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The greatest destruction, however, took place in 1687, when the Venetian Morosini besieged the Acropolis. The Acropolis of Athens became the “laboratory” of Athenian democracy, a place where Athenian citizens came to debate and vote, except for women, immigrants, the poor, traders, craftsmen, and slaves. The Port of Piraeus is a 30-minute drive outside of the city center.

Athens City Pass all inclusive including Acropolis and Hop-on-Hop-off Bus. The 15 best things to do in Athens This temple was still unfinished when the Persians invaded Attica in 480 BC, pillaged the Acropolis and set fire to its monuments.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. You will also learn how the Greeks were able to assemble these massive, heavy marble blocks into columns and drums that would remain standing – at least parts of them – for nearly 2500 years. Opposite the north wing of the Propylaia is a tall rectangular pedestal known as the pedestal of Agrippas, because it once supported an offering by the city of Athens to Marcus Agrippas, son-in-law of Augustus. Make sure you read the essential information regarding the site. Its main feature is its arcade lined with 6 huge statues representing some female figures named caryatids. Under Frankish occupation (1204-1456) the Propylaia were converted into a residence for the Frankish ruler and in the Ottoman period (1456-1833) into the Turkish garrison headquarters. To make the sun's rays even more intense, there's white rock reflecting light at every angle making it super bright up there. One thing you should take into consideration, however, is that while the simple 20€ adult ticket can be printed from your computer,  if you wish to buy a reduced ticket, you can only print a voucher with which you will need to go to the Acropolis ticket office to issue your ticket upon showing your ID/passport. If you already have your ticket at hand, head to the side entrance and start your visit from the Theater of Dionysus before climbing up to the Parthenon. This leads to my next tip. Once at the top, there will be just a few tourists left and you’ll be able to take your pictures and enjoy the view. Its construction began in 448/7 BC.

On the right-hand side, the absolute architectural masterpiece of antiquity is erected: the Parthenon, the classical symbol of perfection and harmony! Several architectural elements of the ruined temples were incorporated in the northern wall and are still visible today. How much time do you need to see the Acropolis? At one point under Ottoman rule, the Parthenon functioned as a mosque; at another during the Morean War, it served as place to store gunpowder. It was the last great work of the Pericles Era before Athens fell prey to the Spartan and its Golden Age came to an end.
*Please keep in mind that having a prepurchased ticket in hand will help you skip the lines at the ticket office, but the Acropolis rock itself may still be quite crowded.
I share all of these hydration and gear tips to help you prepare for a comfortable experience so you can stay as long as you'd like learning, seeing and exploring.

To Visit the Acropolis, know that it is open from 8am to 5pm in the winter season and 8am to 8pm in the summer. Following the Greco-Persian Wars against the First Persian Empire, the Athenians were forced to abandon their city, and the Persian army took the opportunity to destroy the city during their exile. To Visit the Acropolis, know that it is open from 8am to 5pm in the winter season and 8am to 8pm in the summer. Tell us what’s on your mind! If you don’t want to share your experience with a horde of other people, here are a few tips for visiting the Acropolis of Athens: 1. Check out all of our Context Athens tours here.

The temple was most probably named after Erechtheus, a former heroic ruler of Athens, and according to Greek mythology, this is the place where Athena and Poseidon competed for the patronage and protection of the glorious capital of Greece. and its inauguration took place in 438 BC. After visiting the Parthenon (which is usually the most crowded place of the Acropolis), you can slowly walk your way down the hill before the cruise passengers arrive (around 10 a.m.) and heat gets excessive.

One of these, the so-called Beulé Gate, named after the nineteenth century French archaeologist who investigated it, is preserved to this day. Here you can watch some classical plays and tragedies during the summer months (for information visit the Athens Festival site here). More details can be found in our We know it sounds odd, but excitement and speed can make the whole visit seem like a blur afterward. This is the best option if you are spending a few days in Athens and you want to visit at least 2 of these attractions: buying this kind of ticket will allow you to save both money and time since you won’t have to wait in line everywhere! There's so much to learn and see! It's because it was the most perfect building built by the world's most advanced civilization and even though we have been studying it for centuries we are still not sure how they did it. Live your own mythological adventure in Greece & follow Percy Jackson's footsteps! The visitor then approaches the Propylaia, the monumental entrance to the sanctuary, built in Classical times by architect Mnesikles. Make sure you visit the Acropolis Museum, located by the southeastern slope of the Acropolis hill, on the ancient road that led up to the “sacred rock” in classical times. This early fortification is partially preserved among the later monuments and its history can be traced fairly accurately. What should you know before visiting the Parthenon and Acropolis? It went through serious damages during the 17th century A.D., while in the early 19th century, many sculptural artifacts were removed by Lord Elgin. Tickets can be booked in advance, online as a single entry or a combination ticket that includes other archaeological sites in Athens. Its character became religious when the inhabitants of the surrounding settlements decided that the common center of worship should be placed in it. Please note that if one from your company is entitled to a free entry you need to visit a ticket office once you arrive in the Acropolis. During the Frankish rule, the area became the residence of the rulers, the Propylaea were formed into palaces, while in a part of them a high square tower was built. Context uses cookies to give you the best possible service. People above the age of 65 from countries within the European Union.

Acropolis Tour – This three-hour walk investigates the archeological history of the Acropolis, as well as the sweep of its history and how it has impacted the growth of Athens today. The temples on the north side of the Acropolis housed primarily the earlier Athenian cults and those of the Olympian gods, while the southern part of the Acropolis was dedicated to the cult of Athena in her many qualities: as Polias (patron of the city), Parthenos, Pallas, Promachos (goddess of war), Ergane (goddess of manual labour) and Nike (Victory). You can either walk a few minutes from, If you plan on visiting the archaeological site of the Acropolis, we suggest you take the time to check up-to-date information about opening hours and ticket prices at the, Heading towards the entrance, stand on the staircase for a moment to relish the Athena Nike Temple perched on the right wing of Propylaea. We recommend going to the museum first to learn the history of the Parthenon so when you get up on Acropolis you know what you're looking at.

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