring industry facing new pressures, it can be our first instinct to care for others and neglect our own health. Vetlife Health Support – new study published Added on the 18th February 2020.

For pets, we offer a range of pet foods, leads, collars and harnesses, toys, bowls, beds and crates, flea and worm treatments and other over-the-counter medicines. Quantitatively, data showed that participants reported significant improvements in relationships and access to formal mental health care after contact with VHS. The global COVID-19 outbreak is having a profound impact, including on people in the veterinary industry.

In the short term there will be profound adjustments to the ways in which we currently can work, study and interact with the people we love.

It’s important that the emotional support and human connections remain too, and new ways of working via phone and video are supporting people to do this.

Usual foods and routines may be unavailable currently.

Although Vetlife is currently only able to offer financial support to veterinary surgeons and their dependants that are resident in the UK, it is worth contacting us if you are a veterinary nurse or student because we may be able to refer you to another charity.

Sleep and rest are vital for mental health. It’s anonymous too – you can make up a name if you want.

Please be advised that none of these organisations are officially endorsed by the RCVS or the Mind Matters Initiative.

Veterinary professionals are at increased risk of suicide and mental health difficulties compared to the general population. As part of our partnership, we assist in SPCA animal adoptions and ensure stray animals that are dropped off to our clinics receive proper care. Social distancing, self-isolation and quarantine are important measures for disease control but can have profound impacts for our social contact and connectedness.

We know for many students this is a time of unprecedented uncertainty and disruption. Vetlife is a charity which provides support to members of the UK veterinary community and their families. Access further information and apply via the Vetlife website.

Vetlife works the hours that you do, with someone on call 24/7 for emergency service support. Many veterinary professionals have health conditions that increase their vulnerability to coronavirus infection and have been advised to take measures that mean it may be difficult for them to continue to work in the way they usually do. You could not be signed in.

All calls are confidential, and callers are referred on for specialist advice where appropriate. Welcome to Vetlife. Your email address will be removed so it won’t be visible to anyone at Vetlife … A sub-sample was interviewed and the data qualitatively analysed (n = 14).

In terms of benefits for employees and the self-employed in the current situation, when work and pay is affected, the main relevant benefits are Statutory Sick Pay, New Style Employment and Support Allowance and Universal Credit.

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